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Cardiovascular disease

According to the information from the Ministry of Public Health, B.E. 2555–2558 (2012-2015), the death rate from coronary artery disease per one hundred thousand population is continually increasing. In global statistics, it was found that every 2 seconds, there will be 1 person who dies from this disease...It is very scary. Scarier than this is that 60-70% of patients with heart disease will have an acute heart attack and die with no leading symptoms. It is time that we must understand the coronary artery disease seriously.

In the past, there was a belief that the cause of coronary artery disease comes from high cholesterol that accumulates and clogs the blood vessels. However, at present, there is additional evidence for the cause of acute coronary syndrome. Mostly, it occurs from the inflammation in the blood vessels and causes blood clots and eventually clogging. The cause of blood vessel inflammation comes from the lifestyle in the fast-paced digital era, which can cause the accumulation of toxins in the body. We cannot deny fast food, stress problems, and less relaxation. Also, you must face toxins and contaminations all the time, including insecticides from vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs with chemical contamination, and air pollution. These toxins are the stimulus for inflammation in the blood vessels and can eventually cause coronary artery disease and stroke.
The symptoms that are commonly occur in patients with coronary artery disease are exhaustion, chest pain, congestion in the left side of the chest or the middle of the xiphoid process, and feeling pain on the shoulder blade or the left arm. The pain is heavy like a stone is placed on top. It can be diagnosed by asking for background information, symptoms, and additional examinations as deemed appropriate, which are Electrocardiography (EKG), Exercise Stress Test, and Echocardiogram, including angiography to check the circulation of the coronary artery. These methods can be diagnosed in patients with atherosclerosis only.

Treatment according to general medicine can be done in various methods, which are oral medication, like vasodilators, anticoagulants or thrombolytic drugs, and hypolipidaemic agents; Balloon angioplasty and coronary artery surgery or what is known as “Bypass”. The treatment guidelines depend on the severity of the disease and the doctor’s discretion. For preventive treatment of proactive medicine in integrative medical guidelines, apart from curing the disease when feeling sick, we place importance on the examination to find the level of inflammation of the blood vessel, which is the cause of disease, to plan the prevention before becoming ill by examining for the value of High Sensitivity C-reactive protein (Hs-CRP). It is another way to screen for the risks of ischemic heart disease and consider other risk factors, such as insulin resistance, the waste level of homocysteine, the level of free radicals, and the level of heavy metal toxins, including leaky gut and latent infection, which is a cause of chronic inflammation of the artery wall.

In the personalized treatment by proactive medicine, when we know the risk factors, we focus on solving the problem at the cause of the risk factors and preventing the cause of disease at the same time. For example: Correct insulin resistance; use the oxidation process to reduce inflammation of blood vessels; use chelation therapy to detoxify through the blood vessel system by using EDTA amino acids mixed with vitamins to catch toxins in the body and drive them out through the urine helping to reduce the risks from clogged blood vessels due to heavy metal toxins, and provide antioxidants; use of nutrients, vitamin therapy, herb therapy; and adjust the way of life. The treatment guidelines are all prevention at the cause that will help you avoid ischemic heart disease with no difficulty.

Hope for all cancer sufferers

Cancer! Everyone fears that word. Millions of people every day around the world are affected by it either directly or have been touched through someone they know or love. According to World Health Organization (WHO), Cancer is a generic term for a large group of diseases characterized by the growth of abnormal cells beyond their usual boundaries that can then invade adjoining parts of the body and/or spread to other organs. Cancer can affect almost any part of our body. There are different subtypes that each require specific medical care and management approaches. In recent years, Cancer has become the second leading cause of global death. In 2018, it is estimated that Cancer accounts for 9.6 million deaths.

Key facts about cancer (WHO):

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, and is responsible for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018. 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer globally.

About 30% of deaths from cancer are due to the 5 leading behavioural and dietary risks: high body mass index, low fruit and vegetable intake, lack of physical activity, tobacco use, and alcohol use.

Infections caused by Cancer, such as hepatitis and human papilloma virus (HPV), are responsible for up to 25% of cancer cases in low- and middle-income countries.

90% of high-income countries reported treatment services are available compared to less than 30% of low-income countries.

Estimated 70% of deaths from cancer occur in countries with low- to middle-income level.

Tobacco is responsible for approximately 22% of cancer deaths.

Late-stage presentation and inaccessible diagnosis and treatment are common. Only 26% of low-income countries reported having pathology services.

The economic impact of cancer is significant and is increasing. The total annual economic cost of cancer in 2010 was estimated at approximately US$ 1.16 trillion.

What causes cancer?

Cancer begins when normal cells transforms into tumour cells. This process occurs in several stages changing pre-cancerous lesion to a malignant tumour. Changes are due to the interaction between genetic factors and several categories of external agents, including:

  • Physical agents, such as radiation

  • Work and living environments such as plastic chemicals, tobacco smoke, contaminant in food and drinks

  • Bacterial and Viral agents, such as HBV, HBC (that causes Hepatitis), Helicobacter pylori (that causes Gastroenteritis issues)  

  • Pharmaceutical agents, such as medications (for certain hormones or those that causes immune deficiency).

As we all know, ageing is another key factor for the development of cancer. This is due to a build-up of risks for specific cancers that increases with age. Risk factors are combined with poor cellular repair mechanisms as a person age.

Reducing cancer risk

Many studies have shown that almost one third of cancer cases are actually preventable. Risk factors can be eliminated and implementing existing evidence-based preventive strategies are definitely the winning formula. Sedentary lifestyle is one of the key points of concern that everyone should really know about. A lot of people acquired primary and secondary health issues without being aware of the consequence that such a lifestyle can have. Absolute Health Group Founder and CEO, Dr Chatchai Sribundit emphasizes the important role that integrative medicine plays in today’s cancer management and in many cancer-care programs.

A well balanced lifestyle and healthy food have both long and short term benefits. ” Prevention is better than cure”. In the long run, preventive care in the form of regular exercises and maintaining a healthy weight reduces the risk of diseases like cancer and many other primary medical conditions. Dr. Chatchai stands firmly on 5 basic pillars which are as follows:

Medical intervention through various channels of medical protocols.

Diet & Nutrition where types of food intake and preparation is key.

Physical Therapy & Exercise should be a part of everyone in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Emotional Wellness is half of the battle and can greatly affect one’s immune system 

Education as in knowing and understanding the problem and finding a right curative path. 

Cancer risk can also be greatly reduced through early detection with timely and proper patient management. Many cancers have a high chance of cure if diagnosed early and treated adequately. Cancer is NOT a death sentence.

Types of Cancer Treatment 

Conventional medicine approach

Conventional treatments are therapy methods that are commonly used by hospitals and most medical professionals. Some of the treatment methods includes the following:

  • Surgical intervention

  • Chemotherapy

  • Radiation therapy and more

Surgical intervention is the main treatment method that provides positive results in eliminating cancer, especially in the initial stages. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or also known as “radiation treatment” also plays a vital role in conventional treatment methods.

However, studies have shown that surgery may cause the cancer to spread to a different site. In most cases, chemotherapy and/or radiation is needed after surgery. At times, patients would ask, why the results are not according to the plan after the surgery. This is because most times, patients are diagnosed at a late stage and hence making the treatment plan more susceptible to changes. The challenges of conventional treatments are as follows:

  • Though the cancer is all gone, we have not eliminated the cause, which is turning off the gene switch. This is a pitfall of these treatments. 

