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Dr.Songsaeng Karnchanavisitphol
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Education & Training 

1991   Graduated Doctor of Medicine from RTRMF , College of Medicine Philippines 

1992  Certificate of Internship Practice from Police General Hospital 

1996   Certified Medical License from The Thai Medical Council 

1996   Certificate of Participation in HIV vaccine from Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences 

2000   Certificate of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

2002   Certificate of EDTA-Chelat-Therapy from Deutsche Akademie 

2002  Certificate of Attended the Symposium on Integrative Medicine Homeopathy and Isopathy from Dr.Konrad Werthmann,M.D. 

2004   Certificate of Live Blood Analysis from G2B Integrated Medical center 

2004  Certificate of The Fire Walk Unleash the Power within from Anthony Robbins 

2004   Certificate of Date With Destiny from Robbins Research International,Inc. Australia 

2005  Certificate of Psychology of Vision DACH, Switzerland 

2005 Certificate of Communication Intelligence with NLP from Intelligence Strategies 

2006  Certificate of Attendance WONCA Asia Pacific Regional Conference 

2007 Certificate of The Second Canaan Farmers’ School , KOREA 

2007 Certified of Attened the 9th.National Cancer Conference from National Cancer Institute. 

2007  Certified of Attended Thai Breast Symposium,MPH. 

2010    Graduated Diploma.German Homeopathy from UbonRatchathaniUniversity 

2011    Certificate of 1st.Degree the Usui system of natural healing from Stuart Bold, Reiki Master Teacher. 

2016    Certificate of Participant the Sixth Interdisciplinary Day Conference,MPH 

2016    Participation 6th.Introduction to Practical Cell Therapy Workshop. 


1993-1995  Doctor for General Practice at Police General Hospital 

1993-1995  Doctor for General Practice at Police General Hospital 

1997-2007  Holistic Medical Consultant of Mission Health Promotion Center 

2008 to present ; Holistic Health Consultant, Medical Doctor 4.0

Dr. Songsaeng Karnchanavisitphol, is a doctor, experienced in regenerative and anti-aging medicine. She had been both doctor and patient, but more of that story later. She also has extensive experience in other areas such as acupuncture, traditional Thai medicine, traditional German medicine, and choose to specialize in Natural Therapy and Regenerative Medicine for over 2 decades now.

Her starting point for studying Regenerative Medicine was when she had tested positive for cervical cancer. Her then doctor recommended radiotherapy and chemotherapy. However, Dr. Songsaeng did not agree with the recommended treatment mentioned. She did not wish to be treated through these pathways. Thus, she started to study survival medicine and self-healing treatment methods with herbs and other natural medicaments.

Through her experience, she has always advised the following to her patients:

Even though if one has chosen a treatment pathway, many may still not feel fully confident in the selected method. Therefore, it is extremely important to find out or learn more about your own condition and the treatment of choice. Take the opportunity to learn about the success rate of such treatments from actual testimonies and data available. Another extremely important factor is to get proper advice from a physician who has had direct experience handling such cases. Like Dr. Songsaeng, she is the living testimony for her own treatment pathway the proven benefit on herself and her patients.

Treatment is not limited to a time or place

Dr. Songsaeng has dedicated herself to the in-depth study of alternative medicine. She focused on understanding the rationales and principles behind each and every treatment plus the benefits it brings about. For instance, in traditional Chinese Medicine, apparatus such as acupuncture needles are compact and can easily be carried around all the time and can be extremely useful in times of emergency.

This scenario actually happened to Dr. Songsaeng while she was on her way to Germany for a medical event. She encountered a victim with a critical heart condition on the plane. Two European-based doctors made an initial examination and stated that nothing could be done and that the aircraft needs to make an emergency stopover so that the patient could be taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. Dr. Songsaeng who specializes in acupuncture and regenerative medicine managed the patient en route by maintaining the respiratory system. The patient was stabilized, survived the ordeal, and was taken to a hospital for treatment safely.

