Colon Detoxification: Colon cleansing for optimal health

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Colon Detoxification: Colon cleansing for optimal health
Colon Detoxification: Colon cleansing for optimal health

Colon Detoxification: Colon cleansing for optimal health

The Benefits of Colon Detoxification 

Nowadays, our body is exposed to toxins through many different mediums, such as oral intake, inhalation and skin absorption. The penetration of these toxins can reach the cellular level. Normally, the body's protection mechanisms remove these toxins from the cells into the bloodstream for the liver and kidneys. However, in the case of a dysfunctional excretory system, such as constipation, the toxins and heavy metals removed from cells will be absorbed back into the body.

Colon detoxification solves the problems mentioned above and offers other benefits such as:

  • Excretes toxins and heavy metals with the feces.

  • Removes the bad bacteria in the colon.

  • Removes remaining food waste from colon folds.

  • Colon detoxification stimulates the colon to naturally expand and shrink, consequently strengthening the colon muscles.

  • Strengthens the lymph system and immunity in the colon, which also contributes to treatment of allergies and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE).

Who should do colon detox?

Studies have shown that colon detoxification is suitable for most people. It is a method of toxin elimination which is specifically suitable for patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic constipation, frequent diarrhea or anyone with weak immunity or weak colon function. In most cases, colon detoxification can be done once a week. After 5 sessions, it can be done once a month or according to the treating doctor’s recommendation.

Colon detoxification procedure

Patients do not need to prepare anything in advance before the procedure. They do not need to fast or take laxatives. The treating doctor will do a thorough physician examination plus the medical history of the patient to consider the physical readiness of each person. Colon detoxification process is conducted in a private treatment room. A tiny tube is inserted into the patient’s rectum to cleanse the colon. There are 2 different methods of Colon detoxification and they are as follow:

  • Open system

The colon is cleansed with 25 liters of water mixed with herbal powder or coffee powder:

1st the colon is cleansed with herbal or mineral water

2nd the colon is cleansed again with water mixed with coffee powder

After 10 cycles, the colon is cleansed with herbal or mineral water to rinse any coffee stains. The water pressure is controlled by lever movement and height of the water container.

The water can reach the descending colon, but cannot reach the cecum where food wastes remain. The patient can control the lever by him/herself without the assistance of a nurse and therefore making the session more private.

  • Closed system

A nurse controls the water pressure and quantity to ensure safety. With this method, the water can reach the cecum. It cleanses the entire colon system without peristaltic wave. During the colon detoxification procedure, the nurse will massage the abdomen. This method cleanses the colon better than the open system. But due to the presence of the nurse, this procedure is more for patients who require assistance or someone who is not troubled about privacy.

Colon detox restrictions and contraindications

Persons who underwent a colon surgery, especially in the past 6 months, should not do colon detoxification. Colon detoxification can only be done with the treating doctor’s approval after the period of 6 months which also depends on the patient’s physical condition.

  • Patients who cannot excrete through the rectum. For example, patients with colostomy bag.

  • Patients with severe hemorrhoids

  • Patients with spreading colon cancer

  • Patients with intestinal obstruction 

  • Patients with peritonitis 

  • Patients with colon wound which could be perforated

  • Patients with herniorrhaphy

  • Children and pregnant women

  • Patients with uncontrollable hypertension

  • Patients with uncontrollable heart disease

  • Elderly patients experiencing regular fatigue 

Do take note that patients with a history of kidney disease or heart disease should take extra precaution when opting to do colon detoxification. The treatment can and should be done under proper medical supervision.

Post colon detoxification  

  • Add good bacteria to the body

  • First meal after the detoxification treatment should be light and easily digested. A heavy meal could cause bloating, abdominal discomfort and more. 

…Colon detoxification is a great way to cleanse the colon and rebalance the colon functions…

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