  • Chemotherapy is effective in killing cancer cells. At the same time, it is the most severe carcinogen because it destroys the DNA and immune system. When the cells become abnormal, it cannot be eliminated and becomes cancer. Also, the radiation destroys DNA and mutates the cells. So, in conventional treatment, it might look like the cancer is gone at first. You cannot find the cancer by scanning and the cancer value from blood test is reduced making it look normal. However, the cancer will come back in a short time because the cell system in the body has received the mutagen, which is the chemotherapy. So, the good cells become cancer for the second time. 

  • External factors are the carcinogens have many negative effects. If not changed, the cancer will return. 

Integrative medicine approach 

Integrative medicine combines conventional treatment methods with both complementary and alternative therapies. It is very patient-centered, making use of natural products, modification of lifestyle, diet, a mind-body-spirit healing journey together with conventional treatments like chemotherapy. 

The goal of integrative medicine is to provide a variety of suitable treatment options, narrowing the gap between conventional and complementary medicine. Most importantly, the integrative approach involves the responsible use of science with responsiveness to the needs of patients.

We treat Cancer from its roots

At Absolute Health, we use a combination of methods to fight cancer. Our medical team combines in-depth knowledge, innovation, natural therapies together with conventional treatments for a more comprehensive and effective curative path. Our treatment models are as follows:

Detoxification therapy 

It is to eradicate the retention and accumulation of toxins in the body, the digestive system, tissue system, and blood circulation which includes the lymphatic system. 

Immune system restoration

Training the white blood cells to learn and eliminate cancer cells in the body by themselves by using vitamins and natural substances, oxygen therapy and increasing immunity by using one’s own cells. This new concept in cancer treatment is called Immunity Therapy. Treatment includes vaccinations to increase immunity and the use of biomolecule to stimulate the function of the cells in the immune system. 

Restoring the metabolic system of cells 

Adjusting the metabolic balance by focusing on eating health food or juice fasting, which has led to the concept of therapeutic diet.

Stimulating the function of genes that inhibits abnormal cell division 

The abnormal division of cells is controlled by the function of gene in the cells, which is called Tumor Suppressor Gene. If the gene is abnormal and cannot function well, the cells will keep dividing until becoming malignant tumor. Therefore, stimulation of the Tumor Suppressor Gene will help to control the cancer. This can be done in several ways like, fasting or nutrition extract therapy like curcumin, green tea, and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). These treatments can boost immunity and improve the way the gene works. 

Adjust the balance of the body

Lifestyle advises and adjustments from our team of experts. Example of things to avoid are as follows:

  • Staying up late 

  • Stress

  • Food that can increase free radicals such as food with high sugar or fried

  • Processed meat that might be contaminated with preservatives

Concept of Cancer Stem Cell 

Current treatment, such as chemotherapy, will destroy only the cells that are divided from the cancer stem cells but cannot destroy the cancer stem cells directly. Therefore, the statistics of survival from such treatment, is not high. However, studies have found that natural extracts in herbs, such as Curcumin from turmeric, Boswells from Cassumunar ginger or Catechin EGCG from green tea leaves, can control the cancer gene. These natural medicaments have become an alternative form of treatment and in addition given hope to all cancer sufferers. 

Diabetes the Silent Killer 

Diabetes has become a widespread disease with more and more sufferers each year. The scary trend is that patients are getting younger by the day. Now, we see more small children in schools having diabetes. This chronic disease doesn’t discriminate and has become prevalent mainly due to poor lifestyle choices these days. 

Diabetes in Thailand

  • According to the Diabetes Association of Thailand, we have approximately 6 million diabetes sufferers here and that number will gradually increase. With Thailand‘s population standing at around 66 million, it means that 1 in every 11 Thai citizens are suffering from diabetes. This trend is absolutely worrying.

  • 50% of diabetic patients in Thailand has chronic kidney disease. The information from the Kidney Disease Association found that diabetes is one of the key cause of kidney failure during its end stage. 

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when one’s blood glucose level is high. Blood glucose is the main source of energy and comes from the food we eats. Insulin, produced by the pancreas converts glucose into energy. Problem occurs when there is too much glucose and the body cannot produce enough insulin to do the energy conversion.

2 main types of Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes starts from chronic pancreatitis cause by autoimmune disease. This type of diabetes can be found in 5%-10% of all diabetic patients. The blood sugar level becomes abnormally high due to the lack of insulin. This type of patient needs insulin replacement injections to control the blood sugar level back to normal.

Type 2 diabetes is from the body cells that are resistant to insulin and is the most common among sufferers. Normally, every body cell uses insulin to burn sugar to synthesize energy. However, in this group of diabetic patients, it is found that the response or function of the response mechanism of the insulin receptor at the cell wall decreases. The pancreas works harder until it is fatigued or deteriorates and produces less insulin. Patient’s blood sugar will be very high and the insulin level will become lower.  It causes the cells to poorly burn the sugar into energy and in most cases, patients would normally need oral medication. We call this condition Insulin Resistance. 

Diabetes destroy cells 

Diabetes is a severe catalyst that causes secondary problems like heart disease, vascular disorder and also the main cause for kidney failure, blindness and amputation in adults. At the same time, diabetes causes premature aging because cells are destroyed during the disease process. The common thing between old age and diabetes is Glycation.

Glycation is a condition that refers to the reaction between glucose molecules that can stick to protein and fat, which make the molecules of such protein to deteriorate and lose its function. For example: Glycation that occurs with the nerves will cause diabetic patients to have peripheral neuropathy or what some people call, diabetes on the nerve endings. Glycation that occurs with the cardiac muscles will make the cardiac muscle cells weak. If it happens with the blood vessels, the blood vessels will degenerate and may cause the following; acute heart attack, kidney failure, artery obstruction and blindness. 

Know your sugar level 

Standard clinical measurement protocol states that, blood should be drawn from the vein. The sugar level after fasting for more than 8 hours should not exceed 100 mg/dL. If the value is between 100-125 mg/dL, it is considered to be pre-diabetes. If it exceeds 126 mg/dL for more than 2 consecutive times, it is then be diagnosed as diabetes. The targeted sugar level in a diabetic patient should not exceeding 90-130 mg/dL. 

Glycated Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C) test is another diagnostic test that shows the accumulation of sugar or the true Glycation level in the red blood cells. The result are accurate and it allows us to better assess the diabetes. Patients can benchmark the sugar level for the past three months according to the life span of red blood cells. 

However, there are many limitations to HbA1c because it is only a value for the accumulation of sugar. Now, there is a new technology for blood testing, which is called Glycomark. It can assess fluctuating sugar levels because Glycomark has a shorter testing period (2 weeks instead of 2-3months (HBA1C)). 

Common diabetic symptoms are as follows:

  • Polyuria and urinary frequency

  • Often feeling thirsty and hungry 

  • Blurry vision

  • Chronic wounds that heal slowly

  • Feeling pain and numbness at the hands and feet

Our comprehensive treatment approach

We can say that diabetes is mostly caused by sedentary lifestyle.  A lot of people acquired primary and secondary health issues without being aware of the consequence that such a lifestyle can have. Absolute Health Group Founder and CEO, Dr Chatchai Sribundit emphasizes that a well balanced lifestyle and healthy food have both long and short term benefits.

