Natural Killer (NK) Cell Therapy for Cancer - Building Immunity at the Cellular level

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Natural Killer (NK) Cell Therapy for Cancer - Building Immunity at the Cellular level

Natural Killer (NK) Cell Therapy for Cancer - Building Immunity at the Cellular level

Cancer is a disease that has one of the highest rates of death. Studies have shown that most cancer deaths are commonly caused by late diagnosis. This is because by the time the patient is diagnosed, the cancer would have already metastasized and therefore causing the body to deteriorate. In most cases, this can be clearly seen from the externally physical appearance plus the pain and suffering the patient is experiencing inside.

Cancer can cause severe chronic pain with many symptoms and side-effects throughout. Studies have shown that all human bodies have cancer cells that are dormant. In another words, everyone has a chance of triggering the cancer in the body. As the possibility of cancer can a reality, one must focus on key factors like early screening and preemptive measures so as to reduce this risk. Natural Killer (NK) Cell Activity Test (Diagnostic) plus Natural Killer (NK) Cell Immunotherapy are the answers to a successful preventative care plan.

What is Natural Killer (NK) Cell and how does it work?

Natural Killer Cell or NK Cell is a type of white blood cell in our body's immune system. It is like a military force capable of destroying foreign matter that enters our body which includes viruses, bacteria, protozoa, as well as different types of cancer nodules. NK cells perform the best among other white blood cells. When there are any abnormal cells or foreign matter, NK Cell will release enzymes to eliminate them immediately. If there are any cells that appear to be dangerous or unusual, the “soldiers” will go in and take care of them. The more “soldiers” there are, the better the body’s immune functions are. That means, anyone with a low NK Cell count is at risk of getting infections or at higher risk of getting cancer.

NK Cell Activity Test – Risk and Immunity

With the advancement of medical technology, we are able to measure the risk and check the immune function more depth with the NK Cell Activity Test. The test has the ability to assess one’s gene, DNA levels and the amount of NK white blood cells in each person's body accurately.  

The overall result will determine a person's risk and ability to fight any form of foreign interference that is in the body. It also can determine the strength and effectiveness of the immune system in prevent cancer.

Test Findings

If the level of NK Cell activity is found to be low, it also means that the immunity of the person tested is weak and at risk of illnesses and infections. The person is at risk of health issues such as allergies, autoimmune diseases (SLE), high chance of developing Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and unable to fight or prevent cancer development.

However, even though if the NK Cell level is below average, it does not mean that it’s the end of the road. NK Cell levels can be increase with innovative medicine through a treatment method known as Cellular Immunotherapy or NK Cell Immunotherapy.

What is NK Cell Immunotherapy and why is it an important health choice in fighting cancer

Immunity is an important factor to a successful cancer treatment. At the same time, it is the key to helping the body fight opportunistic diseases and prevent cancer. This is because NK Cells are cells that have the ability to destroy cancer cells and keep one’s body optimal. Therefore, the more NK Cell there is in the body, the stronger the immune system is and at the same time reduces the risk of secondary infection and boost the ability to better manage the cancer. Hence, it is imperative that we increase the amount of NK Cells which can be done through a treatment called NK Cell Immunotherapy. This therapy can help stimulate the white blood cells in the body to work stronger and more efficiently.

Treatment process

NK Cell Immunotherapy is done by taking blood sample and separating white blood cells (NK Cell specific) to be cultured, stimulated, multiplied and refused back into the body. When the level of NK Cell is at optimum, the body will then be able to function more effectively and work efficiently.


When the immune system is stronger, prevention of cancer occurrence and any foreign body invasion becomes more effective. Apart from cancer prevention, this treatment also has high efficacy in treating degenerative and chronic diseases plus improve and strengthen the brain, heart and overall functions. Therefore, NK Cell Immunotherapy is the key to better health and good quality of life.

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