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O'ganic Concept

Experience the Premium Health Food with O’ganic Concept

O’ganic Concept is the answer for those who would like to have health food and obtain the true benefits from all menus because we place an importance on all procedures and select the best things, including raw materials and organic vegetables from the farm with world-class standards, chemical-free meat, and cooking methods that can maintain the food value. In all of your menus, the health food is combined with the perfect deliciousness that is created by Chef O, the culinary expert and the nutritionist for health care.

From the expertise in health care to the restaurant for health food

O’ganic Concept is open for everyone to have the opportunity in having real health food in all procedures. Absolute Health is an integrative medical center where all treatment methods by Dr. Chatchai Sribundit, CEO, will place a great importance on food because food is essential for life. Also, it can prevent diseases and support health care. The chef will work with the doctors to design the food menu to suit the disease according to the doctor’s suggestion and conform with the style of each patient at that point. Therefore, we learn that it is not only the patients that we need to take care of because our target is for the general people to have the food that is good for health as well.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

O’ganic Concept from farm to table

The health food of O’ganic Concept is healthy in all procedures. Starting from the raw materials, the fresh vegetables are organic vegetables from our farm that are grown in plots that are certified by world-class organic standards with no chemicals from the seeds and plantation to the harvesting. Therefore, you can be sure about the safety and the food value. For the organic meat, like chicken and eggs, they come from raising the chickens in a good mood. For seafood, we select chemical-free aquatic animals during the process of catching and transportation. After receiving the good materials, the cooking methods are the important highlight. The methods that the restaurant use are boiling and steaming. In the stir-fried menu, heat will be used for only a short period of time. For oil, we will select olive oil or coconut oil to suit the menu. For sugar, we use coconut blossom sugar that has low glycemic index.

Be deliciously healthy with various styles of food
If talking about health food restaurants, many people will think about salad menus. However, with O’ganic Concept, you will experience something different because we have many menus for you to try. For example: Salad with more than 7 types of salad dressing; delicious appetizers; main courses with excellent taste, like spaghetti with noodles made from fresh vegetables and Phat Thai with noodles made from brown rice; and rice menus in which you can select the rice from organic riceberry, KorKhor.43 rice with low glycemic index, or quinoa. If you want the finale and fresh dishes, select kale smoothies, berry smoothies, fresh fruit or vegetable juice, or desserts, like riceberry pancakes with fruit or coconut yogurt that are very delicious.

The signature menu that is the identity of the restaurant is the menu that is made from “Kale”, whether they are kale salad, kale spaghetti, kale ice-cream, or refreshing kale smoothies. The recommended menu is “Kale Salad”. This menu is designed as a super food with complete food value. Do not miss the main course like “Kale Spaghetti” or the delicious “Tempeh”. We have many health food menus to serve you. Though we emphasize serving vegan customers by avoiding the use of cow milk products, we also serve delicious meat menus as well.

Different Distinctiveness

The prominent point of O’ganic Concept is that apart from eating at the restaurant, we also have a home delivery service or food carrier service for 3 meals per day. Health-conscious customers can select their favorite dishes from the menu or ask the chef to design suitable dishes each day. For customers with nutrition control due to a developing disease or congenital disease, the chef will consult the doctor at Absolute Health before designing the menu to suit each individual…We are ready to take care of your food every day.

Moreover, we care for all details in O’ganic Concept. Even the drinks, we select the ones that can benefit health by using “Alkaline Water” with pH 8-8.5 for good health of customers because alkaline water contains minerals that our body needs.

Health Tips In each menu, you will know the details of nutritional value regarding the quantity of calories, carbohydrate, and protein as well as vegetable tips or benefits of the main ingredients of a particular menu.

Open Kitchen In salad menu, the kitchen must be an open zone for customers to have a look at how the chef cooks the salads while having their meal at the same time.

Experienced Chef Our chef have cooking experience from both domestic and foreign countries with specialization in culinary and expertise in the design of general health menus and menus for sick people.

Cooking Class Our health food does not stop in the restaurant. We would like to help everyone to understand about the cooking of health food by themselves. Therefore, cooking classes for health food are arranged every week.

Perfect Combination

The happiness of having health food at O’ganic Concept is not only the deliciousness, but also a comfortable atmosphere in “Modern Farm House” style, a simple design with good and modern look using natural materials, decorated with gentle color furniture that can support customers with up to 50 seats with zone for a group of friends that need privacy to serve you.

When thinking of health food, why think about O’ganic Concept?
The simple but serious reason, which is the objective of the restaurant, is because we are a restaurant for health that can truly take care of your health in all procedures with expertise and understanding. We believe that many of you might have the experience of going to a health food restaurant, but the menus are not health-conscious, like fried menus and cheese menus. Of course, those are not health food. Therefore, with the understanding of the demands of health-conscious customers, we have opened this restaurant for everyone under the clear concept of O’ganic Concept from farm to table, the restaurant for health where all menus are created with delicacy and care that comes together with deliciousness, value, and good for everybody’s health.

O’ganic Concept
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