The importance of treating Chronic Diseases

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The importance of treating Chronic Diseases
The importance of treating Chronic Diseases

The importance of treating Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases like Diabetes, High blood pressure, Heart disease, Dyslipidemia, Coronary Artery and Ischemic stroke are all extremely dangerous and harmful. Although some do not cause immediate death, they however can have a huge impact on the daily lives of sufferers.


Therefore, it is extremely necessary for us to look after our health in order for us to stay away from these diseases. The key to it is preventive Functional Medicine Approach in which we need to know about preventive measures before falling sick and getting the right treatment at the root cause.

Diabetes is a chronic diseases that needs to be taken very seriously as it can be one of the root cause of other secondary conditions. Sufferers need to look after their metabolism at the cellular level and focus on the following:

  • having healthy food

  • detoxing your body 

  • looking after the pancreas by adjusting your diet  

  • avoiding sugar, flour, fats and fried food

Systematic care must be in place once diagnosed. When you start to become sick with any of the diseases mentioned above, please do not put it off or brush it off as not being important. Instead, it is highly recommended to get proper advice from your doctor and assess your metabolism levels. This is important as it determines your level of insulin resistance and the necessary medicaments needed. 

Different phrases of these chronic diseases requires different attention just as mentioned above with the management of Diabetes. Therefore, in order to get the most optimal treatment and disease management plan, do consult your treating healthcare specialist. 

Individualized treatment plan focuses deeply on the cellular aspects of treatment. This is done by repairing degenerated cells in order to metabolize sugar better, restore the liver function to improve metabolism and reduce inflammation in blood vessels. Other changes that needs to be made would be factors like lifestyle and diet. Treatment plan should be in parallel with various other supporting therapeutic methods such as ozone therapy, UV lasers to reduce vascular inflammation and detoxify by chelation therapy which is the Integrative treatment pathway.

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