Therefore, managing diabetes cannot only be through medication but instead it should be managed with a holistic approach. The answer to this approach is Integrative Diabetes Management. The treatment protocols are as follows:

  • Adjusting the metabolism of the body 

  • Detoxifying toxin residue 

  • Autologous injectable

  • Diet & Nutrition

  • Peptide and Cell Therapy


Source: Article: Managing Diabetes with the right attitude and proper knowledge 

Dr. Chatchai Sribundit


Allergies that won’t last forever

Allergies is a common disease for people of all genders and ages. Everyone wants to know whether allergies require drugs. Is there any way to solve the problem at the cause? What is the answer? Let’s find out together.

Allergies is a disease where the body will have a sensitive reaction to an allergen, which causes chronic inflammation to the lining of body organs, such as skin, nasal septum, respiratory mucosa, or gastrointestinal mucosa. There are 2 types of allergens, which are weather and environment allergens, such as house mites, cockroaches, dog hair, grass pollen, or fungus; and food allergens, such as cow milk, soy milk, eggs, seafood, or wheat flour. According to the Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Association of Thailand, the rate of Thai children with allergies is as high as 30 percent, and with adults, about 20 percent. At present, there are 3-4 more times the number of allergy patients than there were 10 years ago.

The symptoms of allergies are different in each individual, which are:

  • Allergies in the airway, which are nasal congestion, clear mucus, sneezing, coughing, chest tightness, and asthma. Some people have seasonal allergies. Some people have allergies for a whole year.

  • Allergies through the skin, which are rash, erythema, and inflammation. It can occur in 2 cases, which are (1) Contact with external substance, such as detergent allergies or dishwashing liquid allergies; and (2) Internal in which the body will accumulate some stimulants which appear through the skin, such as seafood allergies. When the seafood makes contact with the intestinal mucosa, it causes diarrhea. Some people will have skin rashes, headache, become anxious, or tightened muscles.

  • Digestive tract allergies is an allergy that comes from food or food contamination (food allergy). The patients will vomit, feel queasy, have diarrhea, swollen mouth, stomachache, or flatulence. Symptoms in the respiratory tract may occur, such as asthma, weather allergy, and skin allergy, like rashes or hives. Foods that are common causes of allergies are cow milk, eggs, peanuts, seafood, some types of vegetables and fruits, monosodium glutamate, preservatives, flavors, and coloring.

According to the aforementioned information, it can be said that allergies that happens in the respiratory tract occur in a particular area. As for food, it is not a common allergy. There are food allergies that cause a slow reaction and sensitivity to nutrients. Some people can have symptoms after a meal 2-3 days later. There are many components that cause allergies, such as color substances, smell, or essential oil. Some people might not be allergic to the substances in food but are allergic to the contamination of the food, such as formalin, insecticides, or antibiotics that remain in shrimp or fish in the pond.

When the body contacts an allergen, there are 2 types of inflammation reactions, which are:

  • IgE, which is a sudden allergy that will cause a severe and fast reaction, such as drug allergy or food allergy.

  • IgG, which is a slow allergy. Sometimes, after 2 days from having a meal. The symptoms may include fatigue, headache, and skin rash. Some people need to refrain from bread, rice, butter, milk, and eggs. The symptoms will get better after a while. The allergies in small children and adolescents are often related to food.

The important factor that stimulates allergies is heredity. If a father or mother has allergies, the children will have a chance of having allergies. Other factors are Environment, such as air pollution, food, and chemicals; and Living behavior, such as eating, sleeping, exercising, working, and stress.

Allergy treatment by general medicine emphasizes the use of medication, steroids, and immunosuppressive agents, which is considered to be late treatment and medication needed in the long term. As for steroids, they have side effects when used for a long time. There is also finding the allergen to avoid allergic things, and vaccinations that are made from the diluted allergen. However, it takes time for the treatment.

Integrative medicine treatment corrects the cause of disease together with adjusting the immune system of the body.

  • Diet therapy helps to reduce the inflammation of the body. In terms of naturopathy medicine, natural nutrients are popularly used. For example: Omega fatty acid, curcumin extract from turmeric, and cassumunar ginger extract, which can restrain the inflammation from allergies with less side effects than the use of steroid anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • Checking IgG immunity for food intolerance When finding the allergies and refraining from allergic foods, the allergy symptoms will completely stop without having to take antihistamine.

  • Reducing factors that affect the allergies, especially physical and mentally stress. Stress will cause adrenal fatigue and stimulate inflammation in the body. Many people get better when they adjust their way of life. Refrain from alcohol, smoking, and nightlife. Turn to meditation.

  • Allergostop is a vaccine that reduces allergies and stops the inflammation process naturally by extracting anti-bodies from the body to make vaccines and injecting them into the body in order to create white blood cells for resistance. The anti-body is extracted once to make at least 25 vaccine needles to create natural immunity.

  • Adjusting the new immune system and correction at the source, which is the thymus gland that acts as training the T cell immune system to recognize diseases, including knowing the functions in complicated systems. Disorders of the thymus gland will cause the immune system to go haywire. Therefore, we must correct at the cause by recovering the thymus gland, which can make the allergies disappear.

Treatment is necessary for allergies. However, medication might not be the last answer. If we find the cause and correct the right spot, you have the chance of being free from allergies or at least changing the way of self-care by not depending on medication, and becoming healthy with no side effects.

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When the immunity...stops protecting us. It turns to destroy us.

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If someone says, “Do you know about Autoimmune Disease?”, some people might ask to repeat the question. However, if we talk about SLE, most of them will say “Yes” definitely.

Autoimmune Disease is an anomaly of the immune system that creates abnormal cells and molecules. Instead of destroying the disease, it will destroy the cells of the body. It can destroy single or multiple types of cells and cause more than 100 types of diseases at present. In the past 10 years, the incidence of the disease has increased by 2-3 times and more than 80% in females. For example: Rheumatoid Arthritis; SLE; Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD); Psoriasis; Type 1 Diabetes; Hashimoto Thyroiditis; or Diseases in the nervous system, like MS or ALS. They are often caused by an unbalanced immune system.

Common symptoms are having low temperature and being tired intermittently. The initial diagnostic might be slow until the symptoms start to become severe. The symptoms are shown only in the organs where the immunity has been destroyed. Blood test with the combined symptoms can diagnose the disease.  

Autoimmune disease can be divided into the position of the organs causing the disease, which are (1) The diseases that destroy specific organs, such as Type 1 Diabetes which destroys the beta cells at the pancreas and Hashimoto Thyroiditis which destroys the thyroid gland cell; and (2) The diseases that destroy many systemic organs, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma, and SLE which destroys the epithelial tissue, joints, and many systemic internal organs, especially the kidney, heart, and red blood cells. Many types of symptom occur, such as facial rash in the shape of butterfly, rash from the sun, paleness from the explosion of red blood cells, or brain symptoms, like headache or tonic convulsion.

American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association in 2018 states that about 50 million American people were sick from autoimmune disease and 25% of them have symptoms of more than one disease.

Some types of autoimmune disease are prevalent in the family, such as rheumatoid and SLE. Some types are related to infection, such as Campylobacter Jenuni. If infection occurs repeatedly or for a long time, it may cause Myasthenia Gravis. The autoimmune system is the response of the body towards Genetic Predisposition. For example: The body might have genes that cause inflammation or delay detoxification. Some genes may not activate, so we do not get sick. However, if they are stimulated by environmental factor, some genes will activate or cause immunity that destroys our own cells and causes disease. The environmental factors can be food, weather, stress, infection of chronic diseases, antibiotics or chemicals, pollution, deficiency of some types of vitamins and minerals, and receiving some types of herbs. Even the balance of microorganisms in the intestine can become

Integrated care for autoimmune disease

Conventional medicine emphasizes restraining inflammation, which is necessary to control the primary diseases by using non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, drugs that change the disease, and drugs in the biomaterial group which activates by choosing the position to restrain the inflammation. The patients that respond well to the treatment will have no problem. However, some patients have side effects from the medication. When reducing the medication, the diseases cannot be controlled. In some cases, even with the highest dose, the diseases cannot be controlled or they become severe again when reducing the medication.

