Food intolerance test reveals more than just food allergies

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Food intolerance test reveals more than just food allergies
Food intolerance test reveals more than just food allergies

Good health starts from healthy intestines. Many diseases result from leaky gut syndrome. One of the hidden causes of intestine diseases is food intolerance. Therefore, food intolerance test is important, as it reveals the relationship between your digestive system and many diseases.

…Let’s find out more about the relationship between leaky gut syndrome and food intolerance…

Common food allergy symptoms include itchy rash, breathing difficulty, nausea and diarrhea. These symptoms occur almost immediately. On the contrary, food intolerance symptoms do not immediately show. The symptoms are not severe, but chronic, which can be detected only through food intolerance test. The body releases Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibody as a reaction against some kinds of foods. The symptoms are not only allergies, but they affect all body organs, starting from the intestines. In case of leaky gut syndrome, molecules of food which causes allergies penetrate the walls of the intestines and trigger white blood cells to produce antibodies to interact with such food. The body memorizes this particular food which triggers the body’s reaction. When you consume such food again, white blood cells will produce the antibodies causing more irritation to the intestine walls, inducing leaky gut syndrome.Each time this food is consumed, white blood cells are triggered. Eventually, the immunity is affected and creates inflammatory mediators. Inflammation is induced in different organs: เช่น

  • Inflamed arteries lead to swollen arteries and hypertension.
  • Inflamed brain leads to insomnia, sleeping difficulty, irritability, mood disorders, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease
  • Inflamed joints lead to joint pain, bone pain and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Inflamed skin leads to rash, skin allergies and autoimmune disease

The above-mentioned chronic diseases start from leaky gut syndrome. Hence, IgG food test is important for everyone, since food intolerance is a cause of leaky gut syndrome.  However, despite its importance, IgG food test is not widely conducted, because many people misunderstand that the test covers food allergies only. In fact, all intestine-related diseases are related to food intolerance, just as the quote suggests: “All disease begins in the gut.” Good health starts from healthy intestines.

What food is not good for you?

Aside from observing your own reaction, you may have a food intolerance test to test the body reaction against 222 types of foods, covering commonly-consumed foods.The test-taker does not need to fast. His/her blood is drawn from the forearm. The allergy levels are divided into 3 levels:

  • Red: Severe allergy. The test-taker should refrain from such food for 3-6 months as a minimum.
  • Yellow: Moderate allergy. The test-taker should reduce intake of such food and refrain from this food for 3 months as a minimum to avoid allergy.
  • Green: No problem. The test-taker can eat without limitation.  

Who should take food intolerance test?

  • Persons who suffer from allergies, autoimmune disease, or SLE
  • Persons who suffer from leaky gut syndrome which is associated with other diseases

Food intolerance test indicates the types of food which cause allergies, so that you know what you should avoid or how much you can eat according to the doctor’s advice, benefiting your healthcare in the long run.

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