Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

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Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

From what we have learned about treatment by using laser beam, you might have heard that Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is the use of light catalyst by using the Photosensitizer in order to respond to the light. What is it and how can it be involved with laser treatment? Let’s find out the answer together.

For the low level laser therapy, if the organs are in the deep position, many people might definitely think that the low level laser will be able to reach inside to provide the treatment or not. Is the higher level of laser needed? Can it be done? 

In fact, we have the limitations in the use of laser with the power to treat the tissues that go through the skin, which will cause the skin to burn. Therefore, with the same method of low level laser therapy, the performance efficiency will increase. The organs or tissues respond to an increase of light making it more efficient by using “Photosensitizer”. This technique is widely used in the treatment of cancer to destroy the cancer cells because when the cancer cells are stimulated, the photoreceptor will react, which is the process that causes Apoptosis.  

Work Procedures and Mechanisms of Photosensitizer

When inputting the photosensitizer into the body with the exposure to the light, the cells will be sensitive to the light exposure by 2-3 times. Currently, there are many photosensitizers. We will give examples of those that we know of or have used that you may not know about. The examples of photosensitizer are:

  • Chlorophyll will improve the function of red light. When drinking, the chlorophyll will be in the blood. When we use the low level of red light laser, it will improve the efficacy of the function of red light because the chlorophyll is the catalyst of red light. Therefore, when you want the red light to alleviate the pain or alert the body, you can drink chlorophyll and receive the laser treatment by using the red light or laser watch. 

  • Curcumin is one of the substances in the turmeric, which will improve the function of blue light in terms of sterilization and the reduction of inflammation. Therefore, when taking curcumin and using the blue light in the treatment, it will improve the sterilization in blood. For example: In case of catching a cold or the body immune is poor.

  • St. John’s Wort Extract will improve the function of yellow light. When taking St. John’s Wort Extract and using the low level of yellow light laser in the treatment, the yellow light will work better and become more efficient when using to treat depression.

  • In the therapy for cancer, the deep transmission of laser is used. The red light and the infrared are the light energy that can go deeper than other lights. Therefore, Choline-B 6, the light catalyst that is suitable with the function of red light and Indocyanine Green (ICG), the photosensitizer that is suitable with the function of infrared are needed to be input. Both types of substances are photosensitizers. In conventional medicine, it is used for diagnosis. It is a non-poisonous substance with no bad effects to the body by using the principle of stimulation with the photosensitizer that is very sensitive to the cancer cells and mutated cells. The tissues that are the tumor will be dyed by this substance. After that, the laser treatment will be used in the particular point. The cancer cell will be destroyed whereas the normal cells will not be affected. This technique is a non-poisonous cancer treatment that aims to destroy only the cancer cells. 

The photosensitizer, apart from having its own advantages in the laser treatment, is considered to be very useful.

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