Personalized Check Up Advance Program : Male - Female

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Personalized Check Up Advance Program : Male - Female

Personalized Pharmacy - Personalized Vitamins is a specifically formulated vitamin program design to meet the needs exact needs of an individual. This means that the person’s body will be able to optimize the specifically formulated vitamins he or she receives. The appropriate amount of vitamins may vary from person to person.

To begin, a prior health test is used to determine the client's medical history, including hormone levels in the body. Through the test results, our team of experts will also analyze the effect and the level of vitamin deficiency which in turn helps with the compounding process. The final product will be the highly individualized vitamins that specifically meet the client’s needs based on their individual health conditions.

Every vitamin and supplement produced by Absolute Health is held to the highest international quality and safety standards to ensure that our customers receive only the finest.

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