Khun Pisamai Wilaisak, National Artist/Actress

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Khun Pisamai Wilaisak, National Artist/Actress
Khun Pisamai Wilaisak, National Artist/Actress

Fans of Khun Pisamai may not believe that she is in her 70s. Her overall health is good. She can drive. Importantly, her mental health is excellent. She is cheerful and can get along well with people. Let’s follow her health care practice and tips to stay beautiful for her age and healthy.

“Normally, I am very health conscious. Each day I have to do so many tasks without a fixed schedule so I have to revive my health. Luckily, I rarely have health problems compared to people with the same age. Now I have leg and knee pains. I also have to control my
blood pressure to an acceptable level.”

“I have taken very good care of myself since 30 years old, selecting things to nurture my body, e.g. ginseng, vitamins and healthy practices. When I got older, I avoided eating meat because the digestive system is not good. My weakness is chewing food quickly because of my busy schedule.
Recent health problems

“My real problem is my legs and bones as when I was younger I played in action scenes and fell sometimes because in the past, real actions were required. This has an effect at this age. I have gone through MRI to have checkups and take any action to stay healthy. In addition, when I joined both public and private hospital events, many doctors give some advice and health care. I would like to thank all the doctors. And I am thankful to meet Absolute Health clinic introduced by my friend who came here with me. This is an integrative medicine clinic for health care, beauty, and anti-aging practice. Come here and get to know

a new medical practice of integrative medicine with equipment rarely found in general hospitals. For the first visit, the doctor checked my body with Quantum Scan, providing comprehensive results that indicate and forecast all physical conditions as well as risks of developing diseases. Importantly, it shows warning signs, e.g. if my spine shows some signs of problems, I should focus on that area. I can check my whole body condition in just one easy checkup.

“Previously, I had neck pains that led to numbness in other parts so I had an MRI and found that my joints had some problems. Now I also have back and hip pains. The doctor prescribed taking medicine regularly. Then I saw the doctor at Absolute Health. He added rehabilitation to my treatment plan to accelerate the results by using cell therapy (natural extracts) to revive bone cells together with detox to eliminate

heavy metals and waste around blood vessels, which is called chelation. The treatment focuses on the root cause as I have high blood pressure because the blood flow is not good and has some blockage. After the treatment, I feel my physical condition is better. I can breathe freely. I do not feel tired when I work or walk a long distance. So the treatment has improved my health. Apart from health care, there are also skincare and beauty services including fine thread lifting to keep your face and neck looking firm naturally, laser treatment to make your face white and radiant, and spot and wrinkle correction. We should take care of both physical health and beauty.

“Here we were treated as a family member. We were taken care of by Doctor Chatchai, Doctor Supachee and other doctors as well as all staff. Sometimes we had a meal together and they gave us advice on health care practice.

“I also have other ways to take care of myself, e.g. exercising by doing housework. Whenever I arrive at home, even at 1 or 2 am, I do housework first. For weight, I control what I eat. I limit the amount of some types of food. I avoid flour-based food, very sweet food and night meals. I have an annual medical checkup and a regular blood pressure checkup because the elderly have blood pressure problems. Every 3-4 months I also check my blood.

“Now I prefer preventive measures to avoid diseases and enrich my health. It is better than getting sick and being unable to work. It wastes time and money. The top priority is my mind. Mental health comes first. Be optimistic. Also, be careful about what you eat. Do not eat too much delicious food. Being overweight can result in developing many diseases. Exercise your brain by playing games, which can help prevent Alzheimer’s. Do some activities to relax, e.g. watching movies, listening to music, hanging out with friends.”

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