Dark patches on the neck, a sign of diabetes

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Dark patches on the neck, a sign of diabetes
Dark patches on the neck, a sign of diabetes

Dark patches on the neck, a sign of diabetes

Many people have noticed their friends or relatives having dark patches on their necks that cannot be removed by scrubbing. Eventually, they would realize that these dark spots are the result of diabetes.

Some may wonder why diabetic patients have dark patches on the skin around their neck or why some people, even though they are not diabetics, have the same problem. The reason is that this skin condition is related to people with insulin resistance issues. 

These patches around the neck area are normally dark, thick and looks raised. In some people, the spot could be significantly larger. These spots most often appear around the neck and certain other places like, armpits, arm folds and groin area.

The high levels of insulin stimulates the skin cells. This skin condition is called Acanthosis Nigricans. These dark spot are also often found in people who are obese or is suffering from type 2 diabetes. The condition is also associated with other medical issues such as endocrine system diseases or digestive tract cancer.

How can these dark patches be cured? 

At present, there is no specific medicine for this condition. But one is able to get treatment by dermatologists or the better solution is to practice a healthy diet so that the weight problem can be managed and in turn the dark patches will gradually fade away.

Health Tips

Patients are advised to avoid eating flour based food, reduce sugar intake and to regularly exercise. Apart from dos and don’ts, diagnosis is also an important factor to consider. If you have never been screened for diabetes, please do so if you happen to notice the darker patches on the skin in the areas mentioned above. As discussed, these dark patches is a form of signal that your body is sending as a warning. There, pay more attention to your body and seek timely medical advice.


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