Fibroblast for tight and beautiful skin

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Fibroblast for tight and beautiful skin
Fibroblast for tight and beautiful skin

Our skin consists of the epidermis which is the top layer, dermis the middle layer and the inner mot layer which is also known as the subcutaneous. It is important to know that the general health of the body also helps to keep the skin healthy and flexible. Apart from general health, having a more beautiful and firmer skin would depends on two forms of proteins which are Collagen and Elastin.


Skin usually begins to wrinkle and sag from the middle layer onwards. This is normally because the Collagen and Elastin of the skin will slowly start to decrease as we age. When one gets to about 25-30 years of age, the level of Collagen and Elastin would start to get effected. Apart from aging, one’s skin condition also gets effected by many other factors such as environmental exposure, sun, lifestyle, poor dietary intake and more. Skin that gets regular exposure to the factors mentioned and especially sunlight and ultraviolet light tends to be in a poorer condition more quickly than other regular causes. 


Fibroblasts are cells that make up two types of proteins, Collagen and Elastin. They are very important for the skin as they have the ability to keep the skin moist, helps to maintain strength and flexibility of the skin. Therefore, at the age of 25-30 years old, the Fibroblast level will gradually decrease, and will have a poorer ability to create new Collagen and Elastin which at the end may cause permanent damage to one’s skin.


How can fibroblast help skin care?

Today with the help of advanced medical science and technology, we have many other options with regards to helping the skin stimulate the production of Collagen. There are also several ways to increase Elastin. Fibroblast it is a great aid for the formation of both Collagen and Elastin.


How is it done?

Treatment is done by injecting Fibroblast into the middle layer of the skin. The injection can also be done in problematic skin locations and most common areas affected by wrinkles such as the cheeks, the corners of the mouth, around the eyes, forehead and more. Fibroblasts can also be injected into the neck and back of the hand so as to make the skin tighter.

Fibroblast can also be injected into the acupuncture points. This has the ability to help stimulate the production of Collagen and Elastin to enhance skin’s elasticity to promote a tighter and brighter looking skin.

Fibroblasts are actually developed from cells. These cell are used to specifically build the skin as we add more Fibroblasts to the skin layers. As this is done, more Collagen and Elastin are produced, so that the skin will regain elasticity and firmness.

The results

For anti-aging purposes, the benefits seen from the Fibroblast injection covers a span of 1-2 years. This would depend on the amount of Fibroblast injected plus the post treatment care and attention the patient gives to the skin, such as the application of skin cream. Application of sunscreen can also help protect the skin, making the Fibroblast effect last longer.

For cases where the skin gets frequent exposure to factors such as sunlight and ultraviolet light, the Fibroblast will have a shorter lifespan. Therefore, so after the injection of Fibroblast, it is highly recommended that the skin gets a break from the factors mentioned above immediately after the treatment.  For ladies, application of makeup can be done the very next day after the treatment. However, clients are advised to refrain from activities such as facial massage or sauna for at least 2 weeks.


When will you see results?

The results can be seen immediately after the treatment. In addition, the results will be fully visible after the Fibroblast injection for 1-3 months. On average, in about 1 month, clients will begin to see a decrease in wrinkles in the injection site, such as around the eyes, cheek groove. Most people are impressed by how it helps the skin to be tighter and brighter, from the benefits of lifting and firming effect. Clients are also able to show natural facial expressions unlike some other form of anti-aging procedure.

Combination treatments for maximum effect

Once the Fibroblast is injected, Premium Hifu, a high-frequency ultrasound technology, can be used in combination. The Long Pulse Laser can help stimulate the production of Collagen Elastin as well as increase the efficiency of the Fibroblast longer.

Clients would not need to repeat the Fibroblast injections frequently. However to maintain the beautifying effects, some clients may choose to repeat the Fibroblast treatment every 6 months without any side effects. Fibroblast injections can help one keep the youthful and naturally beautiful appearance.

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