Another unexpected incident happened during the German trip. A six-year-old child turned blue with pneumonia during mid-flight. Dr. Songsaeng managed to save the child's life by soaking feet in warm water, massaging palms and soles, and regulating breathing until the child's symptom eases. With another 3 hours remaining in the flight and without proper first aid, the child might have lost his life.

Dr. Songsaeng related a personal event:

"When her father was 61, he suddenly became unconscious. His heart suddenly stopped beating. He was then rushed to the hospital. The doctors found that he had severe heart conditions due to coronary arteries blockage and clogged arteries.

The doctors recommended urgent heart surgery, but she disagreed. She then decided to start him on chelation therapy instead. After 10 sessions, he was healthier. He was able to walk without feeling fatigued. After 30 sessions, her father grew even stronger and was able to carry out his daily activities of living. He had an excellent quality of life all the way to the ripe age of 84.”

Apart from the stories related above, she has had plenty more positively proven successes treating patients through her personalized medicinal approach. Her treatment successes made her confident that integrative medicine approaches such as chelation, acupuncture, and others can significantly improve patients’ conditions.

Every treatment is a unique

Clinically, Dr. Songsaeng starts by focuses on making the patients comfortable and relaxed so that they can gradually open up and discuss deeper about their lives and the problem that may cause the disease. From there, Dr. Songsaeng would gradually seek out the actual cause of the disease, as well as environmental factors such as nutrition and lifestyle. She will then do an in-depth analysis of the potential causes and lay out a treatment plan that target the exact needs of the patient.

Dr. Songsaeng’s guiding principle in treating patients is that every piece of information given to patients must be based on advice rather than enforcement. Every patient needs to gradually learn and integrate information received so that it can benefit their health. Thus, patients can apply the advice given their way, in a balanced manner, by adjusting their lifestyles, environmental factors, and attitudes, to achieve their health goals.

Patient feedback

Through the years, Dr. Songsaeng has had plenty of patients and many success stories. She received plenty of praised recommendations and feedbacks. The overall comments given are as follows:

"Dr. Songsaeng provides genuinely holistic treatment, paying attention to every aspect of the patient as well as their families or caregivers. She emphasizes giving knowledge and creating understanding to provide care for the patient. In addition, she also is an expert in providing highly effective German injectable treatment programs. She would delicately administer the doses her own, instead of relying on her subordinates and that is why patients say that the doctor has 'healing hands”.

Dedicated to in-depth study for her patients

Dr. Songsaeng has continually pursued additional knowledge in a diverse range of fields since the day she decided to study alternative treatments and regenerative medicine. She is determined to ensure that all her treatments could really cure her patients. Below are some of her qualifications in various fields of studies:

  • Certificate of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Certificate of EDTA-Chelation-Therapy from Deutsche Akademie
  • Certificate of Attended the Symposium on Integrative Medicine Homeopathy and Isopathy from Dr. Konrad Werthmann, M.D.
  • Certificate of Live Blood Analysis from G2B Integrated Medical Centre
  • Certificate of The Fire Walk Unleash the Power within from Anthony Robbins Certificate of Date with Destiny from Robbins Research International, Inc. Australia Certificate of Psychology of Vision DACH, Switzerland
  • Certificate of Communication Intelligence with NLP from Intelligence Strategies Certificate of Attendance WONCA Asia Pacific Regional Conference
  • Certificate of The Second Canaan Farmers' School, KOREA
  • Certified of Attended the 9th.National Cancer Conference from the National Cancer Institute
  • Certified of Attended Thai Breast Symposium, MPH
  • Graduated Diploma. German Homeopathy from Ubon Ratchathani University Certificate of 1 Degree in the Usui system of natural healing from Stuart Bold, Reiki Master Teacher
  • Certificate of Participant the Sixth Interdisciplinary Day Conference, MPH Participation 6th Introduction to Practical Cell Therapy Workshop, Participation 10th A4M.Thailand 2018

.. With in-depth knowledge and understanding, holistically combined treatment pathways can bring about plenty of patient benefits...

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