Personalized vitamin supplements, the answer to a healthy body

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Personalized vitamin supplements, the answer to a healthy body
Personalized vitamin supplements, the answer to a healthy body

Some people may think that taking vitamin supplements is just part of a trend or a beauty regime. Some take them to make their skin look beautiful while others take them to supplement what they think their body lacks. Whatever the case is, vitamins are easily obtained even from a local convenience store. However, there are several important questions that one should consider:

  • Why are you taking vitamins?
  • Does your body really lack the vitamins that you take?
  • Is the amount that you take really suitable for your body?

We believe that many will not be able to answer these questions. This is because most people take supplementary vitamins based on a “I feel the need basis” instead of being based on the result of a medical examination.

Fret not! We at Absolute Health have formulated a medically based Personalized Pharmacy Program to give client the right advice on the type of vitamins specifically needed by an individual’s body. All supplements are systematically prescribed and based on a proper medical examination.

The real vitamin level

Vitamin supplements are very useful and important for the body. When there are shortages of vitamins, the body will become weak, gets sick easily, worn out and deteriorate. The body normally receive appropriate quantity of vitamins based on the 5-food groups one consumes. Meaning, if one consumes non-chemical protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit and fat in the amount that is optimal for our body, vitamin supplements will not be needed. However, that’s not the case for many and therefore, making vitamin supplements necessary for health maintenance. 

All our bodies are different. The type and number of vitamins one needs are also different. The ready-made vitamins that are distributed generally have the same formula, which means that everyone who takes each vitamin tablet will receive the same quantity of vitamins. However, the body may need different quantities.

Some people may lack of various type of vitamins and would have to take a variety of vitamin tablets. The composite of each ready-made vitamin may contain duplicate vitamins and minerals, which may cause the body to have excess quantity of vitamins. In addition, without proper medical advice, the quantity of vitamins taken may not be enough for the body. Therefore, most vitamin supplements bought off the rack may not respond to the body’s needs and in turn may cause the liver and kidney to work harder.


Personalized Pharmacy – Your tailored supplementary needs

Our team of experts will provide clients with their personalized pharmacy once they have obtained several perimeters. Clients will go through a consult session to analyzed the medical issues and the vitamin levels in the body. The results will determine the amount plus type of vitamins and the length of prescription needed by the individual client. Apart from the analytical results, the length of prescription also depends on the lifestyle of each individual. The vitamins that are prescribed will then be prepared by our team of expert pharmacists and in accordance to international standards.

After receiving the vitamin supplements, the doctor will schedule periodic follow-up appointments in order to titrate the appropriate dosage needed. In some cases, a blood test result is needed to benchmark the benefits the vitamin supplements have brought about to the client’s body. Apart from the laboratory results, the doctor will also gauge the benefits from the valuable feedbacks given by clients.

Therefore, if you feel that your body needs supplementary vitamins to maintain and improve health, come and visit us at Absolute Health for a comprehensive vitamin and mineral level check. Our team of medical experts will provide you with the best advice and formulate the type of vitamins that your body specifically needs.


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