Toxic Metal Profile: Detox solution

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Toxic Metal Profile: Detox solution
Toxic Metal Profile: Detox solution

Heavy metals are harmful substances which generate free radicals and accelerate the aging and degeneration process. Here at Absolute Health Regenerative Clinic, we provide heavy metal screening test to address the causes of degenerative diseases.

Heavy metal screening test

Heavy metals can be detected through a blood test. The test results have the ability to show accumulated heavy metals in the body, such as the following:

  • arsenic
  • lead
  • mercury
  • cadmium
  • manganese
  • cobalt
  • nickel
  • aluminum and more

Today, we are exposed to heavy metals in the environment and the foods we eat. They enter the body through inhalation, oral intake and skin absorption. This makes heavy metal screening test truly necessary. Without the test, we cannot know the amount of heavy metals remaining in the body.

…Why do we need to be aware of the dangers of heavy metals?...

Effects of heavy metals depends on the chemical components of the heavy metal and routes of exposure, for example inhalation, ingestion or dermal absorption.

  • Disturbs mineral function.
  • The organ systems are impeded.
  • Cell walls are weakened.
  • The cells can be broken.
  • Free radicals are generated and antioxidants naturally synthesized by the body diminishes.
  • Cutaneous vasculitis, thickened blood vessels, atherosclerosis or thrombosis can occurs. Blood vessels are less flexible and shrink. Ischemia develops which obstructs nutrient transfer to other organs. As a result, organs quickly degenerate and many diseases are developed, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson's disease, autism, heart and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, macular degeneration and other chronic diseases.
  • Adrenal fatigue, accelerated degeneration and high stress, may affect other endocrine glands. With heavy metal accumulation, the endocrine system produces less hormones.
  • Ineffective response to antidiabetics.
  • Nervous system degeneration such as worsened memory, slow brain processing, depression
  • Osteoporosis and underactive thyroid


The best method of heavy metal detox is chelation therapy. It involves many types of medicaments, such as EDTA, DMSA or DMPS. Heavy metals will then be excreted through the urine. The treating physician’s route of choice (oral intake, intravenous injection or rectal administration) will depend on the patients’ test results and current condition. Although chelation therapy removes heavy metals, the body may also lose some minerals. Therefore, vitamin and mineral replacements are included as part of the treatment so as to strengthen one’s health and at the same time rebalance the body.



As mentioned above, the primary and secondary effects of heavy metals can be extreme. Therefore, one should have a blood test as it can help gauge the level of toxins and thus, appropriate action can be taken. Great health is just a test away!

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