Do Not ignore the dangers of diabetes: Hyperglycemia after meals

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Do Not ignore the dangers of diabetes: Hyperglycemia after meals
Do Not ignore the dangers of diabetes: Hyperglycemia after meals

Blood sugar levels or blood glucose levels normally spikes after a meal. This can create more sugar toxicity than relatively constant sugar levels. Therefore, the blood sugar level is an important factor that patients must not overlook.

The reason that doctors are cautious about high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) after a meal is because rapidly increase of the sugar levels can lead to a process called Glycation. The process of Glycation occurs when sugar binds itself to proteins and fats, causing toxicity in the body. 

There are two types of sugar toxins: 

(1)Advance Glycation End Products (AGEs)  

This happens in cell membranes, such as cells of blood vessels in the eye, heart and kidney. When these toxins bind with cell walls, it stimulates the production of other chemicals in the process of inflammation outside the cell. Once they react with fats, it would turn into Glycotoxins.

(2)Advance Lipoxidation End Products (ALEs) 

ALEs derived from lipid peroxidation- reactive carbonyl species (RCS) are binders of Receptor of Advance Glycation End Product (RAGE). This affinity depends on the reduction of the basicity of the target amino acid and on the acid reaction surrounding the amino acidic target which can damage or be hazardous to the body.

A state of glycation is severely harmful to the body because, in diabetics patients, Glycotoxins accumulate in blood cells and incapacitate them. They muster in blood vessels in the eye, causing degeneration of the retina. 

They gather in the nerves, causing nerves to degenerate. They accumulate in the kidney tissues which in turn may cause kidney failure. The problem only 30% of the Glycotoxins are expelled from the body. The remainder accumulates in the body’s tissues causing further harm to the body.


To avoid hyperglycemia, we should select a healthy diet that is safe from Glycation and Glycotoxins. One should avoid high-fat, high-protein and highly heated cooked foods. This is because high-protein, high-fat and high-fructose release high amount of toxins when they are cooked at high heat. Instead, the meals should be cooking at low-heat by boiling, steaming or stewing.

The above are the main reasons as to why doctors are concern with the high blood sugar levels after meals. Therefore, to avoid these dangers, one should pay more attention to the diet and eating patterns. As the old saying goes, “let food be thy medicine” and “you are what you eat”. How very true they are.


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