For this group of patients, integrative treatment can save their lives and lead to remission, the reduction of medication, or drug withdrawal. Integrative treatment focuses on eliminating the source of disease to hasten remission by using less medication and increasing the repair of cells and problematic organs to eliminate disease sustainably “with no recurrence.”

1. Reduce the creation of abnormal immunity by using the reaction of oxidation in the blood with the ozone for treatment (H.O.T.) to restrain severe diseases. The number of times is considered from suitability until remission of the disease occurs. The treatment should be continued for at least once a month. Since we cannot correct genetic predisposition, we must change the environment in our body to a constant. In Cuba, it was found that H.O.T. could reduce the immunity that causes the disease (reduce pathogenic immunoglobulin) without pressing the immunity and no side effects like using pulsed steroid therapy.

2. Eliminate the diseases that are the cause of creating molecules like the body by using multiple wavelength intravenous endolaser. For example: The wavelength for UV sterilization in a low intensity that will not affect the DNA; the wavelength to reduce inflammation; and the wavelength to increase the energy in the cells and strengthen white blood cells, including reducing the inflammatory reaction in the body. When the symptoms are severe, you can do it every day. When the symptoms get better, you can reduce the frequency. When you are cured, you should do it once a month to prevent recurrence.

3. Destroy abnormal immunity by using the immunostop vaccination to extract the abnormal immune reaction and turn it into vaccines. When the body receives the abnormal vaccine, it will create an immune reaction to destroy the abnormal ones.

4. Correct leaky gut Almost all patients with immune disease have leaky gut and unbalanced microorganisms for a long time. In solving the intestinal walls, the 4R’s gut healing of functional medicine are used, which are 1/R=Remove, 2/R=Replace, 3/R=Repair, and 4/R=Reinoculate to solve the problem sustainably.

5. Cell therapy by using Mesenchyme Stem Cell to stop the cells from destroying themselves for quick remission.

6. Change food, which is an important part in controlling the disease and during the treatment of Item 4, the underlying food allergies should be checked. Those who have this disease should avoid milk, dairy products, bakery, all types of peanuts, eggs, and oranges. Eat multi-colored vegetables and fruits, berries, and good oil, like cold pressed coconut oil, cold pressed perilla seed oil, or olive oil.

7. Chelation, a heavy metal that stimulates severe autoimmune disease. Therefore, chelation is needed, whether by oral medication, suppository, or alpha lipoic acid through the blood vessels. It is another alternative to help during severe inflammation.

8. Nutraceutical The use of personalized vitamins and nutrition that can reduce inflammation by using different proportions for different individuals.

9. Balance the hormones Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) will not have side effects and helps to balance the immunity.

10. Physiological Regulation Medicine uses biomaterials that can adjust the function of the ergonomic system to return to balance by preparing homeopathy with low intensity that is nearer to zero. Therefore, there is completely no side effects, but still provides good treatment results.


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Old Age

 Menopause females and males...Age of quality of life
The golden years for general people might mean “females who reach the menopausal period”. In fact, “males” must reach the golden years as well. What do the golden years look like? Why is it called the “golden years”?

Females and males begin to enter the menopausal period when they reach 40 years old and above. For menopausal females, when the ovary stops working, there is no more ovulation, no menstruation, and no creation of gender hormones. The organs that relate with the gender hormones level will degenerate, which affects both the body and mind. For males 40 years old and above, the testosterone hormone level will gradually decrease until reaching the full menopausal period at about the age of 70 on average, which is different from females that have a female hormone production rate which will start to decrease when reaching 40 years old and rapidly decrease until the hormones stop producing when reaching 45-50 years old on average.

What are menopausal period symptoms?

For females, เthe degenerative hormones will affect both the body and mind expression. Symptoms include hot flashes throughout the body, sweating on hands and feet especially at night, fatigue, palpitations, insomnia, lack of appetite, sagging breasts, dry or thin skin, and memory loss, especially short-term memory. In some people, they might have dementia or Alzheimer’s. It can also affect the mind and create anxiety, fear, irritation, lack of self-confidence, paranoia, and inability to adjust to changes.

For males, abnormalities that occur in menopausal males may not be as obvious and severe as females. Symptoms include sweating a lot, insomnia, belly fat, depression, and less sexual interest. However, the main concern of males when reaching the menopausal period is impotence or “erectile dysfunction”, which is one of the health problems that affects mental status, including reduced self-confidence and affecting relationship in marriage life.

Menopausal period is not scary or something to worry about anymore

The general treatment guideline for menopausal females is hormone replacement with synthetic hormones in order for the hormone level in the body to be equivalent with when they were 25-35 years old. However, synthetic hormones, whether they are estrogen or progesterone, can be bad and harmful. It cannot be used for more than 5 years because it has a high tendency to cause breast cancer, cervical cancer, or colon cancer.

In the integrative medicine treatment guideline for menopausal females, we will restore hormone levels using nature-like hormones by relying on the laboratory analytical results and individually produce them for each person to reduce side effects from using synthetic hormones and the symptoms from menopausal period that are equivalent or better than synthetic hormones. The doctor will calculate the dose of hormones according to the needs of the body as well as solve the problem at the source by detoxifying toxins from the body, strengthening immunity, and supplementing with essential vitamins and minerals, which are Vitamin B, CoQ10, Lipoic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, and fish oil. This is combined with the procedure of cells repairing cells, such as using brain cells and pituitary gland cells to repair and restore the brain, which can cause the pituitary gland to create hormones naturally again; stimulating the ovaries to work and prolong the production of gender hormones without causing risks; maintaining the organs; and reviving the cells that create hormones. Cell function will return to its normal state and cause the organs to work better, which can prolong maidenhood and promote a good quality of life sustainably.

In menopausal males, there are many types of treatments, starting from using male hormone therapy in the form of cream, oral medication, sublingual medication, or injections or restoring the condition of the blood vessels that flow to the penis by detoxifying the heavy metal toxins, called chelation, which is used to treat patients with ischemic heart disease due to accumulation of heavy metal toxins and provides a good response from the treatment, so it used to treat impotence. The chelation will stimulate blood circulation. When the blood circulation gets better, it can correct the problem of impotence. It is found that patients with impotence respond well 3-6 months after receiving the chelation, including biomolecular therapy by using specific peptide nutrients to repair and restore the testicular cells, which is the area where the degenerative or impotent male hormones will be divided to replace the former cells that have expired. However, there is no definite period for the menopausal symptoms. If the symptoms are serious or prolonged, it will affect the quality of life, body, mind, and relationship with surrounding people. Therefore, it is important to see a doctor to check the hormone level and other details. The basic treatment for menopausal females and males is getting enough rest for at least 6-8 hours; refraining from smoking and drinking alcohol; having healthy food in the proper proportions; reducing food with flour, sugar, and fat; avoiding stress; and exercising regularly.

“The treatment method of integrative medicine will allow both men and women to deal with the golden years with confidence and leave old age behind as a matter of being only a number.”


Chronic Fatigue

Why doesn’t the fatigue go away? Do I have “chronic fatigue”?

