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Kayagata, the complete physical therapy clinic for non-surgical pain treatment that goes deep down for cell repair

The pain in various organs of the body can cause suffering to patients in many aspects that is not only to the body, and can affect daily life. It is very painful when you cannot do anything, which can also create financial problems. There are many times that people are afraid of physical therapy. Not because of the pain or lack of improvement, but because it is a temporary solution and the symptoms eventually return.

Kayagata understands the problems of everyone. Therefore, “Kayagata Physical Therapy Clinic” is established in order to respond to the people who suffer with pain. It is not only a clinic for physical therapy that uses heat to reduce the pain, but it is also physical therapy that can stimulate the cells and assist the body to repair itself at the same time. It is said to be the “Complete Pain Center” that is complete with various treatments, which are:

  • General physical therapy

  • Physical therapy for cell repair

  • Non-steroid injection for pain relief

  • Bone adjustment and tendon treatment

  • Balancing body energy by using Far Infrared

Background of “Kayagata”, the meaning of mindfulness in the body

Kayagata is established because everyone must face illnesses, especially pains and aches, which are major problems of people in this era or what is called “Phubbing”. Regarding the problems of pain that occur, many people know the sources of pain and why the pain occurs. For example: Sitting and work for a long time without changing positions even though the position should be changed at least every 1 hour, or lifting heavy objects even though they should not be lifted. When you ignore the things that should be done, the symptoms will accumulate and the pain will follow. The understanding about the cause of these problems plays a part in the name of Kayagata.

Because in the way of Buddhism, “Kayagata-sati” is having mindfulness in the body. When we are not mindful, we will become sick in both the body and mind. Therefore, we need Kayagata-sati to cure the illness. When “Kayagata” becomes synonymous with the words of the Buddha, we hope that the name will remind everyone who comes to receive the treatment to take care of themselves continuously to prevent the pain from occurring again.

Kayagata from a different perspective, treatment that is more than just alleviating pain.

In another meaning, “Kayagata” is things that are related to the body, such as neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and waist pain. The problems that can be commonly found are the pain inside the body that includes muscle pain and bone pain. With these physical problems, Kayagata Physical Therapy Clinic is established with the concept that is different from general physical therapy. In Kayagata, we believe that our human body can repair itself. In our treatment, we have selected the technology that can assist in the self-repair. Therefore, the physical therapy of Kayagata is not only physical therapy that uses heat to alleviate pain, but also physical therapy that can stimulate the cells.

Advanced equipment…for cell stimulation

For the equipment that are used in Kayagata Clinic, apart from the full equipment for general physical therapy, we also emphasize equipment for rejuvenation. For example:

  • Laser One of the properties of a laser beam is heat, which is like the ultrasound, but there are some differences. The ultrasound will transmit the heat wave that will help with blood circulation and prevent the buildup of waste, but the cells will not be repaired. So, it needs to be done over and over again. However, the laser beam that we use is High Power Laser. There was a study in Germany which said that it can stimulate the cells because there is Cytochrome C, the enzyme in mitochondria, to absorb the color. Therefore, we use the infrared laser to stimulate Cytochrome C and cause the mitochondria to produce more energy, which will lead to an increase of waste elimination and self-repair, such as in muscle tissues and bones. When there is more energy, there will be an increase in cell division. The laser treatment is not only to alleviate the pain, but also to reinforce the cells to repair themselves.

  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) uses a magnetic field for the treatment. Many people still understand that Electromagnetic is a bad energy field that occurs from mobile phones or computers. However, the thing that we use is like fighting fire with fire by using good properties in the treatment. There were many research studies in the United State of America which have found that PEMF has the properties in relieving the muscles, correcting nerve problems, and enhancing cell repair, such as stimulating the nerve endings that receive pressure or deteriorated nerve endings to repair themselves. The properties of PEMF cannot be done in general physical therapy.

Combination for treatment and prevention

Kayagata is a clinic for complete pain treatment. Apart from various pain, we are ready to take care of bone and tendon adjustment with “Bone Adjustment by Hang Up Machine”. The Hang Up method has existed for more than 1,000 years. In ancient times, the legs were held and the body was hung upside down. Currently, there is a study about the manufacturing of more quality equipment that can help with scoliosis, like in Chiropractic but more outstanding because it is like arranging the bones in a gentle way, especially with deteriorated tendons. It will not cause injury to the tendon or stretch the tendon like in Chiropractic. Moreover, we also use “Hang Up Machine with Bone Arrangement” by adjusting the muscles and bones to increase the treatment efficacy for office syndrome, neck pain, back pain, and herniated disc.

Our Hang Up machine uses an electrical system that can be adjusted in case of suitability and can be faced down to receive the treatment at the same time whereas general machines are unable to do this. The use of Hang Up machine can also reduce damage of the disc; help with height loss according to age; decrease the risk of herniated disc; avoid office syndrome; prevent chronic back pain, chronic neck pain, and other chronic bone pain; and correct abnormal postures from working, walking, standing, and sitting.

Non-steroid pain injection for cell repair

We have a capable medical team to provide pain treatment in case treatment beyond physical therapy is needed to increase the treatment efficiency. We have many forms of injection treatment in case of suitability. However, the most important thing is that we do not use steroids which provide fast results in exchange for lots of side effects. We emphasize the repair approach only. For example:

    • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the injection of self-platelets that are extracted by using the stimulation process and injecting into the treatment area. The platelet will produce the growth factor to attract the cells, including the stem cells, to come and fix the tissues around the injected area.

  • Prolo Therapy is the injection around the pain area to stimulate the surrounding tissues to repair themselves, which will improve the pain.

  • Cell Therapy by Bio-Peptide (Peptide RNA) is the process of caring and nourishing the degenerated cells by injecting cells or other cell elements to correct the degenerated cells. It is a natural substance that works as a replacement for the deteriorated or missing peptide to collaborate within the cells, rehabilitate the function of cells, and produce new cells to replace the dead ones.

  • Cell Therapy is the process of caring and nourishing the degenerated cells by injecting cells or other cell elements to correct the degenerated cells. The body will take the new cells to the treatment area automatically in order to stimulate other cells to divide and produce new cells as well as stimulating those cells to work efficiently.

Kayagata, the complete pain treatment clinic. The answer to all your pain problems. The clinic that provides pain treatment with no surgery needed.

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