Chronic pain

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Chronic pain

Pain is suffering

Chronic pain is pain that is experienced for a consecutive period of more than 2 months. It can happen to any part of the body.  It can start from neck, shoulder, backache, joint or might also come from the bone. There are many severities of pain. It might be slight pain, massive pain, continuous pain or incurable pain.

Types of pain can also be different. For example; sharp pain, dull pain, colicky pain and more. Different people has different tolerances level to pain. Some people can tolerate pain better than others. The level of pain tolerance depends on different factors but most importantly the mind plays a key role. As the saying goes, “mind over matter”.

Distinctiveness of chronic pain treatment in integrative medicine 

Treatments through integrative medicine focuses on the principles of chronic pain. It works by seeking and treating the hidden cause and not only alleviating the symptoms like in many conventional treatments. Once the cause has been identified, the doctor will create a personalized treatment plan for the client.  Some of these plans are as follows: 

  • Patient consultation and performing Bio Energetic Scan to look at the degeneration of various parts, assess the cell energy balance to check the energy level of various organs and risk factors. The examination can be done in 30 minutes with no blood drawing, no fasting and no pain. Apart from the medical results, the doctor will perform physical check-up and conduct pain pressure test by applying pressure to various parts to pinpoint the area of pain.

  • Injectable therapy targeting the source of pain (Regenerative Injection Therapy) are as follows:

    • Prolo Therapy helps to alleviate pain. It is an injection given at the point of pain to stimulate the surrounding tissues to kick start repair and regenerate themselves.
    • Blood component extract is an injection of patient’s own platelets that are drawn out and put through a stimulation process. It is then reintroduce back into the patient through an injection. The platelets infused will create growth factor to attract the cells which includes Mesenchymal stromal cells to repair the tissues in the injection area. 
    • Nucleic acid is a natural substance with the following functions:
      • replace eroded and missing peptides
      • integrate and restore cell functions 
      • create new cells to replace the dead cells 
  • Physical therapy through High Powered Laser Therapy helps cure and reduce the pain in the acute phase and semi-acute phase. It is especially useful for pain acquired through injures like sprains, peripheral numbness, swollen joints and limbs. Treatment is normally done in conjunction with Transcutaneous Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) that can help further reduce the pain from the nerves. It works best in patients with Cervical Spondylosis, Hip Osteoarthritis, Herniated Disc, peripheral nerve injury contraction and numbness from paralysis 

  • Some frequent advice are as follows:

    • correct posture while standing, walking, sitting and sleeping
    • exercising to strengthen the muscles 
    • treatment by vitamins and food supplements

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