Did you know that many people suffer from fatigue with unknown cause? They have seen doctors from many places, go from hospital to hospital but never find any problem. No diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, and kidney disease. Even though having a lot of rest, the fatigue does not go away. Why?

Let’s understand about chronic fatigue together
Why feeling fatigue? Because...the body is weak. Why is the body weak? Because...the organs are weak. Why is the body weak? Because...the tissues are weak. Why are the tissues weak? Because...the cells are weak. The cells are weak...because energy synthesis is poor

Therefore, we must consider the source of the problem to see whether there is something that is disturbing the creation of energy inside the body that might cause chronic pain. There are many types of symptoms, depending on which cells are weak, such as:

Weak muscle cells will make the muscles feels tired, such as feeling pain and aches when walking too much, which might be in the form of chronic neck pain, chronic backache, and body aches.
-Weak brain cells will cause bad memory, insomnia, bad sleep, easy irritation, and emotional instability.
Weak heart cells will cause palpitation, dizziness, and lethargy.
-Weak liver cells will cause fatty liver disease and hepatitis.
Weak intestine cells will cause lethargy and constipation.

Cellular MetabolismBreathing at the cell level starts from food, which consists of Macronutrients and Micronutrients.

Macronutrients are the main nutrients that are necessary for the function of the body, which consist of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. They are called the initial substances that the cells will utilize. When entering the usage period, they will metabolize and change to the substances that create the energy that is called ATP. These processes need the Micronutrients, which are vitamins, minerals, water, and others to act like a key of functional cog to produce the initial substances as energy.

Factors that prevent the cells from creating energy, such as

Malnutrition If eating unhealthy food repeatedly, such as eating rice steamed with chicken soup as the main meal with lots of carbohydrates and protein and no other nutritional or extra food, malnutrition will occur and cause fatigue.

Heavy metal toxinscan be absorbed to replace useful minerals because heavy metal toxins have an electric charge like other minerals. Therefore, the keyhole that will bring the minerals into the body will absorb the heavy metal toxins, which will affect the energy production process and lead to the inability to produce energy.

Reactor in creating cell energy or Mitochondriais an area where the heavy metal toxins will accumulate and cause damage. Therefore, it cannot produce energy. In some cases, if the Mitochondria is not damaged from the heavy metal toxins but there is a lack of oxygen in the operational process, the cells will lack energy and produce waste in the cells.

If asking why is there a lack of oxygen, it is because the breathing is poor and shallow. The blood circulation is poor because there is limestone on the blood vessels. If you eat food with too much flour or protein, you will have Polycythemia and the blood cells will become lumpish. Therefore, the ability of blood cells to catch oxygen becomes poor. All these factors will cause less oxygen levels and poor metabolism at the cell level.

-Destructive factors of Mitochondria re some types of virus, like Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), which can distort DNA of Mitochondria, including fungus and some types of bacteria.

Hormones The metabolism balance is often controlled by the hormonal balance, such as thyroid hormones, adrenal gland hormones, gender hormones, and growth hormones, which will create balance in generating energy. Therefore, if If thyroid hormones are low...fatigue will occur. If adrenal gland hormones are low...fatigue will increase. If gender hormones are down...fatigue will occur. If growth hormones are low...fatigue will occur as well. Therefore, if these hormones are defective, they will not be able to generate energy. However, if there are any effects that occur with the cellular metabolism, hormones, immunity, mutation, and botulinum toxin A and other factors, it will cause the chronic fatigue.

Integrative Medicine Treatment
The maximum benefits that patients will get from the chronic fatigue treatment by integrative medicine are a holistic treatment. It is not treatment for any spot in particular. All areas must receive treatment, which are:

The technique that can help with chronic fatigue, apart from correcting at the source of problem, is the transferring of ready-made energy, such as food with self-energy (super food). For example: Cordyceps with Cordycepins, which is a molecule like the metabolism energy of ATP cell. Therefore, it is the answer of why Cordyceps has the properties to help with the fatigue.



 Non-surgery knee osteoarthritis treatment
When age changes, the body becomes more degenerative. Knee osteoarthritis is another problem that can occur when you are older. You will feel pain when moving. You will cry Ouch! when getting up and sitting. You will suffer and lose quality of life. How do we correct this without having a surgery? No one wants to have surgery.

Knee joint helps with the movement of walking, running, or moving the body to various places. At the same time, it must bear the weight of large bones and muscles, internal organs, and fat. It is a joint with friction while working. When you get older, the flexibility of the tendons will decrease and there is more wear and tear. From using the knee every day, it can cause deadly suffering.

There are many causes of knee pain, including the degeneration of knee joints; the wear and tear of the surface of the knee joint causing joint contracture or noise like rubbing sandpaper; the inflammation of capsule; the inflammation of water bag that reduces the friction; the loosening of some articular ligaments causing bowleg; bone generation in the joints that causes pain from friction with nearby tissue; weak muscles around the knee joints; the degeneration of tendons; or thinning of bones around the joints.

Females have more risk of knee osteoarthritis than males

Every day, the body will generate new bone mass and disintegrate the expired bone mass. Females will lose the bone texture more than males by 2-3 times after the age of 35, especially in the menopausal period because estrogen in the body will decrease the quantity of bone mass. The damage in the internal structure of bones will cause osteoporosis. Knee osteoarthritis is commonly found in middle-aged females.  

Risk factors are structural abnormalities, such as bowleg and deformed knees; daily activities, such as kneeling or squatting for a long time; weight increase; age increase; females; minor injuries at the knee joints; and congenital diseases, such as arthritis, rheumatoid, and gout.

Treatment when being sick...but which is right?

In conventional treatment, taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs alleviates the symptom only. The side effects for this group of medicine is that it will cause gastro-esophageal reflux, stomach ulcer, and kidney failure. The new generation of drugs will cause bad effects to the heart. Injection of synovial to increase lubrication and steroid injection does not repair the cells. They only reduce the inflammation and pain. So, patients will have more pain and more degeneration will occur. Though it can alleviate pain in the first phase, it might accelerate the need for total knee replacement.

Integrative Medicine Treatment

The most important thing in treating knee pain is accurate diagnosis. The most precise diagnosis is finding the cause by function testing together with pressing various spots. The next important thing is regenerative joint therapy, which is injections and physical therapy that do not focus on killing the pain or alleviating the symptoms, but on stimulating the cells to repair themselves for better and stronger structure to go back to working as normal without irritating symptoms.

Treatment guidelines

  1. High Power Laser, Shockwave, and TMS are new physical therapies that stimulate the cells to repair themselves, reduce inflammation substance and pain, and stimulate cell recovery,  including repairing their own stem cells.

  2. PRP is the use of own platelets by drawing some blood and spinning to separate the platelets. The platelets are stimulated to build growth factor, then injected into the degenerative structure, stimulating inflammation to create the mechanism to repair itself.

  3. Prolotherapy is a treatment for degenerative tendons and thinning surface of joints by using stimulants to build tissue, such as dextrose. The intensity is higher than blood. The injection method is peppering to stimulate the tissues to repair themselves. The prolotherapy injection is done every three to four weeks per time and on an average of 8 times.

  4. BioPeptide Therapy is the use of bio-peptide to stimulate cell repair. Bio-peptide is cell specific, such as brain peptide which stimulates brain cell repair, and joint peptide which stimulates joint repair.

  5. The use of Mesenchymal Stem Cell is an advancement in regenerative medicine. Most countries allow stem cells to be made from own fat or blood or marrow. In fact, mesenchymal stem cells are stem cells with no identity on the cell wall. Therefore, it will not stimulate the immune system to resist the tissues. Therefore, it can be used across individuals if it can be made to obtain a purity of over 95% with only mesenchymal stem cells left.

