Prolong the lifespan of the blood vessel and reduce the risk of diseases through blood filtration

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Prolong the lifespan of the blood vessel and reduce the risk of diseases through blood filtration
Prolong the lifespan of the blood vessel and reduce the risk of diseases through blood filtration

Prolong the lifespan of the blood vessels and free your blood system of disease-causing pathologies with Double Filtration Plasmapheresis (DFPP). This health innovation will help clean your blood system by converting bad blood into good blood, as well as help eliminate and reduce excess blood that causes chronic disease that may result in health problems and illnesses such as atherosclerosis, cholesterol, triglycerides, toxins, substances that cause inflammation in the body, allergens, viruses, and more.

Waste filtration process with DFPP machine

The DFPP machine will help purify the blood by filtering the plasma that is toxic, or bad from the body with a special filter system that determines the appropriate filter size based on the nature of the problem or the symptoms of the patient. The machine will filter out only part of the plasma. The healthy hematopoietic cells are returned to the body with the replacement of the discarded plasma with albumin or frozen plasma (fresh frozen plasma), according to the patient’s condition.

Service Procedures

This can be accomplished for some patients by drawing blood from both arms. However, the treating doctor may consider drawing blood from other areas, such as the neck or groin, instead of the arm. This allows the blood to flow through the first filter to separate lymph from platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells.

The lymph that has been filtered from the first machine will flow through the second filter. This is the first step in making DFPP to isolate antibodies. Inflammatory substances, such as wastes, fats, and substances toxic to the body, are filtered out.

After filtering and separating waste from the lymph, the rest is the clear and pure lymph that will flow together with platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells to enter the blood circulation process and be reinfused back into the body with added plasma and albumin at the same time.

This is a quick way to reduce the risk of serious health problems because it is an innovation that helps clean and purify the blood immediately. It will also help prevent the spread of chronic diseases. The treatment process takes only 2–3 hours.

Quick recovery of health problems with DFPP

When blood vessels are not clean and filled, unnecessary waste, such as accumulated toxins and substances that cause diseases, enters the bloodstream. It causes high cholesterol and triglycerides, and the blood circulation will be impaired, congested, and poorly functioning, which will lead to various health problems and illnesses. Therefore, DFPP is suitable for those who have health problems and need urgent medical attention. The treatment is beneficial for:

  • People with neurological problems.
  • People who are at risk of ischemic heart disease or blockage in the cerebrovascular and cardiovascular system.
  • People who want better circulatory system and heart function.

  • People who want to prevent hardening of the arteries.
  • Patients with hepatitis B and hepatitis C.
  • Patients with immune system problems.
  • People who want to reduce LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • People with high blood triglyceride levels.

  • People who need to eliminate waste and increase oxygen in the blood.
  • People who want to boost the immune system and protect the body from abnormal cells.

Blood and blood vessels are very important to everyone's life because they perform many important functions, including bringing oxygen to the body, expelling waste such as fats from the cells, and cleaning the blood system.

Cleaning the blood will help the body quickly recover and return to normal health. For a healthy individual, DFPP will make your body stronger and healthier. It can be said that Double Filtration Plasmapheresis (DFPP) is an alternative way to restore health, detox, solve chronic disease problems, and most importantly, reboot the body's immune system.

Possible side effects from DFPP

Bruising around the veins: This may occur because the cannula size used for DFPP treatment is larger than the normal saline needle. In addition, the cannular site also acts as a blood extraction site in an event where blood needs to be drawn more than once. In this case, bruising may occur on the skin where the blood is drawn. However, do keep in mind that the bruising is just superficial and will fade

Swelling in general: During the DFPP treatment, the body loses about 10% of its albumin. It will, however, be replenished during the process. In general, each person's body albumin concentration varies (about 3.5–5%), and the replacement albumin used in our treatment protocol has a medium concentration of about 4%, which may cause patients to experience temporary swelling. Clients may experience minimal, temporary swelling of the hands or legs due to the change in the concentration of albumin in the bloodstream. The swelling will disappear within 1-2 days.

Contraindications for doing DFPP

1. Brain injury

2. Hemorrhage in the brain

3. During menstruation

4. During pregnancy

5. No breastfeeding for 2 days post DFPP

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