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Hydrosun, light therapy. Imitate nature with “Artificial Sun”

Hydrosun is the parallel treatment of oriental medicine and western medicine by using light to stimulate the treatment. Mostly, we often see treatment with different approaches. However, Hydrosun is a combination of treatment approaches from 2 hemispheres with the power of light to create successful treatment results.

Source of Hydrosun Concept 

Hydrosun is an instrument from Germany, which is defined as the “Artificial Sun”. It is light therapy by releasing high power light and emitting it through the specified direction. It is like a flashlight with heat like the sun. The reason why when we receive natural sunlight, we do not feel very hot or our skin does not burn is because by the time the sunlight reaches our skin, it will pass through the atmospheric layer with steam as the light filter, making the light warm and moist. 

Virtual Artificial

With the purpose of making Hydrosun as the artificial sun, the Water Filter is made, which is considered to be a significant element of this therapy. The light wave of Hydrosun is a red light of Near Infrared Spectrum with a wave length of 760-1,400 nanometers and a relatively high wattage power of 775 watts. During the therapy, you will feel warm only. With the working process through the Water Filter of different lens colors, such as violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, tangerine, and red, according to the usage, the radio frequency of Near Infrared Spectrum will change according to the color of the Water Filter because each light color will provide different treatment advantages. The thing that we must be careful about is we must wear completely closed glasses to prevent the sun from passing through to avoid affecting the eyes.

Advantages of Heat and Light 

For those who are anxious about the heat from Hydrosun, we would like to compare the current model of Infrared Sauna. Many models have an infrared emitter with power of up to 1,000 watts. If using at high level, the external skin will be burned before the body will feel hot, which is different from Hydrosun, which has the Water Filter that will allow the light to pass through without burning the skin, like the normal Infrared Sauna. 

Significant Advantages from Heat and Light

  • Helps to stimulate the blood circulation 

  • Helps to enhance the immune system and stimulate a particular immune response. For example: When catching a cold, the bronchus and lungs will become irritated and sinusitis will occur. 

  • Relieve pain and muscular tension, such as backache

  • Stimulate wounds to heal well, especially with infected wounds, such as wounds in diabetic patients or patients with hepatitis. 

Understand the Perspective of Oriental Medicine towards Light Therapy

For oriental medicine, like in India, there is the Ayurvedic principle regarding the Meridian, which is similar to the Meridian of Chinese medicine. However, the Ayurvedic Meridian in the axial body that is called “Chakra” will become the center of the Meridian Energy. There are 7 points of Meridian Energy on the body with the beliefs as follows:

  • Chakra 7 Sahassara (The Crown Chakra) is in the middle of the head. It is the chakra with the belief that it is connected with the energy around us and is the center of energy power of various chakras in the body. 

  • Chakra 6 Ajana (The Third Eye Chakra) is in the middle of the forehead. It is believed that it is the 3rd eye with the second sight that connects with thoughts, mental relations, and awareness. 

  • Chakra 5 Vishuddhi (The Throat Chakra) is about peace, conscious, and prudence.

  • Chakra 4 Anahata (The Heart Chakra) is related with natural growth, hope, and mental matters. 

  • Chakra 3 Manipura (The Pancreas) is the center of the body around the navel, which relates to inspiration, creativity, and power.

  • Chakra 2 Swadhisthana (The Testil & Ovary Chakra) is around the sexual gland, which relates to the Meridian Energy, automatic nervous system, happiness, impulsion, and meditation. 

  • Chakra 1 Mooladhara (The Grounding & Physical Stamina) is around the perineum, which relates to the basic impulsions of humans. 

Go Deep with the Perspective of Conventional Medicine vs. Ayurvedic Oriental Medicine

All 7 chakras as mentioned above are a matter of Ayurveda that looks at the relationship between the Meridian Energy, body, mind, and soul. If we take a deep look and compare with conventional medicine, we will see that the position of each chakra is around the automatic nervous system of the human body as follows:

  • Chakra 7 The Crown Chakra is in the position of the pineal gland with the belief that it can connect with various energies that surround us because the pineal gland is the determinant of Hypothalamus that is located deeper than the conscious, which is the subconscious. It can also control sleep. Therefore, when sleep cannot be controlled, it leads some people to believe that it is connected with heaven. 

  • Chakra 6 The Third Eye Chakra is in the position of the pituitary gland. It is the matter of pituitary gland that controls the hormone system, which leads some people to understand and connect with the second sight, thought, calm hearted, and anticipation.

  • Chakra 5 The Throat Chakra is in the position of the thyroid gland that works to produce hormones and control the body metabolism and body temperature, including moods and emotions.

  • Chakra 4 The Heart Chakra is in the position of the thymus gland, which is a ductless gland between the lungs that works as with the immune system. 

  • Chakra 3 The Pancreas is in the position of the adrenal gland, which is a ductless gland that produces various significant hormones, such as adrenalin. 

  • Chakra 2 The Testil & Ovary Chakra is in the position of the sexual gland.

  • Chakra 1 The Grounding & Physical Stamina is in the position of perineum, which is between the reproductive organ and the anus. 

Hence, Bio Energetic Scan or Quantum Energy Scan of Absolute Health Integrative Medical Center has reported the function results of various organs that are in the position of Ayurvedic Meridian Energy, which is also the 7 Chakras. 

Distinctiveness of Hydrosun with the 3 systems of functional approach, which are:

1. Conventional Medicine Perspective 

2. Chakras Ayurveda Perspective 

3. The Work of Light  

The specifications of Hydrosun will thoroughly explain about each color of light in the perspective of all 3 systems to see its advantages. For example: The function of red light…in the perspective of Chakras Ayurveda. The red light is the light of Chakra 1. If using the energy from the light of Chakra 1 in the therapy, it will provide the life energy. However, from the conventional medicine perspective, the indicator for the use of red light is to stimulate the energy, blood circulation system, and cell energy. 

Indicators of Hydrosun

  • Hydrosun can make use of light as the stimulant as desired.

  • To stimulate the Ayurvedic energy

  • Able to propel the mind and soul 

For example: For treatment of patients with severe abdomen inflammation, the doctor will use the blue light because it can reduce the inflammation. However, in very anxious patients, the yellow light can be used to reduce anxiety. The treatment will emphasize the conventional medicine perspective. In some cases with mental problems, the Ayurvedic perspective might be used according to suitability, in which case, light therapy by Hydrosun may be used to provide maximum benefit to the patient. 

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