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Prolozone: Ozone injection for pain relief

Ozone injection for inflammation treatment on specific area

Prolozone is ozone (O3) injection (or concentrated ozone) on an injured or painful area. The injection may target tissue, muscle, joint or soft tissue. This non-surgical treatment reduces inflammation of joints and herniated disc, allowing the patient to better move around. It can also treat other chronic disease and degenerative disease.

Ozone has various therapeutic functions:

  1. Elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts

  2. Stimulation of metabolic oxygen consumption

  3. Stimulation of immunity

Who are suitable for prolozone?

  • Patients suffering from herniated disc. Prolozone can relieve swelling.

  • Patients suffering inflamed joint. In case of frozen shoulder, prolozone reduces fascia and improves the patient’s condition.

Cautions of prolozone

No direct inhalation. Patients with bleeding diathesis need to inform the physician before the treatment.

Side effects of prolozone

The patient may feel pain and tightness on the injected area for 1-2 days.

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