Tips to slow down the degeneration of knee joints Avoid bending the knee joints, such as squatting, sitting with legs to the side, sitting cross-legged, and kneeling. Avoid walking up and down several stairs. Control your weight. Exercise the muscles around the knee joints at all times, especially the muscles on the thigh. If the joints are deformed and/or sway more than normal, wear a knee support with springs at the side of the knee joints both inside and outside.

Nutrients for the joint surface, which is Type II Collagen. In studies, it provides better results than glucosamine and chondroitin. Minerals, like natural boron (from some fruits), provide good results for joint pain from degeneration. Moreover, nurture the bones with calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K.

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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is the pain with a consecutive period of more than 2 months. It might be a slight pain, massive pain, continuous pain, and incurable pain. Each patient has different tolerances to the pain. Some people can tolerate it, but some people cannot. It depends on different factors, including the mind.

Chronic pain can occur all over the body, starting from neck pain, shoulder pain, backache, joint pain, and bone pain. The most commonly found symptoms are neck pain and backache. The pain is different in each person. For example: mild pain, tingling pain, stabbing pain, and sharp pain.

Distinctiveness of chronic pain treatment in integrative medicine

The integrative medicine treatment focuses on the principles of chronic pain, which is to seek the hidden cause and not to only alleviate the symptoms like in general treatment. When the cause is identified, the doctor will plan a personalized treatment that can be done in many ways, which are:

  • Talking, asking for information, and performing Bio Energetic Scan to find the cell energy in the body, look at the degeneration of various parts, and assess the energy balance to check the energy level of various organs and risk factors for the cause of disease. The examination can be done with no blood drawing, no fasting, and no pain in only 30 minutes. Apart from the medical results, the doctor will perform physical check-up and apply pressure to various areas to find the cause of pain.

  • Injections at the source of pain (Regenerative Injection Therapy), which are:

  • Prolo Therapy is injection at the point of pain to stimulate the surrounding tissues to repair themselves, which can alleviate the pain.

  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is injection of the patient’s own platelets that are drawn out through the stimulation process and injected back to the treatment point. The platelets will create growth factor to attract the cells, including stem cells to repair the tissues in the injection area.

  • Peptide RNA is a natural substance that can replace eroded and missing peptides, integrate the function in the cells, restore the cell functions, and create new cells to replace the dead cells.

  • Physical therapy by using High Power Laser Therapy to cure and reduce the pain in the acute phase and semi-acute phase, such as injury pain, sprain, red and swollen at the joints and limbs, and peripheral numbness. Also, there is a use of Transcutaneous Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) that can reduce the pain from the nerve and non-nerve, which works better in those who have pain or numbness from the nerves, such as Cervical Spondylosis or Hip Osteoarthritis on nerves, Herniated Disc, contraction and numbness from paralysis, peripheral nerve injury.

Suggestions to practice Have the correct posture in daily life, including standing, walking, sitting, and sleeping. Also, there are suggestions on exercising to strengthen the muscles and treatment by vitamins and food supplements.

Backache from Spondylosis

Spondylosis doesn’t happen to only older people. It can occur to people age 25 and above as it can be caused from work, posture in daily life, heavy lifting, long periods of sitting, or bending down and looking up.

Also, the cause of Spondylosis can depend on age as well. We will find it in females more than males because Spondylosis in females is related with hormones, which can cause Spondylosis more easily.

The common symptom is backache or lower back pain. You might also experience numbness or weak legs, which occurs when the degenerative bones press against the nerves.

Differences of muscle pain and Spondylosis

Pain that comes from the muscle is often immediate when you move that muscle. However, the pain from Spondylosis can occur at all times even though you are not moving or doing any activities.

When should you go see a doctor

If the pain is so serious that it does not get better even if you have taken a rest or taken a painkiller or if you have a pain with numbness at the hands and legs, you should come see a doctor because it could become more serious if you ignore it.

There are many treatment methods as follows:

Palliative treatment is taking medication or doing physical therapy. In case being unresponsive to the treatment, surgery might be considered. The indications are the palliative treatment cannot alleviate the pain or there is weakness in the muscles or feeling more numbness. Sometimes, there can be problems with excretion and abnormal urination, such as urinary or feces incontinence.

There are many methods of surgery, starting from large incision surgery, small incision surgery, and laparoscopic surgery. Most people do not want to have surgery. Therefore, integrative medicine uses the injection treatment, which is called Regenerative Injection Therapy as another alternative for patients. It can fulfill the treatment gap because you might not need surgery, or if the surgery is needed, you can be assured that it is the last choice in the decision-making.

Regenerative Injection Therapy

It is injection at the cause of the pain, such as the spine or the nerve compression, which can be done in many ways as follows:

  • Prolo Therapy is injection at the point of pain that causes the inflammation. Then, the tissue repair process will follow, which will alleviate the pain and tighten the tissue.

  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the injection of the patient’s own platelets to repair the point of pain that needs to be treated. The platelets will have growth factor to attract cells and stem cells to repair the tissue at the injection area.

  • Peptide RNA is a natural substance that works to replace the erosion or the lack of peptides, integrate the functions inside the cells, recover the cell function, or create new cells to replace the dead cells.

  • Cell Therapy is taking care and nurturing the degenerative cells by injecting cells or cell components to correct the degenerative cells. The body will bring the new cells to the treatment area automatically to stimulate other cells to divide and create new cells, including stimulating those cells to work effectively. Most patients who receive this treatment method often do not need surgery.

For selecting the treatment method, the doctor will consider the suitability of each patient.

Finally, Spondylosis not only causes pain, it can also affect work, daily life, and quality of life in all aspects. Therefore, treatment that goes directly to the cause of disease, that not only inhibits the symptoms but also restores degenerated cells to be effective again, is the treatment that everyone should seek and need.


Alzheimer’s, who said it cannot be prevented?

When talking about Alzheimer’s or dementia, it is considered to mostly be the degeneration of the central nervous system. It occurs more often in females than in males. When mentioning this disease, many people will think about old people on wheelchairs with absent-minded eyes. Sometimes, when relatives come to visit, they will be confused and cannot remember them. People might think it is not normal. When you get older, the brain cells will become old with age and you become forgetful, which is the nature of old people.

In fact, Alzheimer’s can happen to young people. There is a 60-year-old female patient who has serious Alzheimer symptoms. She will go to the toilet every five minutes throughout the night because she thinks she wants to urinate but forgets that she already has. This can create an impact to the husband and family life.

There is another case. The patient is 58 years old and always has a stomachache and flatulence because she does not remember whether she has eaten or not. She will ask for food every hour. Though her relatives tell her that she has already eaten, she will not believe them and feel hurt because she thinks they won’t allow her to eat food.

Signs that say you might have Alzheimer’s

1. Memory loss, especially short-term memory or things that just happened. You will forget easily until becoming repetitive in behavior. In the first phase of symptoms, patients will start to slightly forget. For example: Forget where the car keys are, forget to take medicine, or drive out of the house and forget the destination. For these initial symptoms, the patient might not notice them themselves but close relatives can see the symptoms.

2. Planning and calculation problems

The efficiency of the brain for calculating and making assessments in this group of people can easily degenerate. Easy problem-solving skills in normal people might be difficult for this group of patients, such as untying shoelaces.

3. Placing things in a disorganized way. Confused with places and times.

4. Mood changes easily. Sometimes feeling depressed or aggressive. Even activities that you used to like might make you feel bored or you ignore them.

