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Radiation used for treatment

Blood oxidation combines UV, red and green lights to boost blood cell functions, as follows:

  • UV stimulates oxidation and sterilization

  • Green light increases red blood cells’ flexibility to better access the capillaries.

  • Red light directly stimulates mitochondria of red and white blood cells and other cells to help Cytochrome C Oxidase to function better and reduce cell inflammation.

Treatment procedure

UV laser treatment can be done while the blood circulates in the body. The physician does not need to draw blood outside the body. The procedure starts from sodium chloride injection into a vein. A syringe is attached to an optical fiber cable. Through the treatment period of one hour, UV is emitted during the first 30 minutes, green light is emitted during the last 30 minutes, while red light is emitted through 60 minutes.

Who are suitable for UVL?

  • Those who want to stimulate cell metabolism. Oxidation is cellular detox, and therefore can be done even before detection of disease.

  • Patients with chronic diseases, such as HIV, hepatitis, arthritis, diseases from coxsackie virus, herpes, herpes zoster, influenza, tuberculosis, pneumonia.

  • Those with risk factors of arterial diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

  • Patients with immunity disorders, such as SLE, allergies.

  • Rheumatoid patients

  • Cancer patients (in conjunction with other medical treatment)

  • Those with weak immunity

  • Those who want to eliminate microorganisms in the body

  • Those suffering lingering exhaustion

Limitations of UVL treatment

  • The syringe is bigger than a normal syringe. So it is not suitable for people with very small arteries.

After treatment

UVL stimulates the function of the blood and immune system. If your body has microorganisms, white blood cells will immediately get rid of them. As a result, during the treatment, you may feel like you have a fever. The symptoms can be relieved by drinking large amounts of water and sleeping.

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