Enhance Immunity with Integrative Medicine

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Enhance Immunity with Integrative Medicine
Enhance Immunity with Integrative Medicine

     Viruses and diseases are becoming more common these days. They develop fast and into various strains which can at times cause major complications. For those who do not get ill easily mean that they have a strong immune system to protect them, which is the defense mechanism of the body. In today’s world there are many factors that can contribute to poor health conditions. Our body must face all kind of challenges like toxins and chemicals, directly and indirectly. These challenging factors we face are known as Inputs and they are as follows:

  • Environmental factors and pollution in general which surrounds our body. Even the bedroom, which we think is clean, is full of possible small diseases that we cannot see.

  • Foods that we eat in each meal. The general principle we have cultivated is to have meals that are complete with the 5-food groups, which emphasize carbohydrates, like rice or flour, followed by meat, milk, eggs, with vegetables and grains placed towards the end. Many people would not think that the incidence of diseases and illnesses that can occur, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, lipid disease, heart disease and cancer, are related to our food intake. Having said that, people should know that the most raw materials that are used for cooking contains chemicals from insecticides and enhancing agents, which is a “killer” factor. 

  • Accumulation of chemicals entering the body regularly from things that we use every day, such as cosmetics, perfume, hair dyes, hair spray, nail polish, clothing color and plastic. These things can release toxins in small amounts all the time.

     Knowing the above is gives one a good learning curve but keep in mind it is just the tip of the iceberg. It does not include the mechanisms and working systems in the body. These things are all the factors that can lower the immunity in humans and weaken the physical condition. Immunity becomes low because the body has accumulated toxins and chemicals. 

The overall immune system of the body that protects against diseases or foreign matter from harming the body. When entering the immune system, it will try to eliminate those things quickly and effectively. The immune systems that are important in the body are:

  • Defense which prevents and destroys diseases and foreign matter. 

  • Homeostasis which eliminates normal cells that have deteriorated, like old blood cells, from the body system.

  • Surveillance which keeps an eye on the cells that have abnormally transformed. For example: destroying tumor cells to prevent cancer.

      Our immunity is like the body’s police officer or soldier that protects us from enemies, such as bacteria, virus, disease, fungus that cause infection and from diseased that come from viruses. The ability of the immune system to respond to the foreign matter in each person depends on the following:

  1. Genetic Factors : Studies have shown that the response of the immune system is under the supervision of genes (according to recent discoveries on Genetic Complex on chromosomes that controls the immune response). Various diseases develop due to the failure of the genes that control the immune response.    

  2. Age Factors: Small children and elderly people are more susceptible to illnesses as compared to young people because their immune system is low. At the same time, a specific immune response that is used to prevent a disease and non-specific immune response can become defective. 

  3. Metabolic Factors: Some types of hormones change the way the immune system works. For example: Steroids can inhibit white blood cells from eating diseases, reduce inflammation and decrease the creation of anti-bodies that can cause some types of diseases, such as chickenpox. 

  4. Environmental Factors: The environment is important due to many reasons, including pollution, which can worsen the function of the immune system. 

  5. Anatomic Factors: The skin and mucosa organs are the first station that the body uses to prevent a disease from entering the body. In patients with skin disease and weak mucosa, would be more at risk. As a result, infection and metastasis will occur easier than in normal people.

Mechanisms of Immunity 

     The function of the immunity or what is called the Immune System is divided into 2 systems, which directly rely on cells and indirectly rely on cells that work interrelatedly. They are put together as an armed force to battle foreign invaders from invading the body.

     For the immunity that directly relies on the cells, when a disease gets into the body and it is found by the white blood cells, the disease will be destroyed. It is like confronting the enemy and using force to attack them.

     For the immunity that indirectly relies on the cells, when a disease gets into the body, the cells will release a substance to resist the foreign matter or what is called anti-bodies. These anti-bodies will attach to the foreign matter like a lock and key so that the foreign matter cannot manifest itself in the body. 


     In the early stages, when a disease or foreign matter enters the body, the cells will get to know the disease, collect information and deliver it to the cells that build the anti-bodies. If the cell is already familiar with the disease, it will produce the anti-bodies right away. If not, the cell will forward the information to other cells for decoding, in order to produce anti-bodies that are suitable with the disease. 

Immunity (Anti-body) 

     Each type of anti-body has a different shelf life. Some types cannot live for long. Some types can live for many years. Some types can live for a lifetime, such as the rubella vaccine, which can provide protection throughout one’s life. When our immune system is normal, we can eliminate foreign matter from the system without causing any illness. When our immune system is weak will we may become sick immediately after being infected. For those with moderate immunity, it might take several days to become ill after being infected. For those with a stronger immune system, they may not experience any side-effects even if being infected with the same disease.

How to take care of yourself and enhance the immune system with integrative medicine

  • Enhancing immunity: If the cells are strong, your immunity will be good and our physical condition will be stronger. Our treatment approach emphasize the importance deep into the cellular level by using natural extracts called CPT/FCT (biomolecules). It is an extract from the cell that still contains the biological properties. Because it is a natural extract, its structure is a natural amino acid and therefore, there are no side effects. This method is called biomolecular therapy, which will help provide a good immunity and prevent diseases. 

  • Taking the right vitamins and food supplements can enhance the immunity continuously. At Absolute Health, we use natural products with high quality and specific properties to provide treatment and enhance the immunity of our patients. 

  • Eating the complete 5-food groups and in adequate quantity is the key. Do not eat preserved food, fried food, or burnt food. Emphasize eating more grains and a lot of vegetables and fruits.

  • Exercise can help improve the blood circulation. The blood vessels in various tissues are split into branches so that the white blood cells or the immunity can reach the tissues easily. 

  • Mental adjustment is important because the mind is related with the secretion of endorphin. When this substance is secreted, the cells will be able to work better. 

  • Detoxification helps to drive out waste from various processes of the body. Meaning it is able to eliminate toxins from the body.  
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