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A new hope for cancer treatment by treating the cause

A cancer patient told a writer “When the doctor diagnosed me with cancer, in my mind, I heard the words “Morana (Death) + Aeng (You)”. I kept thinking I’m going to die, and that my life would be terrible, that I would suffer”. From this story, it reflects the fact that nowadays, cancer is a scary disease with a high death rate and low survival rate. The scary thing is the pain and agony of the disease during the treatment.

According to the current statistics in Thailand, the patients that are newly diagnosed of having cancer are 130,000 people per year. In males, the first three types of cancer are liver and biliary tract cancer followed by lung cancer and colon cancer. In females, the number one cancer is breast cancer, followed by cervical cancer and liver and biliary tract cancer, respectively.

Origin of cancer cells Currently, it is believed to be caused by the defect condition of the metabolic system in the cells due to toxins, chemicals, radiation, and stress until inducing free radicals, including diseases, such as some types of viruses. These things will disturb the reaction of cell energy

which is called “Mitochondria”

Origin of cancer cells
Normally, when the cancer cells have occurred, the body will have an inspection mechanism through the gene system to restrain the cancer, including the function of the immune system or white blood cells to catch foreign cells. If such system is defective due to toxins or diseases as mentioned, apart from inducing the cancer, it can also destroy our immunity.

Firstly, though the cancer is all gone, we have not ended the cause, which is turning off the gene switch. This is a pitfall of cancer treatment.  

Secondly, chemotherapy is effective in killing cancer cells. At the same time, it is the most severe carcinogen because it destroys the DNA and immune system. When the cells become abnormal, it cannot be eliminated and becomes cancer. Also, the radiation destroys DNA and mutates the cells. So, in conventional treatment, it might look like the cancer is gone at first. You cannot find the cancer by scanning and the cancer value from blood test is reduced to become like normal people. However, the cancer will come back in a short time because the cell system in the body has received the mutagen, which is the chemotherapy. So, the good cells become cancer for the second time. This is the second pitfall of cancer treatment.

Thirdly, the external factors are the carcinogens. If not changed, the cancer will return.

Integrative Medicine 
We combine treatment methods, which are knowledge about cancer cells, modern treatment innovation, and natural therapy together with the main treatment methods for comprehensive treatment and the highest effectiveness, which are:

1. Detoxification therapy is to detoxify the retention and accumulation of toxins in the body, eliminating from the digestive system, tissue system, and blood circulation, including the lymphatic system. It is another channel to provide treatment at the source of the problem.

2. Restoring the immune system of patients to become stronger Training the white blood cells to learn and eliminate cancer cells in the body by themselves by using vitamins and natural substances, oxygen therapy, and increasing immunity by using their own cells. This concept has become a new technology for cancer treatment, which is called “Immunity Therapy”. It also includes vaccinations to increase immunity and the use of biomoleculars to stimulate the function of the cells in the immune system.

3. Restoring the metabolic system of cells Adjusting the balance of the metabolism by focusing on the metabolism using oxygen, which has led to the concept of therapeutic diet to adjust balance.

4.Stimulating the function of genes that inhibits abnormal cell division The abnormal division of cells is controlled by the function of gene in the cells, which is called Tumor Suppressor Gene. If the gene is abnormal and cannot function well, the cells will keep dividing until becoming malignant tumor. Therefore, stimulation of the Tumor Suppressor Gene will help to control the cancer, which can be done in many methods, such as fasting or nutrition extract therapy, like curcumin, green tea, and NAD+. Even the treatment can improve the immunity for the gene to work better.

5. Adjust the balance of the body Avoid staying up late, stress, and food that can increase free radicals, which might be the source of problems, such as food with high sugar, fried food, burnt food, and processed meat that might be contaminated with preservatives.

6 Concept of Cancer Stem Cell can explain the difficulty in cancer treatment because current treatment, such as chemotherapy, will destroy only the cells that are divided from the cancer stem cells but cannot destroy the cancer stem cells directly. Specific treatment is called Targeted Therapy, which often activates one cancer gene at a time. In fact, in one cancer cell, there might be 20-30 positions of abnormality. Therefore, the statistics of survival from chemotherapy, including targeted therapy, is not as high as expected. However, studies have found that natural extracts in Thai herbs, such as Curcumin from turmeric, Boswells from cassumunar ginger, or Catechin EGCG from green tea leaves, can control the cancer gene in several positions at the same time and might become an alternative, way of survival, or additional hope for cancer patients.

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