High Power Laser

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High Power Laser

High power laser: Laser for pain relief and inflammation healing

High power laser therapy is modern physical therapy with laser energy. The laser penetrates the skin into the painful and inflamed area, or even the nerve root, which is different from traditional physical therapy which superficially penetrates the skin. With such ability, it can immediately relieve inflammation.

Symptoms which can be treated by high power laser therapy

  • Pain from injury, strain, joint/ligament/muscle inflammation

  • Pain from nerve root compression

  • Stimulation after Mesenchymal stromal cell injection

  • Pain from arteriosclerotic vascular disease (ASVD), such as limb pain

Advantages of high-power laser 

Aside from treating pain, inflammation, muscle spasm resulting from the above-mentioned conditions, high power laser has many advantages over other methods of physical therapy such as electrotherapy, ultrasound, massage, warm compress, cryosurgery. They include:

  • Stimulation of nerve repair

  • Stimulation of new bone cell generation

  • Stimulation of cartilage formation

  • Muscle rehabilitation

  • Treatment of pain deep under the skin


During the treatment, everyone must wear radiation protective eyewear. Do not directly stare at the laser even with the protective eyewear.

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