Preparing for the COVID-19 vaccination

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Preparing for the COVID-19 vaccination
Preparing for the COVID-19 vaccination

How does the vaccine work?

Vaccination is the process of simulating infection by injecting a portion of the virus protein into the body. The methods used are such as protein to protein coding, such as mRNA, or coding that produces the germ protein barbs, vector virus, or the COVID-19 virus. This is done to change the condition with a chemical reagent so that the one being vaccinated cannot be infected but still contains a portion of the protein which is the key to making the body immune to COVID-19.

When one have been vaccinated, the body's immune response to the immunization is inflammation. As a result, the body may become inflamed, which in turn poses a higher risk of vaccination side effects. Therefore, it is important to reduce any chance of inflammation prior to vaccination.

If a congenital condition exists, it must be properly managed and maintained. Preexisting conditions such as high blood pressure must be controlled to a safe or stable level. If one has signs of vein stenosis or any other secondary conditions, please see your doctor to get the right advice. Proper diagnostics must be done to check one’s body inflammation level so that problems can be addressed before the vaccination is taken.

 How to reduce the risk and protect yourself?

Vitamins can be taken before immunization to minimize irritation and reduce or prevent the negative effects negative side effects. The following vitamins can aid in the reduction of inflammation:

  • Magnesium: Helps to prevent blood clots relaxes the muscles.
  • Natural extracts from Turmeric and Plai (Curcumin and Boswellia): Helps reduce inflammation and stimulate the immune system in the body.
  • Lumbrokinase: Helps to reduce blood clots. In addition, it can also help to improve blood flow and reduce blood viscosity.
  • Omega-3: Helps to reduce inflammation and blood clots.

In summary, the cause of the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccination may occur due to the following:

  1. Patients with secondary diseases such as diabetes mellitus, arteriosclerosis or inflammatory conditions of the blood vessels may have an increased risk of inflammation from the vaccination. This in turn may also cause thrombosis or a rupture in the blood vessel as a result of the increase in vaccination-induced inflammation.
  2. The vaccine itself stimulates the immune system too much which may cause blood clots.
  3. The vaccine induces excessive inflammatory vasoconstriction causing a high fever and constriction of blood vessels. This in turn may cause neurological side effects.

Pre-emptive care

The way to prevent or reduce the risk of these side effects mentioned is by taking preventive measures such as pre-emptive vitamins or treatments to reduce the risk of inflammation.

Be vigilant post vaccination

Keep close checks on yourself during the first 7 days of post vaccination is extremely important. In most cases, an individual will not have further complications, if no severe reaction is noted within the post 7 days. However, keeping close taps on maintaining good health is the key to reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system. This will also help to effectively protect the body from any other possible infections.

Another important focus is proper detoxification. This is because the retention of toxins and waste, is another cause of inflammation for the body and can also affect the immune system. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for one to include detoxification treatment after 7 days post vaccination. Recommended treatments include intravenous Amino acid infusion, multivitamin immunization with light therapy (UVL, HOT UV, LLLT), colon hydrotherapy, and other therapy that helps in stimulating the excretion of waste from the lymph nodes such as Electro Lymphatic Therapy.


The wearing of a mask, safe distance, and good hand hygiene must all be practiced and adhered to at all times, in addition to the guidelines mentioned above. It's vital to remember that the purpose of immunization is to lessen disease severity and the risk of life-threatening outcomes. Therefore, personal accountability is something one must consider in the long run. This is not only for your own protection but also for the safety of those dear to you.

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