Zero Cancer Screening Test - A breakthrough in technology for early cancer screening

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Zero Cancer Screening Test - A breakthrough in technology for early cancer screening

Zero Cancer Screening Test - A breakthrough in technology for early cancer screening

Cancer is an illness that has one of the highest rates of death here in Thailand. However, we can now take measures to reduce the number of deaths. One of the ways to increase the chances of survival is by detecting abnormalities early. The Zero Cancer Screening Test, covers almost all types of cancer and is one of the most comprehensive tests available.

This test has the ability to detect the risk of cancer at stage zero. Let us look into the benefits of this test and the in-depth examination it is capable of. Research studies have shown that generally people who are at risk are as follows:

  • sedentary lifestyle
  • stress
  • wake up early
  • stay up late
  • work pressure
  • restless
  • poor diet
  • don't exercise
  • past family history

The question is, how can a Zero Cancer Screening Test (RV Test) help sufferers cope with cancer and reduce the rate of death? Below, Dr.Sitt Tienthiti (M.D), who is an Integrative and Anti-aging Medicine will provide more insights to the test.

As we all know, Cancer is a deadly threat to the primary health of the population. Since 2003, Cancer has been the number 1 cause of death of here in Thailand. Having said that, each year the number of deaths cause by Cancer is steadily increasing.

The Cancer statistics reflect the trend, lifestyle and risk factors of the people in Thailand. Factors like contamination of toxins and chemicals are on an increase and therefore also triggering the risk of Cancer, increase rate of incidence and death. Cancer being asymptomatic at the early stage is another reason why the number of cases and deaths are high. At sometimes basic screening methods such as Ultrasound or X-rays are not sufficient to detect abnormalities at the early stages. The fact is, early diagnosis of Cancer help reduces the number of deaths and in turn increase the chance of survival.

As mentioned earlier, Cancer is a disease that in most cases does not show symptoms in its early stages. Being asymptomatic causes many to be careless and not take any notice of the risk factors around them. Reality only hits when he or she feels unwell and gets diagnosed with Cancer. By that time, the stage diagnosed may be too advance and that can be a huge setback. Therefore, knowing and talking preemptive measures is definitely key to overcoming the threat of cancer.

Research study from SEER (Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results), in the United States, states that if cancer is detected early, the survival rate is very much higher. The study also looks into the different stages (from stage zero) and forms of cancer. It found that metastatic Cancer if detected at an early stage, the 5-year survival rate is as high as 90%. If diagnosed late, the survival rate is only at 20%. In addition, the survival rate is even lower for cases of pancreatic and lung Cancer.

Current cancer screening

Most cancer patients know of their cancer diagnosis in stage 1 or 2. However, unfortunately many people are still being diagnosed late in spite of the fact that they know the potential of risks in advance. Currently, there are many studies being done such as gene test metabolic examination, various immunological tests, cancer stem cells in the bloodstream examination and more. All these tests are done to increase the accuracy and efficiency of cancer detection especially for early detection.

Unravelling the possibility of cancer hidden in the body with effective cancer screening - Zero Cancer Screening Test

Today, there are many advancements in diagnostics. However, many physicians are pointing towards the direction of a particular screening test called the Zero Cancer Screening Test (RV Test). This test has the ability to thoroughly examination the metabolic mechanisms of cancer cells. It probes into the weakness of the immunity that is specifically affected by the cancer. The Zero Cancer Screening Test covers almost all types of cancer. In addition, the test only involves a blood sample without any added pain or complications of a biopsy. 

Especially in the early stages where the cancer has not spread, the test can effectively use the body’s immune system to identify any for of abnormalities or disorders.

The principle is that when the cancer grows, there is a large division of the blood vessels. The veins won't be able to function effectively and hence effecting many organs. As a result, the new cells formed are in a state of hypoxia which means lack of oxygen.  In addition, due to the lack of oxygenation, the cancer cells change and metabolize themselves by absorbing sugar from the body.

The process of cancer cells absorbing more sugar from the body is called fermentation or the fermentation of cancer cells. Lactic acid or Lactate is formed, which then allows researchers to detect TKTL 1 through a patient's blood sample. The Zero Cancer Screening Test exams the changes in protein within the TKTL 1 white blood cells.  If there is an increased level of TKTL 1, there are abnormal cellular metabolism activity in the body which in turn means that there are hidden Cancer cells lingering in the body.

Another detection vehicle to pinpoint cancer for the test mentioned is the ability to detect abnormality during apoptosis which is the process of cells dying. Apoptosis mechanism is controlled by an enzyme involved in this process. The antibody level will also be an indicator to determine hidden abnormal cells.

Therefore, studies have shown that if the metabolic measurements of sugar-eating cancer cells TKTL1 being present within the abnormal cells and the results shows that antibody levels are high, they are indications that cancer is present in the body.

In addition, there are also studies that compare the sensitivity and accuracy in detecting cancer with the Tumor Marker Test which is commonly used.   Cancer markers such as CEA, CA19-9, AFP are tested for cancer indications. However, as published in the medical journal, many studies have indicated that TKTL1 and Antibody indicators in the RV Cancer Test are far more sensitive and accurate compared to a Tumor Marker alone.  

Thus, in practice the advancement in diagnostics through the Zero Cancer Screening test can be a game changer for accurate and effective diagnosis. The test is able to detect a change in the cellular systems or abnormality in the metabolism and also any abnormal autoimmune response that may have occurred in the body. The level of abnormities traced will be use as a form of indicator that a person's body may already be at risk of cancer. The sensitivity of the test makes it possible to detect cancer at an early stage. This in turn can lead to a better survival rate and quality of life for a patient.

The use of the Zero Cancer Screening Test method is also beneficial for a long-term health benchmark. Whether, it is for a cancer patient who is undergoing treatment, just had a surgery or have gone through chemotherapy or radiation therapy, the Zero Cancer Screening Test when used in conjunction with standard cancer marker tests can be the most potent form of cancer indicator. It can also be coupled with CT scan or Ultrasound as well. The combination possibilities, makes it highly beneficial for physician to work on immediate and long-term patient treatment and management plan so as to create an effective curative pathway for the patient.

All of the above shows that the benefits of a Zero Cancer Screening Test. Most importantly, the sensitivity of the screening test can help eliminate any doubts for those at risk, take quick action for those newly diagnosed or prevent any form of treatment gap for patients. Accurate and early detection can help increases the rate of recovery also improve the chances of survival which can be a life changer for patients.  As they say, “cancer is not a life sentence and early detection can be the saving grace”.

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