Multipass Ozone Therapy or High Dose Therapy

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Multipass Ozone Therapy or High Dose Therapy
Multipass Ozone Therapy or High Dose Therapy

Treatment method by using high-concentrated ozone therapy

The ozone therapy is considered to be another medical treatment method that is used in European countries for almost 100 years in many symptom groups, such as infection in the immune system, fatigue, diabetes, vascular disease, and cancer.

There are many forms of ozone therapy. However, the most common form is blood stimulation or what is called Ozonate Major Autohemotherapy. The ozone that is used in the stimulation is released from the Ozone Generator. The later models of ozone generators are in the form of Hyperbaric Ozone Generator. The increase of pressure from the machine allows the ozone to better combine and react with the blood.

In normal treatment, the doctor will draw the blood from patients who receive the therapy from the vein which is connected with a tube and sterile glass bottle for 200 ml per time. Then, the ozone gas from the ozone generator (40 microgram/milliliter) will be compressed through the tube and combined with the blood until stimulation occurs in both red blood cells and blood or plasma. The treated blood will be returned into the body, which is called 1 pass of ozone therapy (The total use of ozone is 40*200 = 8000 micrograms or 8 milligrams).

The initiator and inventor of high-concentrated ozone therapy before it spreads out throughout the world was Dr. Johann Lahodny, an Austrian obstetrician. He increased the number of passes for blood therapy from 1 pass to up to 10 passes in each therapy. In each time, 200-220 ml of blood was used with the ozone concentration at 70 microgram/milliliter, which can stimulate blood of up to 2000 ml or 2 liters or the quantity of ozone of up to 140,000 microgram or 140 milligram, which was higher than the normal size or 1 pass by 17.5 times.

Dr. Lahodny found that this High Dose Ozone Therapy provided good results in chronic infection diseases or latent infection diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, lyme disease, chronic disease, or fibromyalgia, including diseases in the metabolic system, like diabetes and cancer.

Suggestions before receiving the High Dose Ozone Therapy

  1. It is suggested to drink 1 more liters of water than the normal quantity at least 2 day before receiving the treatment.
  2. Before receiving the treatment, inform the doctor or the nurse of the medicine or food supplements that you have taken.
  3. This treatment is not suggested for pregnant women.
  4. This treatment is not suggested for patients with abnormal blood clotting, such as abnormal thrombocytopenia or hemophilia.
  5. This treatment is not suggested for those with hemolysis, such as G6P Deficiency (G6PD).
  6. After the first 12 hours of treatment, prolonged bleeding may occur. Therefore, it is not suggested to exercise or do any activities that are prone to accidents. Also, it is not suggested to perform this treatment before receiving any surgery by at least 2 days. Bandage the wound reasonably tight around the blood drawing area for at least 6 hours.
  7. After the treatment, the patients may feel flashing or slight irritation under the skin due to the response process of the ozone that affects the expansion of blood vessels.
  8. In some cases, chronic infection may occur after the operation. There may also be a fever because the immune system is stimulated and the body temperature will increase as the white blood cells get ready to eliminate the disease.
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