Anti-Aging, the science of anti-aging inside and out

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Anti-Aging, the science of anti-aging inside and out
Anti-Aging, the science of anti-aging inside and out

Anti-Aging Medicine
A new branch of medical practice that focuses on

Real anti-aging

Anti-aging medicine can help to slow down effects of aging and reinforce your overall health to look younger than your actual age. The word “old” in anti-aging medicine does not always mean skin wrinkles, but the age of various organs in the body. All treatments focus on taking care of the organs and other essential systems in the body to regain their strength and prevent diseases that might occur from age, deterioration of the organs or risks from an unhealthy lifestyle.

Start taking care of your health with an anti-aging style

Those who come to receive medical advice about anti-aging come to take care of their overall health in order to prevent diseases. They may also have an undiagnosed health problem. They might feel fatigued, depressed and have no energy to work. This is common in people of working age and often caused by adrenal fatigue. Others are recommended to seek treatment wit us from friend and family.

The doctor will conduct a thorough examination during his consultation with you, taking time to examine all areas of your life, including work, family, what you eat, how you sleep, exercise and any other areas that may be contributing or pose a risk to you health.

The doctor will perform various blood tests to examine the vitamin and mineral levels, hormone levels and other areas essential in each individual. If there is a lack of vitamins, minerals or hormones, the clinic will prepare an individual treatment plan with supplements in a variety of forms, such as oral or topical medication. Receiving the proper supplements will improve your health.

A Bio Energetic Scan is used to check the levels of cell energy in the body and to evaluate the energy balance, any malnutrition, the function of adrenal gland, the mind energy, liquid and oxygen level, including the deterioration of various organs. If we find a deficiency of energy, we can provide treatment by supplementing with vitamins, minerals and hormones, which can be a guideline for the doctor to select a more direct treatment method, such as CPT/FCT Therapy.

Taking care of external health together with internal health. Most customers who see the doctor often want good internal health along with good and young looking external health. So, the doctor is ready to provide a health treatment plan according to the needs of each individual. For those who want to look after their skin as well we offer vitamin infusion and external skin care with laser, HIFU (High Intensity Focusing Ultrasound) to stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin that helps with skin tightening. Fibroblast treatment stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin; two types of proteins are created just like when you were young. The skin will tighten and look younger than your age. The approach to skin treatment will depend on your skin problems and your age. 

An important thing for anti-aging treatment

Any treatment from the doctor, whether  it is by receiving supplements in vitamins, minerals or hormones, is only a component in taking care of your long term health. Good health will not be achieved if you do not adjust your lifestyle. For example, getting a full night sleep or refraining from smoking or drinking alcohol. You have to make adjustments for a new life, choose to practice only good things and avoid things that are bad for your health in all areas. The doctor will act like a life coach to provide suggestions in adjusting behaviors according to the lifestyle of each individual for sustainable good healthcare.

Having good health does not happen right away, it needs care and determination to truly change your lifestyle. Only then, having good health and a good quality of life that is sustainable can happen to you.

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