A choice that helped save my life from heart disease

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A choice that helped save my life from heart disease
A choice that helped save my life from heart disease

For this column, we will take you to experience the real story of a patient suffering from coronary artery disease leading to myocardial infarction who is now recovered and strong and can live as normal. Khun Kasidis Kamphaengkaew is Absolute Health Clinic’s patient being treated in October 2008.
“Normally I am health conscious and exercise regularly at a fitness center. I was strong and rarely sick. One day I had a back pain so I saw a doctor to ask for muscle relaxant. However, I lost my consciousness when I arrived at the hospital. I was sent to ICU for diagnosis. It was found that I had myocardial infarction. The doctor told me that
he would like to check clogged blood vessels. He suggested angiogram first to identify the location before considering whether to use angioplasty or bypass surgery. However, I wanted neither of them so I searched for other options that were safe without side effects. So I chose integrative medicine treatment at Absolute Health. When I arrived here, the doctor checked my whole body system using Bio Energetic Scan. The results were true. When I found out the real cause, I decided to receive treatment. The doctor suggested 30 times of chelation. Actually chelation was quite new for Thai people because it was available in some hospitals only. However, I had heard about it before because I studied Thai medicine so I knew the information and benefits of the treatment.

Similar to saline intravenous injection, Chelation eliminates toxins and heavy metals from blood vessels and discharges them through urine. After having chelation for a while, such things will be completely eliminated from our body, and your blood vessels will become cleaner. When I just started getting sick, my heart efficiency was only 38%. I would like to

know the results after 30 times of chelation because I wanted to know whether I made the right decision. I checked my heart using Calcium Scoring again. The doctor said the results showed that my heart could function at 50%

Additional advice from Doctor Wit Sombatworapat

Q: This disease shows no warning signs. Is it possible? So many people have severe symptoms.
Doctor Wit: Yes, it is possible. 30-40% of coronary artery disease patients have atheroma in the blood vessels while 70% of patients have atheroma hidden on the blood vessel walls that builds up into plaque and blocks the blood vessels immediately when it is broken. That is why those without any warning signs, accounting for 70%, suffer from this. As the blood vessels are clogged immediately, cardiac muscles gradually die.
Q: This stage is called myocardial infarction. Is this the most severe?
Doctor Wit: Yes. There is no warning sign. They are clogged immediately. Cardiac muscles without blood for a few hours result in myocardial infarction.
Q: Many people have heard about chelation. Please explain chelation.
Doctor Wit: Actually, it is like saline intravenous injection. In saline, we add amino acid or sub-unit protein which is

already. I also take good care of myself regularly. Every year I have an annual checkup and chelation to keep my blood vessels strong for good blood flow.

Finally, I would like to tell those suffering from the same problem that this is

natural. It is called EDTA, which is used together with vitamins based on a special formula. After having chelation, EDTA will catch heavy metals and discharge them through urine. Continuously, such toxins and heavy metals will all be discharged from the body and the blood vessels will become cleaner.
Q: In case of Khun Kasidis, his heart worked at only 38%. What does it mean? How to treat this?
Doctor: It means only 38% out of 100% blood can be sent to the heart due to clogged blood vessels. The blood vessels must be cleaned to increase the amount of blood sent to the heart or the cardiac muscles will die. Conventional medicine will use angioplasty or bypass surgery. If we reject that, what should we do? Chelation is an alternative that can address this problem. For Khun Kasidis, he had 30 times of chelation and then had calcium scoring checked again.
an alternative for treatment. Chelation cleans blood vessels all over the body. The chance of developing health problems should be reduced or eliminated. Meanwhile, we have to take care of our body as well.

The result was that his heart can work more at 50%.

Q: His heart can work at 50%. Is that better?
Doctor Wit: Yes. 50% of blood can reach the heart. This is satisfactory. The patient can live without heart disease and chest pain by only chelation. Angioplasty or bypass surgery is not required. Complications of such method is around 5%. There was a patient who had cerebral thrombosis from blood clots that resulted in paralysis.
Khun Kasidis is another patient who chose integrative medicine treatment and takes care of himself regularly. He controls himself strictly by having a healthy diet, exercising, taking vitamins and supplementary food to nourish his body. He also frequently cleans his blood vessels with chelation.

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