Nosode Vaccine

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Nosode Vaccine
Nosode Vaccine

Nosode vaccine for helping to eliminate cancerous cells

Nosode vaccine is based on the concept of natural therapy containing extracts from germs and cancerous cells, which are the sources of health issues. These are then injected back into the body to stimulate white blood cells to learn and prepare to eliminate the germs which are the cause of the disease.

What is a nosode?

Germs, cancerous cells and toxic substances in the body are called nosodes in homeopathy treatment.

What is a nosode vaccine?

The vaccine is extracted from the patient’s blood. If the blood contained cancerous cells or germs that caused an issue such as inflammation or allergy, the blood is used for cultivating the germs in order to increase their numbers. The cultivated germs are then separated at the molecular level into small pieces of proteins using specialized technology from Germany. A vaccine is then extracted from the proteins and injected back into the body.

Which persons are suitable for nosode vaccines?

  • Patients or persons with cancer risks

  • Persons with an allergy or an autoimmune disorder such as SLE, rheumatism, and ankylosing spondylitis

  • Patients with an immunodeficiency

The reason why this is necessary…is because

The immunity theory states that cancerous cells or certain germs which have been inside the body for a long time and which the white blood cells are unable to eliminate are a result of White Blood Cell Exhaustion or T Cell Exhaustion. That is, the responsiveness of white blood cells are reduced by the antigens of cancerous cells or germs, causing them to become exhausted and too weak to eliminate the cancerous cells or germs. This results in a state of habituation where there is no more protection against the disease.

Therefore, in order to reverse the process of the immune system, proteins are taken from cancerous cells, cancer-causing or allergy-causing germs by cultivating the germs from the blood to be extracted into a vaccine which is then injected back into the body. White blood cells around the muscles will play an important role as they will consume the vaccine and pass on their recognition of the vaccine to other white blood cells. Afterwards, the white blood cells will eliminate cancerous cells because they have the same protein structure as that of the injected vaccine.

Teaching how to eliminate correctly

Nosode vaccine is like a reverse process that teaches white blood cells in the body to recognize cancerous cells and germs by using nosode information as a vaccine to stimulate and teach the body’s white blood cells to overcome the cancerous cells and germs.


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