Fasting Detox

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Fasting Detox
Fasting Detox

All about fasting detox   

Fasting detox: Fasting has long existed in history. In Buddhism, monks have meals before 11.00 a.m., and refrain from foods in the night. For some Buddhist sects, they have one meal per day. In Islam, Muslims fast during Ramadan from sunrise till sunset. During the Chinese vegetarian festival, they refrain from eating meat.

The natural living of humans and animals are the same. Most wild animals do not regularly have meals. They fast when they are sick. In humans, sickness affects our appetite as well, since the body naturally needs some rest to heal itself.

Normally, we have 3 meals a day. The body has a natural rest or fasting when we sleep. We break fasting with breakfast. However, due to the current lifestyles, most of us have late meals, go to bed late at night, but wake up early. The body has less time to recharge and self-repair. As a result, degeneration occurs more easily as our illnesses are closely associated with our immunity and gastrointestinal tract.

Fasting allows the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism to rest and naturally heal themselves. As the body uses energy in digestion and toxin elimination, the body rests and heals itself during fasting.

In medicine, fasting is a detox method. Research has found that fasting mice live longer. Fasting also stimulates cell division without mutation or cancer cell formation. Fasting stimulates bone marrow Mesenchymal stromal cell formation, and helps lysosome to remove toxins from cells. Fasting detox is another fasting method which anyone can do in accordance with the doctor’s advice to slow down the aging process and improve the metabolism.

How to do fasting detox

Fasting detox can be done in many ways. The physician considers the method case by case. At Regenerative Clinic, Absolute Health, the fasting detox program provides cold-pressed organic fruit and vegetable juice which contains vitamins and nutrients to boost the self-healing process. Fruits and vegetables are cold-pressed to preserve the health benefits of vitamins and enzymes. The juice is composed of vegetables more than fruits, as fruits contain more sugar.

Fasting detox with cold-pressed juice has many advantages. Aside from the research-based information mentioned above, it helps with toxin removal, cell repair, reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure levels, weight loss, etc. Fasting prevents intake of unhealthy foods and toxins. It recharges the body’s energy, improves the digestive system including the function of the small and large intestine, slows down the aging process, boosts the metabolism, removes wastes and raises the efficiency of organ functions.

Although anyone can do fasting detox, the first step of fasting should be done in accordance with the doctor’s medical advice. The doctor will determine the physical readiness, fasting period, and the most beneficial method.

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