Why do Alzheimer patients have such symptoms?

The answer is the degeneration of brain cells, called Cerebral Cortex. These brain cells are clearly considered to be the most developed in humans. When compared with other animals, humans have the ability to memorize, plan, calculate, be rational, and have a conscience. It is sad because people with Alzheimer’s experience degeneration in this part of the brain.

“Degeneration of the brain”, a fear that no one wants to happen...How can it happen?

1. Genetic and genetic code disorder

The brain cells will lose its balance in the function of the metabolic system, including eliminating waste from defective cells and degenerating brain cells prematurely.

2. Hormonal factors It is found that gender hormones in both females and males are important to the function of brain cells. Therefore, females will enter the menopausal period faster than males. Therefore, the statistics for the cause of disease are often found in females. The statistics will increase if women enter the menopausal period prematurely, such as those who have had both ovaries taken out when they were young and did not receive replacement hormones.  

3. Toxins and other chemicals Studies have found that heavy metal toxins such as lead, mercury, and aluminum, directly affect the degeneration of this part of the brain.

4. Malnutrition, such as Vitamin B deficiency, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, and minerals, like magnesium and zinc, will cause degeneration of the brain cells faster.

5. Diabetes is considered to be another cause of Alzheimer’s. There is a saying that Alzheimer’s is diabetes that occurs in the brain because the brain cells cannot burn the energy as normal. So, waste in the cells, whether beta-amyloid protein or tau protein, are the consequence from such disorder.

6. Degeneration of blood vessel that causes reduced blood circulation that flows to the brain.

7. Irritable Bowel Syndrome and imbalance of microorganism species in the digestive tract. Microorganisms in the digestive tract is related with the synthesis of neurotransmitters and immune system.

8. Chronic inflammation and abnormal immunity

Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

At present, the doctor can perform diagnosis by asking for background information and examining the body and visible symptoms. Currently, there is technology that can diagnose the disease accurately and quickly, which are:

- Risk screening: Tests the Alzheimer gene; checks the thyroid hormone, adrenal gland, and gender hormones; measures the free radical levels and toxins in the body; and checks the vitamin and nutrient level in the body.

- Checking the congestion of beta-amyloid in the brain together with PET Scan

Normally, people with Alzheimer’s often pass away within 6-10 years, starting from having the symptoms due to gradually increasing degeneration of the brain until entering the period of disability and dependency with complications, such as infection.

The advancement of integrative medicine for Alzheimer treatment

With medical advancement and the combination of knowledge from various medical sciences, we can now perform the risk screening for Alzheimer before having the symptoms. Also, the treatment plan can be made to match the specific individual, which emphasizes solving the problem at its source and the cell degeneration together with repairing the degenerative cells in order to resume its function by using various methods, which are:

1. The use of medication to treat the symptoms or adjust the neurotransmitters. However, there is no medication to correct the degeneration of brain cells.

2. The use of nutrient therapy: The nutrients that are extracted from ginkgo leaves, ginseng, green tea, cordyceps, choline in peanuts, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, amino taurine, and magnesium can increase the efficiency of the neurotransmitters and brain.

3. The use of antioxidants to protect the brain cells, such as Vitamin E, Astaxanthin, Coenzyme Q10, or Alpha Lipoic Acid.  

4. Balance adjustments to correct the risk of dementia, such as the adjustment of hormone balance or the use of hormone replacement in menopausal females with risk of dementia or treatment by detoxifying the heavy metal toxins to reduce the accumulation of toxins, which is the cause of disease.

5. The use of cell therapy, biomolecules, or peptide therapy. For example: Cerebrolysin, which is a peptide that is extracted from pig brain. Comparative research regarding the use of these biomolecules have shown that they yield good results for Alzheimer treatment.

6. The use of low level near infrared laser therapy through acupuncture points around the skull to stimulate the function of nerve cells.

7. The use of the immunotherapy to adjust the balance of the immune system and reduce inflammation of brain cells.

In addition to medical treatment, Alzheimer patients should receive close care to prevent accidents. Occupational therapy should be done with patients, such as talking, playing music, or playing games together, in order to support the function of the body, brain, and mind. Also, patient identification cards should be made with contact number of the caretaker for patients to carry at all times in case of getting lost or disappearing from home.

The heart of the source of Alzheimer’s

In general, people often acknowledge that Alzheimer’s is a disease with no clear cause, which may be related to genetics. However, with integrative medicine, we always emphasize that the key factor for “Alzheimer’s” is not only the genetics because there are more important factors, such as food consumption, environmental factors, toxins, and our way of life. At the same time, if we can examine for the risk of Alzheimer’s before the occurrence of disease and before symptoms appear, why not choose prevention in order to plan for healthcare before having Alzheimer’s? Good health is something you can choose.

Gastrointestinal Diseases

Digestive system, “leaky gut”, disadvantage of overall health

When mentioning a disease that relates with the digestive system from the perspective of ordinary people, we often think about the “intestine” and diseases like gastric disorders, inflammation, diarrhea, appendicitis, colon cancer, or hepatitis. From these diseases, we can see that our digestive system is large, but what most people don’t know is the “intestine” can cause many diseases that occur to our body.

Overall, it’s clear that the intestines are part of the complete digestive system. If they are problems in any point, problems of the digestive system might occur. However, the deeper truth is that problems with the function of intestine is connected with the immune system, neurotransmitters, and gene expression as follows:

  • Disturbances of (immunity) because the intestine is weak due to large amounts of lymphatic tissue in the intestine. The intestine is considered to be the largest organ with a length of 8 meters. Under this length, there are a lot of sub-tissues to increase the surface area for digestion and surface area for absorption. To make a simple comparison, if we unfold the tissue into thin sheet like A4 paper, the surface area of the entire gastrointestinal mucosa of people would be the size of half a football field. If we lift these tissues up, you will find many lymphatic tissues.

Therefore, if the gastrointestinal mucosa is not strong, there will be irritation, degeneration, or wounds that will cause small leak holes or Leaky Gut Syndrome. These leak holes will cause the toxins in the intestine to enter the body. For example: Poorly digested food will affect the immune system that destroys disease. It will be stimulated and followed by the inflammation process. If the inflammation becomes more serious until the body cannot withstand the inflammation by itself, many symptoms will occur. The characteristics of expressed symptoms depend on the organ position of the inflammation. For example: If the inflammation occurs at the eyes, there will be eye irritation. If the inflammation occurs at the skin, it will cause rashes or several problems in all systems at the same time and become Autoimmune Disease.

So, we must consider the causes that weaken the gastrointestinal mucosa, such as, eating fast, swallowing fast, unchewed food, improper food consumption with the digestive system of the body, regularly taking antibiotics or painkillers, preservatives, and other toxins, in order to find the treatment for the cause.

  • Impact of (neurotransmitters) and the intestinal mucosa are stimulated. It is found that when the intestinal mucosa is stimulated from the nerve system automatically, it will affect the synthesis of serotonin. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that activates with the brain. However, in the human body, the most creation of serotonin is found in the intestinal mucosa. The advantages of serotonin are it helps people to be happy and sleep well. Also, it relates with the synthesis of melatonin, which helps you to have a deep sleep. Therefore, if the intestine mucosa is weak with a disturbed intestine, it will cause emotional disability, depression, and bad sleep. If it happens for a long time, it will cause poor short-term memory and lead to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Therefore, the health of the intestine has a greater impact than stomachaches and constipation. It can be said that it is the beginning of many symptoms. From the importance of the intestine, UCLA of United States of America has stated that the “intestine” is the 2nd human brain.

