Lymphatic Detox

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Lymphatic Detox

Lymphatic detox: More than just stimulating the lymphatic system

Many people have no clear understanding of the impact of lymph circulation on detoxification and the health condition. Why do we need to stimulate lymph circulation through the body and how?

                                                          …The body is an interconnection of organ systems…

Lymphatic vessel: An important organ that deserves your care

Your body is exposed to toxins through oral intake, inhalation, and contact, which can then penetrate into the cellular level. However, through the function of cell components, toxins can be excreted. Mitochondria from oxygen and lysosomes help remove waste from cells into the bloodstream to be further excreted from the body by the liver and kidneys.

The lymphatic system transports fluids from the capillaries to veins as part of the blood circulation. Since lymph vessels have no muscles, the lymph is drained by squeezing the lymphatic smooth muscles. Hence, lymph circulation is naturally slower than blood circulation. Therefore, people with less physical activities are more prone to poor lymph disorder. Toxins may remain in cells and tissues. High toxin accumulation leads to muscle pain, acne and blemishes, cyst and tumor. Poor lymph disorder is also associated with first-stage cancer cells. As the body cannot effectively excrete the toxins, cells quickly degenerate.

Right but incomplete answer

You can stimulate lymph circulation by many easy ways such as exercise, sauna, or aromatherapy oil massage according to traditional medicine…Does it mean anyone can stimulate lymph circulation by aromatherapy oil massage? The answer is yes. But the massage can only stimulate the lymph circulation in limbs, not in other organs such as the lungs or abdomen.

Lymphatic detox: Key solution for lymph circulation stimulation

Lymphatic detox, innovation for lymph circulation stimulation through the whole body. Lymphatic detox promotes the function of the lymphatic system. Lymph circulation is significant for the balance and intercommunication of all organ systems. It is a factor contributing to fluid balance in the body and toxin elimination. Lymph is home to white blood cells which are important to the immune system. Good lymph circulation contributes to the function of the immune system.

To stimulate lymph circulation through the whole body, Lymphatic detox uses a glass wand which contains 6 types of inert gases: Helium (He), neon (Ne), argon (Ar0), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe) and radon (Ra). The gases are ionized by a high voltage to emit various fields of energy for medical benefits. A nurse or physical therapist slightly moves this wand over the lymphatic vessels through the body or at the targeted area. However, this method cannot be used with patients with an implanted pacemaker. The therapy takes around 40 minutes.

Who are suitable for lymphatic detox?

Any health enthusiast or cancer patient can do lymphatic detox for the whole body. It significantly reduces inflammation, muscle fatigue, and swelling of limbs or face.

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