Bones and Degenerative

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Bones and Degenerative
Bones and Degenerative


 Non-surgery knee osteoarthritis treatment
When age changes, the body becomes more degenerative. Knee osteoarthritis is another problem that can occur when you are older. You will feel pain when moving. You will cry Ouch! when getting up and sitting. You will suffer and lose quality of life. How do we correct this without having a surgery? No one wants to have surgery.

Knee joint helps with the movement of walking, running, or moving the body to various places. At the same time, it must bear the weight of large bones and muscles, internal organs, and fat. It is a joint with friction while working. When you get older, the flexibility of the tendons will decrease and there is more wear and tear. From using the knee every day, it can cause deadly suffering.

There are many causes of knee pain, including the degeneration of knee joints; the wear and tear of the surface of the knee joint causing joint contracture or noise like rubbing sandpaper; the inflammation of capsule; the inflammation of water bag that reduces the friction; the loosening of some articular ligaments causing bowleg; bone generation in the joints that causes pain from friction with nearby tissue; weak muscles around the knee joints; the degeneration of tendons; or thinning of bones around the joints.

Females have more risk of knee osteoarthritis than males

Every day, the body will generate new bone mass and disintegrate the expired bone mass. Females will lose the bone texture more than males by 2-3 times after the age of 35, especially in the menopausal period because estrogen in the body will decrease the quantity of bone mass. The damage in the internal structure of bones will cause osteoporosis. Knee osteoarthritis is commonly found in middle-aged females.  

Risk factors are structural abnormalities, such as bowleg and deformed knees; daily activities, such as kneeling or squatting for a long time; weight increase; age increase; females; minor injuries at the knee joints; and congenital diseases, such as arthritis, rheumatoid, and gout.

Treatment when being sick...but which is right?

In conventional treatment, taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs alleviates the symptom only. The side effects for this group of medicine is that it will cause gastro-esophageal reflux, stomach ulcer, and kidney failure. The new generation of drugs will cause bad effects to the heart. Injection of synovial to increase lubrication and steroid injection does not repair the cells. They only reduce the inflammation and pain. So, patients will have more pain and more degeneration will occur. Though it can alleviate pain in the first phase, it might accelerate the need for total knee replacement.

Integrative Medicine Treatment

The most important thing in treating knee pain is accurate diagnosis. The most precise diagnosis is finding the cause by function testing together with pressing various spots. The next important thing is regenerative joint therapy, which is injections and physical therapy that do not focus on killing the pain or alleviating the symptoms, but on stimulating the cells to repair themselves for better and stronger structure to go back to working as normal without irritating symptoms.

Treatment guidelines

  1. High Power Laser, Shockwave, and TMS are new physical therapies that stimulate the cells to repair themselves, reduce inflammation substance and pain, and stimulate cell recovery,  including repairing their own Mesenchymal stromal cells.

  2. Blood component extract is the use of own platelets by drawing some blood and spinning to separate the platelets. The platelets are stimulated to build growth factor, then injected into the degenerative structure, stimulating inflammation to create the mechanism to repair itself.

  3. Prolotherapy is a treatment for degenerative tendons and thinning surface of joints by using stimulants to build tissue, such as dextrose. The intensity is higher than blood. The injection method is peppering to stimulate the tissues to repair themselves. The prolotherapy injection is done every three to four weeks per time and on an average of 8 times.

  4. Bio Nucleic acid Therapy is the use of bio-peptide to stimulate cell repair. Bio-peptide is cell specific, such as brain peptide which stimulates brain cell repair, and joint peptide which stimulates joint repair.

  5. The use of Mesenchymal stromal cell is an advancement in Functional Medicine Approach. Most countries allow Mesenchymal stromal cells to be made from own fat or blood or marrow. In fact, Mesenchymal stromal cells are Mesenchymal stromal cells with no identity on the cell wall. Therefore, it will not stimulate the immune system to resist the tissues. Therefore, it can be used across individuals if it can be made to obtain a purity of over 95% with only Mesenchymal stromal cells left.

Tips to slow down the degeneration of knee joints Avoid bending the knee joints, such as squatting, sitting with legs to the side, sitting cross-legged, and kneeling. Avoid walking up and down several stairs. Control your weight. Exercise the muscles around the knee joints at all times, especially the muscles on the thigh. If the joints are deformed and/or sway more than normal, wear a knee support with springs at the side of the knee joints both inside and outside.

Nutrients for the joint surface, which is Type II Collagen. In studies, it provides better results than glucosamine and chondroitin. Minerals, like natural boron (from some fruits), provide good results for joint pain from degeneration. Moreover, nurture the bones with calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K.

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