The Importance of Health Check-ups

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The Importance of Health Check-ups
The Importance of Health Check-ups

The Importance of Health Check-ups

Health check-ups have become a very important part of everyone’s lives. Therefore, we at Absolute Health Integrative Medicine have formulated an invaluable approach in patient diagnostics. As we all know, prevention, early detection and benchmark management of diseases are key factors in optimizing one’s health.

A health check-up that is more than just a ‘health check-up’. Absolute Health Integrative Medicine is ready to provide all the answers for those who would like to truly take care of themselves. Even though an annual health check-up is useful, it is not the complete answer. Therefore, with the treatment potential and expertise of the medical team, we have selected a health check-up protocol that covers and goes deep into the molecular function of the body. This will help answer the questions to whether you are in optimal health or if there are treatments needed.

Treatment Potential

We place an importance on a health check-up that fully explores the internal functional system of the entire body. We know that normal annual health check-ups use x-rays and preliminary blood test as a diagnostic tool. But, both have limitations. An x-ray will give little indication on how our internal systems are functioning. Blood test will only look at predetermined markers and again, it does not give a complete picture of a person’s overall health condition.

Benchmarking your health at the functional level

We have prepared a check-up program that focuses on the functions of the body’s organs at a molecular level. This program is especially ideal for health conscious individuals who would like to keep their health condition in-check. The program has 2 separate test and they are as follows:

1. Bio Energetic Scan: Like a car battery that may look new from the outside, we do not exactly know its functioning capacity unless we test and measure the output of the battery. A Bio Energetic Scan, assesses the balance of bodily energy accurately and provides an in-depth analysis without the need of a blood test. The process is painless and takes around 30 minutes to complete. It can assess malnutrition, the function of the adrenal gland, mind energy, liquid & oxygen levels in the cells and any organ function deterioration. 

2. Functional Medicine Lab Test: This test checks the function of the organs at a molecular level. The blood, urine and faeces samples are analysed comprehensively for evidences of any diseases:  

The body’s capabilities of creating adequate energy

The efficiency of digestion and food absorption 

Any evidence of Leaky Gut Syndrome 

The liver function (which includes detox capabilities) 

The amount of good and bad microorganisms in the intestines

The level of good bacteria in the intestine

Our Selection of Check-ups

Integrative Hormone Profile Test: Our life is based on our hormone composition, such as thyroid hormone, cortisol hormone, sexual hormone, DHEA hormone and insulin. Therefore, hormone testing is essential. Our approach to testing hormone efficiency allows us to identify the problem and prescribe our range of Integrative Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies. These hormone supplements are completely natural and have the same composition as the naturally hormones that your own body produces.

Integrative Risk Profile Lab Test: This test is to check the risk of diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and hyperlipidaemia. This test assesses the risk levels of developing a disease by looking at factors such as inflammation, metal toxins, diabetes, cancer, ductless gland and sexual hormones. 

Immunity Profile Test: This test checks on the immunity of the body to assess its condition for disease resistance. To put it simply, an individual is susceptible to diseases if the immunity is low and vice versa. Currently, many health issues such as allergies, hypersensitivity, eye disease, ear disease, skin disease and dementia occur when the immune system is weak. Immunity Profile Test is an important marker in disease prevention. 

Zero Stage Cancer Test: Cancer will begin to manifest in the body 7-10 years before it shows any symptoms that can be detected by any conventional test which also includes blood screening. Cancer is commonly diagnosed only after it that progressed to stages 3 or 4. We at Absolute Health have a number of diagnostic tests that can help with individual risk detection plus early stage detection of cancer. 

Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC) is an analysis methodology that finds cancer cells in the blood circulation system. Studies have shown that if CTC is found during the test, there is a chance that the individual has or may develop cancer. This test is so sensitive that CTC can detect cancer even in the initial stages or in a patient who is in remission. It has the capability of detecting all types of cancer.

Always keep in mind that regular health check-ups are extremely important even though you may think that you are strong and healthy. A regular health check-up with Absolute Health Integrative Medicine can help identify early warning signs of any risk of diseases for preventive measures. We also offer a comprehensive and effective treatment plan to reduce those at risk by improving the body’s own natural immune system. 

...A comprehensive health check-up is the pathway to great health...

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