RF Body Firming: Slim down your face and body without pain

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RF Body Firming: Slim down your face and body without pain
RF Body Firming: Slim down your face and body without pain

Arms and tights that are chunky, saggy, flabby and orange peeled cellulite textured are a problem to many. The question is, how can it all be fixed without experiencing any form of pain or non-evasive procedures such as surgery, injection or liposuction?

This answer is RF Body Firming. It is the alternative treatment for fat reduction that helps make the skin and cellulite-free at the same time.

What is RF Body Firming

RF Body Firming uses a multifunction radio frequency that emit a weak radio wave (0.3 - 0.5 MHz) during the treatment. Just as the word multifunctional presents, apart from tightening the skin, it also improves the skin texture plus assist with slimming at the same time. The treatment can be done on both the face and body. Clients will not need surgery, liposuction or any form of injection to obtain the desired results. Light electrical current in the form of radio waves helps to increase the temperature of the deep layers of the skin. The result is the improved circulation of the blood and lymphatic system which helps to eliminate fat and remove cellulite where needed. This will concurrently also assist in tightening the sagging parts of the body especially those who have problems such as chunky arms, thighs, fats, swelling and more.

The procedure

Before the procedure, the doctor will select appropriate applicator for the client. The staff will then apply cooling gel to the selected area. During the procedure, some clients may feel a warm sensation. This is because the way the procedure works is by increasing the skin temperature by 3-5 degrees Celsius. The client may also experience pins and needle sensation during the duration of the procedure.

The number of sessions performed will depend on the individual client. For most cases, the session will last between 10-15 minutes for each part and can be done 1-3 times a week. The length of the RF Body Firming treatment depends on the number of parts the client would like to focus on.

Advantages of RF Body Firming

  • Help break down fat under the skin.
  • Reduce fat size and reduce cellulite.
  • Results can be seen after the 1st treatment.
  • The skin is about 1-2 cm firmer and smoother.
  • Painless
  • Non-evasive
  • Can be done on anyone.
  • Can be done on all parts of the body

How is RF Body Firming different from Cool Sculp?

Many people think that the results are similar. However, the techniques and principles behind the 2 treatment are totally different. RF Body Firming is able to reach different areas of the body and can work in areas with less fat. Cool Sculp in turn cannot do so. However, some physicians do combine the 2 treatment methods in order to achieve a more optimal result

Post treatment care

Clients can carry out their daily activities as per normal. He or she will not have to experience any down time. However, clients are advised drink plenty of water to help increase the efficacy circulation system. This also allows the dead fat to be excreted from the body naturally. In addition, clients should also pay attention to their diet and lifestyle for an optimum result.

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