Masuyama Test

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Masuyama Test
Masuyama Test

Masuyama Test: Testing levels of immunity 

When you’ve received information that your immune system is not sound, is it really bad? Is there anything to measure it? Or if you have cancer and are treating it with immunotherapy, how will you know if it is actually working? What test can tell you?

...Masuyama Test is the answer… because! 

Masuyama Test is a testing technique devised by Dr Masuyama from Japan that helps find out which kind of immunity can be called good immunity and which kind is not, a reference indicator for the chance of getting cancer. Dr Masuyama has studied immunotherapy using the killer cells or NK cells.

Dr Masuyama concluded that there are 6 metrics of immunity, and if all of them were at the right level, this would confirm that immunity was strong. It can translate into the efficiency of immunity in preventing infection, being ready to fight cancer cells, as well as the case of doctors treating cancer patients with immunity enhancing methods. Of those who wish to measure treatment, the Masayuma Test can provide them results of treatment, and also details of which kind of treatments either drug, vitamin or herb can improve each metric of immunity to be at the optimal level.

6 metrics of immunity of the Masuyama Test:

•    Number of NK Cells

•    NK Cell Vue: A signalling molecule produced by NK cells when white blood cells have a response. 

•    Number of NKG2D+Cells: If any cell has high NKG2D, this indicates the efficiency of white blood cells in eliminating infections, infected cells or cancer cells.

•    Neutrophil/Lymphocyte Ratio: The Neutrophil and Lymphocyte ratio in the immune system can indicate the ability of the immunity in predicting the immune diseases for cancer. This is due mainly to the low count of Neutrophils and Lymphocytes show weak immunity.

•    Number of Lymphocytes: The number of Lymphocytes is matter as if Lymphocytes are low, the number of specific immunity to fight cancer cells is also low.  

•    CD4/CD8 Ratio: CD4 and CD8 white blood cells help to fight cancer cells. If the test shows a low count, the body is in a weak condition, then its ability to stimulate the production of other white blood cells is also low.

These 6 metrics proceed through both qualitative and quantitative. The Masuyama Test proceeds with a blood test, and the results come out within 1-2 weeks. Everybody can take the test without limitations. If a healthy person’s test comes out low, it shows that you can get sick easily. However, a period of low immunity is the same as for abnormal cell division, which means that your immunity is not strong enough to fight cancer cells.

It is impossible to know what day the first abnormal cell happens, but on the other hand, if we have strong immunity, whenever the first abnormal cell happens, our immune system will be able to eliminate that abnormal cell before it becomes cancerous. Thus, if we nurture our immunity to stay healthy, the risk of cancer is inevitably decreased.

Also, Dr Masuyama has made studies of healthy patients receiving care for their immunity, and particularly by using white blood cells as a stimulus and a new cell transplant so-called Autologous NK Cell Therapy every 6 months. The therapy helps increases the T-Cell, NK Cells Count, NK Cell Activity and NKG2D. Once the session completes, all metrics show improving results immediately within 3 days. Also, for the 4-5 years treatment duration, it found that of 100 patients, 2 developed cancer, compared to the control group of 100 given a placebo, 14 developed cancer, a seven-fold difference. The research thus concluded that maintaining immunity at a good level helped to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

The article above shows that whether immunity is good or bad can be measured by the Masuyama Test. This information is probably the most useful if you get the test to check your immunity level and stimulating your immunity. So, you can be confident that your body is always ready to fight pathogens and the abnormal cells before they develop into cancer.


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