CPT/FCT Therapy

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CPT/FCT Therapy
CPT/FCT Therapy

Functional Medicine Approach: Treatment for repair, regeneration and prevention

The current health problems come from many factors. NCDs (Non-communicable Diseases), such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, ischemic stroke, joint pain, Alzheimer's disease, are main causes of mortality, chronic sickness or physical disability. The real cause of NCDs is cell degeneration in organs.

Degeneration: Health issues of everyone

Although degeneration is not considered a disease or sickness, it  definitely affects your life, such as through skin condition, wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots, sexual dysfunction, lingering exhaustion, proneness to sickness, persisting cold, etc. All these health conditions are associated with physical degeneration.

Advanced treatment… Prevention is the best solution

Functional Medicine Approach is a branch of medicine aiming at cell repair and regeneration. A good health promotes the functions of the hormone system and slows down physical degeneration. In the past decade, the role of Functional Medicine Approach has been enhanced.

Facts about your body

The basic idea and principle of Functional Medicine Approach is that humans are living beings. When injured, the body can regenerate cells and repair the wound by itself. Medications, diets or natural extracts are prescribed to optimize the self-healing ability.

Different treatment methods

Functional Medicine Approach includes many methods:

CPT/FCT: The treatment utilizes organo-peptides which can specifically stimulate cells of targeted organs. The method is suitable for treatment of degenerative internal organs.

Mesenchymal stromal CPT/FCT Therapy: At present, Mesenchymal stromal CPT/FCT Therapy is divided as follows: Hematopoietic Mesenchymal stromal cell which are suitable for treatment of blood disorders such as leukemia, aplastic anemia, anemia, etc., and mesenchymal Mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC).

MSCs come from bone marrow, tooth root pulp, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid. The prominent property of MSCs is that they can re-balance immunity and reduce inflammation. In some researches, MSC is used to treat severe allergy after organ transplant. Some researches assert that MSC can efficiently treat Chrone’s disease as well. Additionally, in foreign countries MSC can satisfactorily treat degenerative bones and joints.

NK CPT/FCT Therapy: Natural Killer Cells from the patient are activated and cultured to boost the patient’s immunity. Currently, in research level, this method is used with chemotherapy to treat cancer. It is found that cancer patients have higher survival rate, can better tolerate side effects of therapy and have better quality of life.

Platelet rich plasma: Platelets are rich in growth factor which stimulates the growth and repair process of tissues, such as skin, ligaments, cartilages, etc. The method is used to increase functions of facial cells in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Additionally, it boosts repair of degenerative bones and joints.

Prolotherapy: Dextrose mixture is injected into ligaments or joints to trigger self-healing process, relieve pain and treat ehler – danlos syndrome, chronic tendinitis, arthrosis or spondylosis.

Functional Medicine Approach includes various methods of different advantages. The physician determines the method based on physical condition of each patient to allow the optimum result.

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