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Dr.Sitt Tienthiti
An experienced physician in integrative medicine and nutrition therapy for anti-aging and rehabilitation.
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Specialty  : Integrative and Regenerative medicine ,  Nutritional Medicine


Education and Training 

2005        Graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Mahidol University

2010        Certificate of attendance , American Board of Anti – Aging and Regenerative Medicine, A4M Thailand

2011        Certified Cell therapy, Association of Cell Therapy, THAI.

2011        Certificate of attendance, 3rd annual stem cell asia and Regenerative medicine , Singapore

2014         Certificate of Nutritional and environmental medicine

               ACNEM –Austracian collegue of nutritional and environmental medicine

2014        Certificate of approval , Chelation Medical Association, THAI.

2014        Certificate of attendance, The 6th Science of Nutrition in Medicine  and Healthcare, Australia

2016        Certificate of completetion,  Advance Nutrition and Wellness , The Center of Integrative  Nutrion and Wellness (IFNW)

2016        American Board Naturopathic Certification in Nutrional Wellness (CNW)

2017       Certificate of completetion,  Injectable Nutrion for Wellness and Chronic disease , The Center of Integrative Nutrion and Wellness        (IFNW)

2017        Certificate of attendance, Laser therapy in Regenerative medicine ( ISLA)


2006                  Chief of internship medical doctor, Samutprakarn hospital


2007                  Research assistance and medical teacher, Pharmacology  department , Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj hospital , Mahidol University


2008-2009        Medical doctor at emergency department, Mission hospital Phuket


2009-2010        Medical doctor at emergency department, Ladproa general hospital


2010-2011           Medical Consultant at Holistic Medical Center


2012 to present   Medical Consultant At Absolute Health Regenerative clinic


2015 to present   Board committee, Association of Cell Therapy, THAI.


2018 to present   Board committee, Chelation Medical Asoociation, THAI. (CMAT)


Every treatment is individually customized to find and treat the cause of illness…not just symptom reduction


Clear determination for true treatment

Dr.Sitt Tienthiti, MD., an experienced physician in integrative medicine and nutrition therapy for anti-aging and rehabilitation from Science of Nutrition in Medicine and Healthcare, Australia, Advance Nutrition and Wellness, (IFNW) and American Board Naturopathic Certification in Nutritional Wellness (CNW). His continuous studies in various techniques and ten years of experience make Dr.Sitt an expert in treating patients with deep integrative medicine. Also, his aspiration makes him a determined physician who focuses on integrative medicine and treating illnesses at the root level, and not just examining a disease and treating its symptoms according to textbooks, which doesn’t effectively treat the cause of an illness. This is Dr.Sitt’s inspiration in treating his patients every day.

Combining treatments…for the best result

Anti-aging medicine is one of the techniques Dr.Sitt combines with integrative medicine. In every treatment, the most important thing is having a conversation and finding out every detail of the patient’s life. This is the time when he becomes a detective who searches for the root of the problem. In case he needs in-depth information, he may order lab tests in Functional Medicine to determine the cause of illness, such as the level of inflammation, toxins in the body, antioxidants, hormone balance, nutrition balance, etc.

The confirmation from the lab will be used with the information from the interviews to help patients see the links between an illness and to discuss the treatment plan together. Dr.Sitt will provide information on the treatment method, medication, and side effects. If the patient wants to cure the root of the illness, Dr.Sitt will recommend what treatment is needed, such as detoxification, virus disinfection, immunity boosting, food and herb selection or cell repair plan. Every technique and procedure will be covered by Dr.Sitt, who will also act as your coach and provide the right health consultation.

Individual customized treatment

For Dr.Sitt, he focuses on personalized treatment because even though two patients may have the same illness, it doesn’t mean they have the same root cause or details. Therefore, the treatment must be different. To illustrate this, we can compare treatment with clothes. Modern treatment is like a ready-made shirt, while treatment that Dr.Sitt provides is like a tailor made suit.

There is no one absolute treatment. Dr.Sitt believes that “our body is effective in healing itself. Physicians are not the indicators if an illness can be cured. Physicians just facilitate the self-healing process of a patient to work as effective as possible under the help of the physician.”

Happiness of the giver

With integrative treatment, apart from treating an illness, Dr.Sitt also enjoys seeing smiles on patients who fully recover and not just because symptoms have improved. For patients who are diagnosed and suffer from an incurable illness but recover with integrative medicine, this makes Dr.Sitt even happier.

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