Ozone therapy: Medical treatment with oxygen

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Ozone therapy: Medical treatment with oxygen
Dr. Wit Sombatworapat Specialist of integrative and anti-aging medicine
Ozone therapy: Medical treatment with oxygen

What is ozone?

Ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms with the chemical formula of O3. Oxygen atoms are formed as ozone by UV radiation and air ions. Ozone is an unstable gas and easily dissolved. With its advantages, ozone is used in many fields, including medical treatment.

Ozone therapy and its medical benefits

Ozone Therapy has been researched and used as medical treatment for more than 150 years. The treatment causes few side effects. Therefore, Absolute Health offers ozone therapy as part of our integrative medicine program. At Absolute Health, ozone is produced by a medical ozone generator.

Functions of ozone therapy

  1. Elimination of bacteria, fungi, yeastsOzone damages the cell wall of bacteria, impedes fungus development, ruins the outer protein shell of viruses and slows down virus reproduction.

  2. Stimulation of metabolic oxygen consumption: Ozone therapy stimulates red blood cells to transfer more oxygen to the tissues. This process promotes the creation of antioxidants, protects cell walls and enhances blood vessel flexibility.

  3. Stimulation of immunity: Ozone at concentrations between 30-55 μg/cc provides optimum effect in interferon generation. Interferon is a kind of protein released by cells in response to germs, especially viruses, and other organisms affecting immunity.

Integrative Medicine CenterAbsolute Health applies ozone therapy for medical treatment, as follows:

    • Treatment of infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses: For example, medications can only treat symptoms of fever. But ozone can kill viruses to help the patient quickly recover. Ozone can also heal colon infection.

    • Treatment of inflammatory diseases: Ozone can effectively treat inflammation.

    • Treatment of immune system disordersOzone can treat SLE and allergy, as it can boost and re-balance the immunity.

    • Treatment of blood circulation disorders: Ozone stimulates red blood cell function to transfer more oxygen to body cells and increase nitric oxide which enhances blood vessel flexibility. Ozone therapy can treat coronary artery disease or ischemic stroke.

Is ozone therapy dangerous?

Inadequate information has lead to some misunderstandings - such as ozone for medical treatment being unsage, especially in the case of direct inhalation. This is only half true.


    • Direct ozone inhalation is not safe. But, by ozone therapy, the patients do not directly inhale ozone.
    • Ozone is very beneficial if used correctly. To put it simple, ozone therapy is like radiation which is dangerous, but can be used for medical treatment. Ozone therapy is combination of various advantages from ozone for medical effects.

Ozone therapy is divided into 2 categories:

  1. Ozone therapy for the whole body:
    a.   Ozone with bloodApproximate 200 cc. of blood is drawn from the body to blend with ozone. The black blood turns to red and is injected back into the body. With this method, ozone the effect is systemic.

  1. Ozone therapy for specific area
    a.   Anti-inflammation on specific areaOzone therapy can treat a frozen shoulder with direct injection to the shoulder joint, following anesthetic and vitamin injections. Anesthetic and vitamin injections are equally significant. Aside from their original properties, ozone can specially work better with water or liquid components. Moreover, herniated disks can be treated by direct ozone injection at the tissues around the spine.

    b.   Treatment of wound: The diabetes-associated skin infection can be healed by ozone therapy. An ozone treatment bag is wrapped around the wound for 20-30 minutes. The bag prevents ozone leakage. Ozone can kill microorganisms, increase oxygen around the wound and stimulate new tissue formation.

    c.    Rectal ozone therapy:  Rectal ozone therapy is for hepatitis treatment.

Cautions for ozone therapy

No direct inhalation. Patients with bleeding diathesis need to inform the physician before taking blood sample.

Side effects of ozone therapy

In some cases, the patient may suffer muscle fatigue, or symptoms like low fever. During ozone therapy, microorganisms are killed, and toxins are excreted from the body. When all toxins have been excreted in 1-2 days, the patient will recover.

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