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Backache from Spondylosis

Spondylosis doesn’t happen to only older people. It can occur to people age 25 and above as it can be caused from work, posture in daily life, heavy lifting, long periods of sitting, or bending down and looking up.

Also, the cause of Spondylosis can depend on age as well. We will find it in females more than males because Spondylosis in females is related with hormones, which can cause Spondylosis more easily.

The common symptom is backache or lower back pain. You might also experience numbness or weak legs, which occurs when the degenerative bones press against the nerves.

Differences of muscle pain and Spondylosis

Pain that comes from the muscle is often immediate when you move that muscle. However, the pain from Spondylosis can occur at all times even though you are not moving or doing any activities.

When should you go see a doctor

If the pain is so serious that it does not get better even if you have taken a rest or taken a painkiller or if you have a pain with numbness at the hands and legs, you should come see a doctor because it could become more serious if you ignore it.

There are many treatment methods as follows:

Palliative treatment is taking medication or doing physical therapy. In case being unresponsive to the treatment, surgery might be considered. The indications are the palliative treatment cannot alleviate the pain or there is weakness in the muscles or feeling more numbness. Sometimes, there can be problems with excretion and abnormal urination, such as urinary or feces incontinence.

There are many methods of surgery, starting from large incision surgery, small incision surgery, and laparoscopic surgery. Most people do not want to have surgery. Therefore, integrative medicine uses the injection treatment, which is called Regenerative Injection Therapy as another alternative for patients. It can fulfill the treatment gap because you might not need surgery, or if the surgery is needed, you can be assured that it is the last choice in the decision-making.

Regenerative Injection Therapy

It is injection at the cause of the pain, such as the spine or the nerve compression, which can be done in many ways as follows:

  • Prolo Therapy is injection at the point of pain that causes the inflammation. Then, the tissue repair process will follow, which will alleviate the pain and tighten the tissue.

  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the injection of the patient’s own platelets to repair the point of pain that needs to be treated. The platelets will have growth factor to attract cells and stem cells to repair the tissue at the injection area.

  • Peptide RNA is a natural substance that works to replace the erosion or the lack of peptides, integrate the functions inside the cells, recover the cell function, or create new cells to replace the dead cells.

  • Cell Therapy is taking care and nurturing the degenerative cells by injecting cells or cell components to correct the degenerative cells. The body will bring the new cells to the treatment area automatically to stimulate other cells to divide and create new cells, including stimulating those cells to work effectively. Most patients who receive this treatment method often do not need surgery.

For selecting the treatment method, the doctor will consider the suitability of each patient.

Finally, Spondylosis not only causes pain, it can also affect work, daily life, and quality of life in all aspects. Therefore, treatment that goes directly to the cause of disease, that not only inhibits the symptoms but also restores degenerated cells to be effective again, is the treatment that everyone should seek and need.

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