Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Hormone Replacement Therapy
 Hormone Replacement Therapy

The key to a good quality of life in the golden years

 When talking about hormonal issues or Hormone Replacement Therapy, most people will think about growing old. Some folks do realize that hormone replacement therapy can be the key to a good quality of life as they age and the right treatment path has the ability to rectify all types of hormone deficiencies effectively.

 Types of hormones

 Our body has various types of hormones. Pineal gland, a ductless gland, that produces serotonin to wake us and produce melatonin at night to help with sleeping. It also helps to stimulate a change with the body’s biological clock system by working together with Hypothalamus. It acts like the control center of hormones throughout the body. It assists in the production of hormones (activate the pituitary gland and create hormone secretion). More examples are as follow:

  • Hormone FSH activates the sexual gland to stimulate the ovaries
  • Hormone LH stimulates ovulation
  • Hormone TSH stimulates the thyroid
  • Hormone ACTH stimulates the adrenal gland

As mentioned above, hormones play a very important role in the body. Hormone replacement therapy can help supplement any form of hormonal deficiencies that might be causing health related issues such as metabolic problems, rapid aging, fatigue and in turn can rebalance the level of hormones back to normal.


Different sexual hormones create balance

All hormones are important. Sexual hormones shape our gender characteristic. Female hormones are divided into Estrogen and Progesterone, which are commonly related with the menstruation cycle of females. At about 30 years old, hormones in a woman’s body will decrease, which includes Testosterone, the hormone found in male. This hormone helps to build the muscles and sexual drive.

Therefore, as females get older, the sexual appeal will decrease. After the age of 45, the sexual hormone in females will decrease and lose balance. These conditions can be the start of problems such as uterine fibroid and ovarian tumor. Upon turning 50 years old, the estrogen will greatly decrease. Females will experience more irritability, sleeplessness, restlessness plus feel hot and cold flushes easily. In the long term, their skin will have more wrinkle and they will experience uneven menstruation cycle or premature menopause and dryness in vagina causing discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Males in turn enter the golden years at about 60 years old. However, guys who do not look after their health will enter the golden years faster and erectile dysfunction can be a major problem.

In addition to the above, both females and males will also experience poor concentration at work and reduced memory (especially short-term memory). Studies have also shown that females who enter the menopausal period quickly have greater chances of developing Alzheimer’s. Therefore, the supplement of sexual hormones by using hormone replacement therapy is a good alternative for both females and males.


Hormone Replacement Therapy, the answer to hormone problems

 There are many types of hormone replacements for sexual hormones, both synthetic and natural.

  • Synthetic hormones are quite strong and can easily create side effects. For example: An estrogen dominance will increase the risk of blood clot and blood vessels, which increase the chances of a tumor or cancer. A good example are birth control pills for ladies. Another weakness of synthetic replacements is that application is of fixed quantity. Meaning, everyone will receive the same quantity of hormones through this method which should not be the case as different people need different hormone quantities.
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is our treatment of choice here in Absolute Health. This is because Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy has the same structure that humans make. It is an external drug that the body can easily absorb. In addition, the quantity of hormones will be considered individually. Before the doctor selects each type of hormone replacement, the hormone level will be thoroughly checked to analyze the quantity of hormones needed by each individual. Therefore, it truly provides an individualized hormone treatment.


There are many benefits from hormone replacement. Apart from helping hormones to gain balance in both females and males, it can slow down aging in females and prolong brain function. Therefore, hormone replacement is a key component of Anti-aging Medicine which plays a big part in managing patient’s health.


Physical balance and lifestyle

It is clear that managing one’s hormone issues are extremely important.  Hormone replacement can be beneficial to many people of different ages and not just for those in their golden years. It helps create hormones through hormone replacement therapy. This is essential for general wellbeing and bodily balance which is extremely important to everyone. Therefore, do not wait to get yourself checked. Let us help you get the right answer to good health and quality of life.



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