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 Menopause females and males...Age of quality of life
The golden years for general people might mean “females who reach the menopausal period”. In fact, “males” must reach the golden years as well. What do the golden years look like? Why is it called the “golden years”?

Females and males begin to enter the menopausal period when they reach 40 years old and above. For menopausal females, when the ovary stops working, there is no more ovulation, no menstruation, and no creation of gender hormones. The organs that relate with the gender hormones level will degenerate, which affects both the body and mind. For males 40 years old and above, the testosterone hormone level will gradually decrease until reaching the full menopausal period at about the age of 70 on average, which is different from females that have a female hormone production rate which will start to decrease when reaching 40 years old and rapidly decrease until the hormones stop producing when reaching 45-50 years old on average.

What are menopausal period symptoms?

For females, เthe degenerative hormones will affect both the body and mind expression. Symptoms include hot flashes throughout the body, sweating on hands and feet especially at night, fatigue, palpitations, insomnia, lack of appetite, sagging breasts, dry or thin skin, and memory loss, especially short-term memory. In some people, they might have dementia or Alzheimer’s. It can also affect the mind and create anxiety, fear, irritation, lack of self-confidence, paranoia, and inability to adjust to changes.

For males, abnormalities that occur in menopausal males may not be as obvious and severe as females. Symptoms include sweating a lot, insomnia, belly fat, depression, and less sexual interest. However, the main concern of males when reaching the menopausal period is impotence or “erectile dysfunction”, which is one of the health problems that affects mental status, including reduced self-confidence and affecting relationship in marriage life.

Menopausal period is not scary or something to worry about anymore

The general treatment guideline for menopausal females is hormone replacement with synthetic hormones in order for the hormone level in the body to be equivalent with when they were 25-35 years old. However, synthetic hormones, whether they are estrogen or progesterone, can be bad and harmful. It cannot be used for more than 5 years because it has a high tendency to cause breast cancer, cervical cancer, or colon cancer.

In the integrative medicine treatment guideline for menopausal females, we will restore hormone levels using nature-like hormones by relying on the laboratory analytical results and individually produce them for each person to reduce side effects from using synthetic hormones and the symptoms from menopausal period that are equivalent or better than synthetic hormones. The doctor will calculate the dose of hormones according to the needs of the body as well as solve the problem at the source by detoxifying toxins from the body, strengthening immunity, and supplementing with essential vitamins and minerals, which are Vitamin B, CoQ10, Lipoic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, and fish oil. This is combined with the procedure of cells repairing cells, such as using brain cells and pituitary gland cells to repair and restore the brain, which can cause the pituitary gland to create hormones naturally again; stimulating the ovaries to work and prolong the production of gender hormones without causing risks; maintaining the organs; and reviving the cells that create hormones. Cell function will return to its normal state and cause the organs to work better, which can prolong maidenhood and promote a good quality of life sustainably.

In menopausal males, there are many types of treatments, starting from using male hormone therapy in the form of cream, oral medication, sublingual medication, or injections or restoring the condition of the blood vessels that flow to the penis by detoxifying the heavy metal toxins, called chelation, which is used to treat patients with ischemic heart disease due to accumulation of heavy metal toxins and provides a good response from the treatment, so it used to treat impotence. The chelation will stimulate blood circulation. When the blood circulation gets better, it can correct the problem of impotence. It is found that patients with impotence respond well 3-6 months after receiving the chelation, including biomolecular therapy by using specific peptide nutrients to repair and restore the testicular cells, which is the area where the degenerative or impotent male hormones will be divided to replace the former cells that have expired. However, there is no definite period for the menopausal symptoms. If the symptoms are serious or prolonged, it will affect the quality of life, body, mind, and relationship with surrounding people. Therefore, it is important to see a doctor to check the hormone level and other details. The basic treatment for menopausal females and males is getting enough rest for at least 6-8 hours; refraining from smoking and drinking alcohol; having healthy food in the proper proportions; reducing food with flour, sugar, and fat; avoiding stress; and exercising regularly.

“The treatment method of integrative medicine will allow both men and women to deal with the golden years with confidence and leave old age behind as a matter of being only a number.”


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