Enhancing immunity against viruses with natural supplements

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Enhancing immunity against viruses with natural supplements
Written by: Dr.Chatchai Sribundit (M.D) Integrative Medicine and Anti-aging Medicine Specialist
Enhancing immunity against viruses with natural supplements

The pandemic outbreak here in Thailand and many other countries around the world has raised concerns among many people.  What is even more scary is the fact that many people are asymptomatic even though having contracted it. Having said that, we can take preemptive measures to stay safe.

Wearing a face mask, frequent hand washing, safe distancing and preparing the body by strengthening the immune system are important steps in reducing the risk and severity of possible infection.

One way to ensure a healthy immune system is through both natural nutrients and the type of food that is being consume daily. All this can be supplemented through the integrated medical treatment pathway.  Let us discuss this in more detail below.

The importance of being protected internally outweighs external precautions.

In the past, respiratory infections were found to be small in numbers compared to infections from contact and proximity. Research studies have shown that most of those at risk of infection were those with low immunity.  Therefore, apart from taking precaution externally such as frequent hand washing and masking, one should also prioritize internal protection by boosting the immunity.

Immunity is important in preventing viruses.

If one has low immunity, the possibility of being infected during the pandemic is high. However, the pandemic would not be the only worry as there are many other viruses around. The key to this is to make improvements to the immunity. 

As mentioned earlier, focusing on external preventive measures are not enough if one has a poor immune system. Variables such as toxins in the body through various risk factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, exposure to heavy metal toxins from surrounding and accumulated stress can affect the body’s immune system. The solution is simple. One needs to take steps to enhance the immune system. This in turn can help strengthen the body and lower the chance of infection.

Integrated medicine, the key to an enhance immune system.

High dose Vitamin C

Studied have shown that Vitamin C, especially in high doses, can reduce the number of pathogens and viruses that are spreading in the body. High dose Vitamin C can also reduce the duration of illness and the severity of the disease.

Use of Quercetin extract in combination with Zinc 

Zinc is found to have antiviral properties. While Quercetin which is an onion extract draws zinc into the cells, the virus in the cell gets destroyed faster. Therefore, the combination is an affective immune booster.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly contains 10- hydroxy-2-decenoic acid (10 HAD). Studies have found that Royal Jelly has antiviral effects plus the capability of destroying bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

Another natural extract to battle against pathogens and viruses.

In addition to those mentioned earlier, that are many other natural extracts that are proven to help strengthen the immune system. These natural extracts are able to help protect against viruses like MERS, the Coronavirus or just the ordinary flu and they are as follows:

Cranberry has antioxidant properties plus is high in Vitamin C. It helps prevent infections and also protects the skin. Therefore, taking cranberry or it’s extracts can help protect the body from viruses and flu.

Broccoli extract stimulates the immune system to eliminate infected cells, which can help prevent flu. Therefore, if consumed for a consecutive period of time, it may also contribute to antivirus protection.

Tamarind is very high in vitamin C, and there are many studies on tamarind and how it can prevent one from catching cold. It has been found to have a protective effect with many proven results.

Pomegranate & Pomegranate Leaf Extract can prevent colds. They contain a substance called polyphenols, which have many health benefits, such as reducing cholesterol, helping to strengthen, eliminate and resist viruses.

Red Grapes contain a substance called Resveratrol, a type of antioxidant.

Beta-glucan has the ability to boost immunity and reduce the severity of colds.

All the examples above are nutrients that are available through the types of foods we eat.  They can be from plants, vegetables, fruits or their extracts.

Finally, but equally as important, even if the outbreak of the virus is a concern, being mentally and physically prepared health wise can properly protect one against it. Therefore, together with taking preemptive actions such as building immunity, the right integrative pathway is the ultimate defense for everyone.   

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