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Hyperthermia, using heat to eliminate cancerous cells

Hyperthermia is another supplementary treatment for eliminating cancerous cells using heat and to strengthen the immune system by raising the body’s temperature higher than normal at approximately 40-41 degrees Celsius. This simulates a state of fever because every time there is a fever, the body works more than usual which helps to fight the infection, dilate the blood vessels and promote better blood flows to various parts of the body.

Hyperthermia can be done in two ways: systemic hyperthermia and local hyperthermia

  • Systemic hyperthermia applies heat to all parts of the body and can be used to treat general diseases such as fever and the common cold while strengthening the immune system to accelerate recovery. This method is used in cases of metastasized cancer. The treatment mechanism also helps with detoxification as it promotes blood flows and perspiration.

Systemic hyperthermia works by using Radiofrequencies Electro Hyperthermia which uses external electrical stimulation to increase temperature levels. The energy levels and treatment response durations can be selected to suit each individual. Furthermore, the heat is transferred into the body optimally so it is not only felt on the skin.

  • Local hyperthermia is performed on specific parts of the body. Clinical studies have found that this method yielded good results for increasing the efficacy of breast cancer treatment when used in conjunction with other types of treatment. This treatment method is not used for the brain as it may cause the skin to burn. An innovation chosen by Absolute Heath is that patients are able to press a stop button immediately on their own if they feel too hot even though staff members are always available to provide assistance. Local hyperthermia can be carried out either by using Radiofrequencies Electro Hyperthermia or Magnetic Electro Hyperthermia.

How does hyperthermia help to eliminate cancerous cells?

  • Cancerous cells cannot tolerate high temperature so they respond to the body’s elevated heat, causing them to be eliminated. While the temperature is elevated, the body releases Heat Shock Protein, which in large numbers, will cause more immune cells to be released resulting in increased detection of cancerous cells.  

  • Death of cancerous cells through apoptosis is another type of specifically programmed cell death from the inside. The process of eliminating pieces of dead cells will neither damage nearby cells nor cause inflammation later on.

Evaluating hyperthermia results

Both methods of hyperthermia take about 1 hour per session. Treatment for eliminating cancerous cells is carried out approximately 3 times per week while detoxification is done approximately once per week. However, treatment frequency will be determined from the body’s response by testing the Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) which is taken into consideration when evaluating treatment results using hyperthermia.

CTC can be used to see cancerous cells circulating in the blood stream both by quantities and types of detected cancerous cells from the proteins on the surface of the cells. Furthermore, it is also possible to examine the specific responses to each drug, vitamin or natural substance up to the genetic level to determine if the chosen cells respond to heat so that appropriate treatment plans can be prepared.

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