Getting to Know Blood Pressure Disease

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Getting to Know Blood Pressure Disease
Dr. Sitt Thienthiti
Getting to Know Blood Pressure Disease

       It is extremely important for everyone to have a regular health checkup and know their own blood pressure. However, not many people really knows what the values mean. A blood pressure test consist of 2 numbers. The numbers are recorded into 2 segments, like 120/80 mmHg.

  • SYSTOLIC is the upper number with the higher value (120mmHG based on the number above). It is the measurement of the arterial pressure while the heart is contracting.  

  • DIASTOLIC is the lower number with the lower value (80mmHG based on the number above). It is the measurement of the arterial pressure while the heart is expanding.  

Blood Pressure Disease

      Blood pressure problems can come from various causes. These include the followings:

  • chronic inflammation of the blood vessels

  • improperly functioning adrenal gland

  • abnormal heart valves or heart structure

  • vascular disorder since birth 

However, the most common cause is the inflammation of the artery walls. The inflammation leads to accumulation of plaque and fat on the artery walls damaging the flexibility of blood vessels and may lead to Atherosclerosis. This condition causes a response from the autonomic nervous system and hormone system that increases the force of heart contractions. 


    Sufferers who do not seek treatment for Hypertension (high blood pressure) may have further complications down the road. Small capillaries in each organ will deteriorate, which is a complication of the disease. This also includes age-related macular degeneration, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease.


    This low blood pressure condition occurs with people who have problems with the autonomic nervous system. This is the system that controls the blood pressure in the heart and the various nervous systems. Autonomic nervous system gives our heart the ability to beat faster or slower which in turn can cause arrhythmia. This causes one to feel dizzy when you get up or sit down quickly. 

     We must adjust the nerve balance and train the heart to contract faster. Nutrients like Coenzyme Q10, vitamins like hawthorn (berries), peptides and other natural medicaments are used to nurture the heart and cure the vascular disease. 

     One cannot determine a blood pressure condition with only one measurement reading. If the blood pressure is measured 3 times on different occasions and the value is higher than normal in all 3 readings, you are advice to see the doctor for further diagnosis. If your blood pressure value is lower than normal, you should get sufficient rest. 

     Do consult your doctor if you have the above mentioned problems. Do note that early treatment can prevent further future complications. As always, prevention is better than cure.  

Written by: Dr. Sit Thienthiti (M.D)


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