Anti-Aging Medicine

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Anti-Aging Medicine
Anti-Aging Medicine

It is the science of Holistic Anti-aging which is a new branch of medical practice that focuses on aging prevention, holistic health and the reversal of degeneration so that everyone can regain their youth and overall health not only external but also within.


Real anti-aging

The role of anti-aging medicine can help to slow down aging and reinforce total health so that one can look younger than his or her biological age. The word “old” in anti-aging medicine means not only skin wrinkles, but also the age of various organs in the body. Therefore, the key focus of the treatments are as follows:

  • Improve organ function
  • Optimize all the system in the body
  • Prevent diseases that might occur due to aging, deterioration of the organs or body and lifestyle risks
  • Improve quality of life

Staying healthy through Anti-aging Medicine

Clients who come, do not only seek anti-aging treatment. However, they are also able to get proper health advice plus help on disease prevention and management. Some may want to find the answer to the symptoms they have experienced and some may have not been officially diagnosed with any forms of disease. Some might feel fatigued, tired, depressed and have no energy to work, which are commonly experienced by older people due to adrenal fatigue. Whatever the case is, we at Absolute Health will look after you.


The treating doctor will focus on the client’s overall condition and taking time to discuss about life, work, family, meals, sleep, exercise and lifestyle to seek an in-depth understanding of client’s background, problems and risks. This in turn is one of the deciding factors that can help the doctor determine the most optimal anti-aging curative pathway for the client.


Apart from the above, the doctor will also order blood tests to check the vitamin, mineral and hormone level. In addition, other tests might also be ordered according to the need of each individual. For lack of vitamins, minerals or hormones, the clinical team will prepare individual treatment in the form of oral or topical medicaments. Getting the right treatment can definitely improve one’s life.


A Bio Energetic Scan is also used to check the level of cell energy in the body to evaluate the following:

  • energy balance
  • malnutrition
  • function of adrenal gland
  • mind energy plus fluid and oxygen levels
  • deterioration of various organs


Knowing the above acts as a useful health benchmark and therefore, clients can be managed as optimally as possible. In case of deficiency, our highly trained medical professionals will provide supplements such as vitamins, minerals and hormones. For a more comprehensive treatment approach, cell therapy may be recommended.


Looking great and living healthy

Most clients want good health along plus a youthful look. Here at Absolute Health, our team of highly experienced doctors will provide you with all your needs.


Apart from giving individualized vitamins and vitamin infusion, those who want better skin are also given specially formulated skin care product plus additional treatment such as with laser, HIFU (High Intensity Focusing Ultrasound) to stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin that helps tighten the skin.


Fibroblast treatment is also available to further stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin. Our proven results have created an army of youthful and happy clients making our Skin Anti-aging treatment protocol a highly sort after package by our clients.


Important factor

The treatment that one receives through a doctor, is only an external component with regards to looking after one’s overall health.  Lifestyle is actually one of the keys to great health and quality of life. Therefore, adjusting certain factors can definitely bring about plenty of health benefits:

  • Adequate sleep
  • Stop smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Eating healthy
  • Choosing the right health practice
  • Avoid things that are bad for your health in all aspects

The doctor only acts as a coach but you are the athlete in this life long journey to better health.

Having good health is not a sprint but a journey. It needs preparation, care, readiness and true commitment to manage a healthy lifestyle. We at Absolute Health are committed to helping you through your journey of health.

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