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Dr. Jane Tiemrat
An experienced physician in integrative and anti-aging medicine
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Dr.Jane Tiemrat    

Doctor of Medicine from Khon Kaen University

Education & Training    

Chelation Therapy 12-14 September 2012
A4M Thailand Congress on Anti-Aging Aesthetic Medicine in Bangkok,Thailand September 7-9 ,2012
Bangkok International Cell Therapy Forum1-3 December 2014
Move Ahead for All ASEAN 2016 in Anti-Aging ,Regenerative &Aesthetic Medicine February 20-
Regenerative Medicine: New Approach in Hormonal Treatment July7-8,2016
Anti-Aging Sport and Wellness Medicine July-August (Wed)2016
Bach Flower Remedies 24-25 September2016
Ultrasonic Assisted Lipolysis 18-20 April,2017

Everyone wants good health. Nowadays, many people choose to see a physician for illness prevention. Certainly, the thing everybody wants is not just an untouchable academic tale, because it would be better if the advice is practical and physicians act as health trainers, not as physicians with only a prescription or medical procedure, leaving the patient on their own without direction.

Open your mind and learn new things in a deep way

Dr. Jane Tiemrat, an experienced physician in integrative and anti-aging medicine, started his career as an integrative physician because he opened up his mind to Chelation Therapy until he recognized its wide range of benefits. He possesses a background in different individual treatment and specialized knowledge in fields such as Cell Therapy, Regenerative Medicine: New Approach in Hormonal Treatment, Anti-Aging Sport and Wellness Medicine Bach Flower Remedies, Anti-Aging Aesthetic Medicine.

Integrative medicine is rational

Many people see integrative medicine in many different ways. But since the first day, Dr. Jane stepped into the field to learn about it deeply as an anesthetists and anti-aging physician. He realized that every treatment was real and a matter of science. After many years of working in this field, Dr. Jane can ensure patients that every treatment is based on scientific principle which is supported by rationality. Dr. Jane is a physician who is fascinated with learning to improve the potential of treatments for the best benefit of the patient.

“Recovery” is the ultimate goal

In every treatment, Dr. Jane aims to help patients recover by using integrative medicine as a guideline in finding the cause of an illness. He always makes time to talk with his patients to examine the root of the problem in order to treat the right area, which is the ultimate goal.

Building understanding and trust in patients

The best treatment does not occur only from prescribed vitamins or medical procedures. Because what physicians always tell their patients is that illnesses or symptoms can be cured by the patient, not the physician. The physician is just a coach who provides the appropriate guidelines; but the patient is the one who acts. Therefore, understanding and trust must be created. Dr. Jane believes that no one knows the patient better than the patient. Taking care of good health begins with the patient’s lifestyle. For example, doing what is right and enjoyable, such as having a favorite exercise or eating healthy food, which is sustainable self-care. Food can be gradually changed but it must be nutritious, both food and drinks. Especially soda, which should definitely be eliminated from one’s diet. Just doing these small things is a good start toward good health.

The turning point of treatment

For the inspiration behind the treatment, Dr. Jane has an extensive background. As Dr. Jane has said before:

“From being a physician who mainly used medication to new integrative medicine, I must say that it’s the right path because general medical treatment treats the symptoms, not the cause. What we have seen is advanced medical development with different new treatments. But why haven’t we seen a decrease of patients in the hospital. In contrast, they have increased. Is there something wrong? These days, most diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer are not caused by infection. On the contrary, they are caused by consuming many things into the body, such as toxins, chemicals or germs. If we can find the prevention, it will be widely beneficial. The goal of helping everyone have good health pushes me to continue being a caregiver and giving advice to everyone to create good health for themselves.”

More than just a physician

Dr. Jane emphasizes friendly treatment like being part of a family. He advises everyone to be aware of their health because most people might think that patients are someone else and not them. They may not realize that patients were normal before they became ill. It is encouraging that those who are not ill can focus more on taking care of their health today, so that they don’t become ill tomorrow.

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