Hair Removal

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Hair Removal

Laser hair removal: Solution for all hair problems Shaving or waxing can cause irritation or skin bumps. Additionally, new hairs become thick and rough.  

Information on laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal: At Regenerative Clinic, Absolute Health, the laser is generated by Gentle YAG machine (Long Pulse ND: YAG Laser) which can be applied to all skin conditions and skin colors. The heat is directly transferred to hair follicles to prevent hair growth. The machine is safe and efficient for hair removal of all areas.

Why should I do laser hair removal?
Shaving or waxing can cause irritation or skin bumps. Additionally, new hairs become thick and rough. Laser hair removal is permanent hair removal which smoothens, brightens and whitens your skin. Moreover, the laser can remove keratosis pilaris.

Where can I have laser hair removal?
With the capacity of our laser machines, the laser can remove hairs on all body areas, such as underarm hair, beard and moustache, leg hair, arm hair, chest hair, etc., as the customer wishes. The popular service options are hair removal on underarms, above lips and bikini line or under bikini area.

Preparation and process of laser hair removal

  • As preparation, you should shave hairs on the targeted area to allow the laser to penetrate to the hair follicles. Without shaving, you may feel more pain when the laser heats up the hairs. You can shave at home or right before the treatment with consultation of our staff.
  • Before the treatment, you get a cold compression with gel to comfort the skin.
  • During the treatment, you will feel like getting snapped by a rubber band.
  • To avoid pain, you may apply anesthetic.
  • After the treatment, you get a cold compression to relieve skin irritation.

How many times should I have laser hair removal?
Permanent hair removal requires 2-4 times of treatment, depending on the hair root condition. The treatment should be done every 2 weeks.

After treatment
The laser may cause irritation or redness which can be relieved by moisturizer. Please avoid rubbing or heavily cleaning the treated areas to lessen unnecessary irritation.

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