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NK Cell
NK Cell

NK Cell: To rejuvenate the immunity

The function of the organ systems in the body are connected together. To clearly understand one health issue, you need to know about the other correlating organ systems. After understanding the effects of NK cell treatment for immunity rejuvenation, you will truly see the importance of immunity care.

Immunity and cell degeneration

  1. The body degenerates due to a dysfunctional immunity. Aside from resistance to microorganisms and cancer cells, the immunity controls the metabolism. A dysfunctional immunity leads to a degenerating metabolism. As a result, cells deteriorate, mutate or die.

White blood cells are generated from bone marrow Mesenchymal stromal cells which decease and degenerate over the years. When white blood cells, especially NK cells, work with less efficiency, you are more prone to illness and infection. Therefore, the figures for severe infection and cancer are high among the elderly. In summary, when you age, your body ages as well. This is why everyone wishes to rejuvenate their immunity when aging.

Signs of deficient immunity and aging white blood cells

NK Cell activity test and immunity test can detect the efficiency of white blood cells which reflects the function of the immunity. That is, a less effective immunity is a sign of degenerative white blood cells.

Anti-aging medicine for immunity rejuvenation

No one desires getting older, but you cannot turn back time. However, immunity rejuvenation can be achieved. Many people misunderstand that anti-aging medicine concerns aesthetic medicine or hormone treatment. However, anti-aging medicine aims to restore your health condition and strengthen the immune system or so-called “rejuvenated immune system.”

Advantages of rejuvenated immune system

Rejuvenated immune system raises the quality of life of the elderly. It aims to strengthen the immune system, as the immune system resists both microorganisms and cancer cells and supports the self-healing process. The immune system is linked with the self-healing process, metabolism and even dead cell elimination.

Hence, a dysfunctional immune system is associated with cancer, overactive immune system, autoimmunity, and other diseases, such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, etc. So a fortified immunity system is significant and can be done in many ways:

Allergostop: The treatment is very beneficial for rejuvenating the immune system.

CPT/FCT Therapy: includes CPT, FCT or CPT/FCT: CPT/FCT Therapy improves immunity-related organs, such as thymus gland, spleen, etc.

NK CPT/FCT Therapy: For immunity rejuvenation and enhancement

What is NK CPT/FCT Therapy?

NK cell is a type of white blood cell. NK CPT/FCT Therapy starts from taking a blood sample. Next, NK cells are separated and cultured to raise their potential. Then, NK cells are injected back into the body to support the function of other immune cells.

With better function of NK cells, the immune system of the whole body is stronger. Patients become less susceptible to infection and the elimination of cancer cells improves. In addition, the intercommunication between white blood cells with regard to the immune response and metabolism also improves.

NK CPT/FCT Therapy, in combination with Allergostop, CPT, FCT or CPT/FCT, will support rejuvenation. Absolute Health does not prioritize only beauty or skin nourishment. Absolute Health Therapy includes strengthening the brain, heart and other organ systems which can significantly improve your overall health condition.

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