PM2.5 (Toxic micro-dust) – What you need to know and do

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PM2.5 (Toxic micro-dust) – What you need to know and do
PM2.5 (Toxic micro-dust) – What you need to know and do

 As the world focus on COVID, here in Thailand, we too seem to forget the pollution problem we have.  Toxic micro-dust known as PM2.5 was the key driving factor to the increase in sales and trendiness of the mask wearing fashion way before Wuhan brought COVID to the world.


We might be too busy to realize that the levels of PM2.5 are still high especially with the cooling northern breeze that includes elements of burning garbage, hay and wildfires. What comes with these small particles of dust are as follows: 

  • The same heavy metal toxins found in cigarette smoke. 

  • Toxins found in incense smoke like hydrocarbons and dioxins (carcinogenic and weaken leukocytes).


    Apart from the risk of the coronavirus or other pathogens such as influenza, people living in dust-prone or polluted areas would also have PM2.5 to worry about.  The risk of being infected and the chances of having more complications are higher due to the weakened immunity caused by the additional problem PM2.5 brings. 

Protection from PM2.5 

  • Wear mask.

  • Install air filter

  • Reduce outdoor activities in effected areas

  • Be environmentally conscious

  • DO NOT burning grass or incinerated garbage. 

  • Encourage better methods of land or agricultural management 

  • Reduce the burning of incense and more

Ways to get rid of toxins from PM2.5  

Studies have shown that nutrients in broccoli can act as a highly effective toxin eliminator. It also found that maintaining a healthy liver or consuming an antioxidant-rich group of foods can reduce health risk. Other supplements and nutrients that are anti-toxic and highly beneficial to health includes:

  • Resveratrol found in grape peel

  • Quercetin found in shallot peel or apple peel 

  • Vitamin C,E,A, Selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Glutathione, Co-enzyme Q10, Astaxanthin, Beta Carotene

  • Green leafy vegetables, spirulina, chlorella, coriander, yanang leaves and more

It is always a challenge when battling with a health crisis.  Therefore, looking after one’s health and managing the immunity is extremely important. As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. 

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Written by Dr. Sitt Tienthiti  

Integrative and Anti-aging medicine Specialist

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