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Prolotherapy: A non-surgical and non-steroid therapy for degenerative bones, joints and ligaments.

Nature of human body

The Human body has a natural self-healing process. For example, if the skin is wounded, the blood can be naturally stopped. Secondly, a red wound signifies inflammation and more blood cells around the wound. Thirdly, the tissues repair themselves until the wound is healed.


The natural self-healing process and prolotherapy


Prolotherapy is injection of hypertonic dextrose at the painful areas, such as knee joints, cervical spine and spinal cord.

Principles of prolotherapy

Prolotherapy induces mild inflammation to start the self-healing process. After mild inflammation, the tissues repair themselves until the wound is healed, or the joint becomes normal. It is different from injection of anti-inflammatory medicine or pain reliever which is treatment according to the existing symptoms.

Who are suitable for prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is suitable for patients with mild pain in bones, joints or ligaments:

  • Injured athletes

  • Patients with degenerative knee joint

  • Patients with herniated disc

  • Patients with degenerative cervical spine

  • Patients with tennis elbow

  • Patients with ankle pain or chronic achilles tendinitis

  • The above patients who do not want medication intake or surgery

After first injection of prolotherapy, the second injection will be in the next 1-2 weeks. The whole course takes 3-5 sessions, depending on the severity of symptoms. The injection targets inside the joint and frozen ligaments around the joint to stimulate the tissue repair process. After the inflammation from prolotherapy is relieved, the pain is reduced. However, the treatment result is different in each case.

Side effects

Mild pain and inflammation that persists for 1-2 days, which can be relieved by cold compression, together with painkillers. The patient should not take anti-inflammatory medications, as it contradicts the principles of prolotherapy which induces inflammation. After 1-2 days of inflammation, the pain will gradually be relieved.


Prolotherapy injection must not target at an artery.

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