Testing your immunity level with the Masuyama Test

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Testing your immunity level with the Masuyama Test
Testing your immunity level with the Masuyama Test

Testing your immunity level with the Masuyama Test

A strong and healthy immune system can protect us by creating a defense line that can stop foreign antigens from entering our body. Your immune system is vital to keeping you healthy and fight off sickness, but not many know exactly how it works.

The body houses a number of different defense mechanisms that protect you from foreign invaders, and it all begins with your skin. The skin has oil that stop things from getting through the skin, and the body also have bacteria, viruses and fungi that can protect you.

In addition, the nose and throat also acts as a protective mechanism for the body. You can find a lot of cilia and mucus secretions that actually contain antibodies and act as a protection in the nasal passages and throat.

As we now know, the gut also plays an important role in the immune health. Studies have shown that the intestine has a coating on the intestinal wall and a huge part of the immune system, more than 40% is in the intestinal wall. It prevents bacteria and viruses from the things consumed from penetrating.

Here are 10 facts about the immune system according to EverydayHealth.com:

1. Each function of the immune system is unique.

2. Vaccines can play an important role in educating your immune system.

3. Billions of germs are encountered every day, but they’re not all bad.

4. Stress can affect the way your immune system works.

5. Positive emotions and a healthy lifestyle may boost your immunity.

6. Sleep deprivation can impact immunity.

7. Allergies are the result of your immune system reacting to a false alarm.

8. Your immune system can attack itself.

9. Women are more likely to be diagnosed with autoimmune diseases.

10. Being too clean can inhibit your immune system from functioning properly.

Now that you know how your immune system works, let's explore why it is important for people to keep track of the strength of their immunity and the immune system.

Masuyama Test 

Masuyama Test is a testing technique devised by Dr. Masuyama from Japan. The test helps find specifically the different types of immunity that has either positive or negative effect on the body plus there is also a reference indicator for cancer risk. Dr. Masuyama has also been studying the effects of immunotherapy on cancer by using Natural Killer cells (Natural Killer Cells) which can be related to the test.

Dr. Masuyama concluded that there are 6 metrics of immunity, and if all of them were at the optimal levels, this would then confirm the strength of one’s level immunity. The results can also translate into the following:

  • efficiency of immunity in infection prevention

  • the body’s preparedness in fight cancer cells

  • assist doctors treating cancer patients with immunity enhancing methods by keeping a close watch on the patient’s immunity level

For those who would like to know the improvement rate of a treatment, the Masayuma Test can provide detailed results of specific treatment. For example how certain drug, vitamin or herb can improve each immunity metric and that in turn can be used to optimize treatment.

6 metrics of immunity of the Masuyama Test:

•    Number of Natural Killer Cells

•    Natural Killer Cells Vue: A signaling molecule produced by Natural Killer Cells when white blood cells reacts. 

•    Number of NKG2D + Cells: If any cell has high NKG2D, this indicates the efficiency of white blood cells in eliminating infections, infected cells or cancer cells.

•  Neutrophil/Lymphocyte Ratio: The Neutrophil and Lymphocyte ratio in the immune system can indicate the ability of the immunity in predicting the immune diseases for cancer. This is due mainly to the low count of Neutrophils and Lymphocytes that indicates weak immunity.

•   Number of Lymphocytes: If the Lymphocytes count are low, the numbers can reflect the specific immunity level to fight cancer cells.  

•    CD4/CD8 Ratio: CD4 and CD8 white blood cells help to fight cancer cells. If the test shows a low count, the body is in a weak condition, then its ability to stimulate the production of other white blood cells are also low. 

These 6 metrics of immunity mentioned above are analyze through both qualitative and quantitative measurement. The Masuyama Test comprises of a blood test and patients will receive their results within 1-2 weeks. This test can be done on everybody and anybody with or without medical conditions. In a healthy person, if the test result comes out low, it shows that the risk of getting sick is higher. However, in a patient with cancer, a period of low immunity indicates abnormal cell division. This means that patient’s immunity is not strong enough to fight the cancer cells and appropriate clinical action can be taken.

It is impossible to know when the cell abnormality happens in the body, but on the other hand, if a person has strong immunity, the immune system will be able to eliminate that abnormal cell before it becomes cancerous. Thus, if a person nurtures the body and strengthen the immunity to stay healthy, the risk of cancer decreases.

Dr. Masuyama has also studied the effects of a healthy person who underwent immune boosting therapy specifically by using the white blood cells as a stimulus plus Autologous Natural Killer Cells Therapy in a 6 months cycle. The results were astounding. It shows that the therapy helped improve the T-Cell, Natural Killer Cells Count, Natural Killer Cells Activity and NKG2D in the body. 

Once the 6 months cycle finished, the immunity metrics results showed immediate improvement. The results for 4 to 5 years treatment duration are as follow:

  • The study found that, out of the 100 patients involved, 2 developed cancer, compared to the control group of 100 given a placebo, 14 developed cancer. It indicated a seven-fold difference in the test. The research thus concluded that maintaining a good level of immunity can help reduce the risk of developing cancer.

As discussed above, the level of immunity can be tested for everyone and anyone with the Masuyama Test. The Masuyama Test is a very useful preventive clinical tool for people to use as a benchmark to manage and boost the immunity to the optimal level. By doing so, one can be assured that the body will always be ready to fight any pathogens or cell abnormalities before they develop into cancer.


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