  • Intestine problem is connected with (gene expression). In the human body, we have DNA as the storage of the genetics with genetic dissimilarity because ATCG is the determinant for the genetic characteristics, such as hair color and appearance, including health, metabolic system, brain, and immune system. Therefore, there was a study to decode ATCG and it was found that Epigenetics works to turn on and turn off the gene function. One of the most important keys of Epigenetics is MicroRNA which comes from the bacteria in the intestinal bacteria. The characteristic of each food will affect the synthesis of MicroRNA of intestinal bacteria differently, which affects the difference in turning on and turning off the gene. Therefore, if the body has a cancer gene and you do not take care of the food that might relate with the bacteria that affects the cancer, which is a bad bacteria, it will affect the creation of bad protein and lead to the opening of the cancer gene.

Tips to keep the intestine strong consist of 5 factors as follows:

  1. Proper food, which are

  • Types of food that are suitable for the body We will know whether the food is suitable or unsuitable for us by taking the Food Intolerance Test to find out which foods you are allergic to and which food that you can have.

  • How to eat all the food that you take Chew for 30 seconds/bite. Do not hurry to chew or swallow.

  • Meal The nature of our body is built to create hormones in the morning for energy. These hormones are thyroid, adrenal gland, and sex hormones. In order to produce the hormones, the precursors are needed. For example: Fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. Therefore, if we do not have breakfast, the cells will not receive nutrients. The body will not be able to produce the hormones fully. The metabolic system and digestive system will become bad. Therefore, breakfast is very important. We should eat breakfast to obtain the full nutrients. As for other meals, you can eat as appropriate.

  1. Mood-Brightening, because the mood is important to the response of the automated nerve system. The digestive system still relies on Parasympathetic system, which is clearly shown that when the digestive system is good and effective, the body is relaxed. On the other hand, if you are stressed, you will not feel hungry because the intestine will not contract and the digestive system is poor. A lot of acid will be produced, which will cause ulcers in the stomach. Also, if you are stressed, the blood sugar will become higher to serve as energy for the stress, which will make the pancreas work hard in order to produce the insulin to reduce the stress level. Meanwhile, the pancreas does not only produce the insulin, it also produces enzymes to digest well. Therefore, when you are stressed, the pancreas will not be able to produce enzymes to digest food fully.

  2. Exercise regularly to stimulate the metabolism because when the body walks or runs, the intestine will have movement. The intestine will contract and work systematically.

  3. Sleep early for the liver to detoxify and balance the hormones in the body properly.

  4. Detoxify the toxins from the body because the current raw materials and cooking methods are full of toxins. Therefore, detoxification is important and should be done in several ways, starting from adjusting your diet, using vegetable water to detoxify, detoxifying the liver, and detoxifying the intestine, including taking heavy metals out of the body to balance the intestine strong again.

“Intestine”, the 2nd human brain, is like the beginning of chronic diseases and the degeneration of the body....Therefore, you should pay more attention and take better care of  the intestine...


Parkinson’s, a fear not only about shaking

Parkinson’s is considered to be in the group of dementia. In Thai people, the occurrence of Parkinson’s is ranked second only to Alzheimer’s. According to the statistics, this disease is often found in people age 60 years old and above. It occurs in males more than females by 50% or 1.5 times.

Why does this disease have the symptoms of shaking and contractions?

These symptoms are often caused by the degeneration of the midbrain, called Substantia Nigra, which is the center of nerve cells that produce Dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps to increase the transmission of nerve impulses, allowing you to move limb muscles quickly as desired.

However, this part of the brain in patients with Parkinson’s has degenerated. The Dopamine in the brain is not enough to take the nerve impulses to other muscles. Therefore, patients cannot move their body freely as desired. As a consequence, the external symptoms are shaking while walking, hand shaking, writing in small letters, shaking and disorganized line pattern, stammering, slow movement, staggering, loss of balance, and eventually the bedridden phase.

Causes of degenerative Substantia Nigra

1. Those with people in the family with Parkinson’s. The direct family members have a chance of having this disease more than ordinary people.

2. The accumulation of toxins and chemicals, such as insecticides, food preservatives, and heavy metal toxins.

3. Degeneration of blood vessels that reduce the blood circulation rate to the brain.

4. Types of food and consumption. It is found that flour, sugar, desserts, and fried food can increase the inflammation process in the nervous system.

5. Imbalance of microorganisms in the digestive tract. From current studies, the microorganisms in the digestive tract are related with the synthesis of neurotransmitters, immune system, and gene control from the genetic line.

6. Defective autophagy, which causes the accumulation of protein sludge in this part of the brain cell, or what is called Lewy bodies, that faster degenerate this part of the brain.

What is the shaking like? How do we know if we have “Parkinson’s”?

The diagnosis of Parkinson’s uses the symptom diagnosis principle, which mainly comes from asking for information and examining the body together with blood testing or CT scan or MRI of the brain to distinguish diseases of the central nervous system with others.

With current technology, there is the examination of the brain function, which is called Functional MRI, like F-Dopa Pet Scan which  can measure an abnormality of Dopamine in the brain of patients with Parkinson’s.

The treatment of Parkinson’s at present emphasizes using medication that can reduce the destruction of Dopamine to maintain the level of Dopamine. It is found that the use of medication for the treatment provides good effect in controlling food for better movement. In the first phase, do not forget that degeneration of the brain is not corrected and may gradually increase. Therefore, in the long run, the doses must be gradually increased until the body has complications from the medication, such as psychiatric symptoms, hallucination, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Even though there are technologies to manage the medication to maintain the level of Dopamine now, which is brain stimulation surgery to increase the secretion of Dopamine, continuous drug management technique through the skin or the intestine might help to reduce the disturbance of Dopamine levels and may reduce the side effects. However, it is not a treatment of the cause, to withhold or slow down the degeneration that might occur inside the brain.

Integrative treatment guideline, a new hope for Parkinson’s treatment

By using the treatment guidelines that are able to control all factors to reduce the rate of degenerative brain cells, which are:

1. Therapy by detoxifying heavy metal toxins from the body to reduce the accumulation of toxins, such as lead, manganese, or excessive iron that can increasingly destroy the Substantia Nigra.

2. Intermittent Fasting is a natural therapy technique by reducing the consumption of dinner and changing to drinking freshly squeezed vegetable juice, which can stimulate the genes in the body to increase the function of the autophagy mechanism.

3. Immune therapy technology to adjust the balance of immunity and control the inflammation process in the body, which can slow down the degeneration of the central nervous system.

4. The use of nutrient therapy, such as vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, including antioxidants, like Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, ginseng and cordycep extract, and green tea leaf extract, such as EGCG that helps to adjust the balance of neurotransmitters and reduce the rate of degenerative brain cells.

5. Stimulate the brain cell by using low level near infrared laser therapy. It was found that infrared can stimulate cytochrome C enzyme of Mitochondria of the nerve cell, which affects the function of degenerative cells to become better.

6. The use of biomolecule therapy, such as Cerebrolysin or cell therapy. There are case studies that show it tends to provide good results for increasing degenerative brain cell repair for diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, which is considered to be an interesting alternative treatment and hope for this group of patients in the future.

For all treatments, we are dedicated to considering individual treatment for each person that treats the source of the problem, that doesn’t only provide treatment by name of symptom or disease. We believe that the best treatment starts from taking care of the patients’ body to have maximum efficacy in recovering themselves.

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