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O'ganic Concept

O’ganic Concept the Luxury Health Food Experience

O’ganic Concept is for those whose passion is health food indulgence. We have placed great importance in all our preparation techniques and selected only the best produce. Our raw produce and organic vegetables are passionately selected from farms with world-class standards. Using only chemical-free meat and a unique cooking methodology, we are able to maintain nutritional value to all our dishes. Chef Nattakan Srisawat also lovingly known as Chef O in the organic food circle has combined her culinary skills together with Absolute Health’s nutritional and medical knowledge to create healthy mouthwatering dishes for all.

Food for Health

Absolute Health (AH) Group CEO, Dr. Chatchai Sribundit has always emphasized the importance of quality health food. The phrase “you are what you eat” points that out clearly. Eating healthy is one of the key factors that is essential for a lifelong journey of optimal health and preventive lifestyle. 

O’ganic Concept wants everyone to enjoy real health food. Chef O works closely with AH’s doctors and nutritionists in planning the food menu. Careful though is given into disease preventive recipes and at the same time balancing the fine art of taste and texture for skillful palates. Specific meals and plans are also crafted for individual patient from all AH medical centres. 

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

Farm to Table concept 

Great importance has been emphasized in all our preparation techniques and produce selections. Fresh organic vegetables are grown in our farm that has been certified and accredited organic by IFOAM. Our farm conforms to strict world standards with no chemicals used from seed to harvest. We guarantee safety, quality and nutritional value for all our produce. 

Our organic meat and seafood are also carefully picked from reliable and certified sources. All produce are grown chemical-free, given no anti-biotics or growth hormones and nurtured in a stress-free environment. 

Apart from the ingredients, we also focus on a healthy preparation techniques like steaming and boiling. We use olive or coconut oil for our stir-fried dishes and prolong heating is also regulated. Instead of sugar, we use coconut blossom sugar with low glycemic index.  

Healthy yet Delicious

Many people will think about salads when thinking of healthy food. However at O’ganic Concept, you will experience something different. We have a variety of healthy dishes on our menu that suits everyone. 

A glimpse of what we have in store: 

  • Salad with more than 7 types of salad dressing

  • Spaghetti with noodles made from fresh vegetables 

  • Phad Thai with noodles made from brown rice

  • A wide selection of healthy rice ranging from organic Riceberry, KorKhor.43 rice and Quinoa. 

  • Kale smoothies, berry smoothies, fresh fruit, vegetable juice and a variety of desserts 

Known as a super food, Kale is our signature ingredient. Our Kale Salad comes highly recommended by our Chef. Also, do not miss other main courses like Kale Spaghetti or the delicious Tempeh. 


O’ganic Concept provides home delivery service or food carrier service for all 3 meals daily for our valued clients. Health-conscious clients can select their favorite dishes from our menu or ask the Chef to design suitable dishes. For clients with medical conditions and specific diet instructions, the Chef will consult the doctor at Absolute Health before designing the menu that fits. 

At O’ganic Concept, even the drinks we select brings health benefits. We use Alkaline water with pH 8-8.5 that promotes good health for our clients. Alkaline water contains minerals that our body needs. 

In our menu, we provide nutritional value and details of our dishes. Information regarding the quantity of calories, carbohydrate and protein as well as benefits of the main ingredients are highlighted. 

Open kitchen concept is one where clients can take a look at how our Chef prepares the salads while having their food at the same time. 

Our well-loved Chef has had experiences both locally and also in foreign countries. With culinary expertise in designing a variety of dishes ranging from western, local, fusion and health specific ones. At O’ganic Concept, we give our clients a whole new experience in healthy dining.

Serving health food does not only stop in the restaurant. We want everyone to know and understand about the preparation of health food. Therefore, cooking classes for health food are arrange weekly and private classes can also be arranged upon request. 

Perfect Combination

The pleasure of having health food at O’ganic Concept is not only about the taste, but also the comfortable atmosphere. Our “Modern Farm House” concept is a simple design with classy but modern façade. We have private room on 2 floor for group those who want meeting ,party , dining

Thinking of health food, think O’ganic Concept

Organic Concept is a truly health focus food and beverage establishment. Every aspect of the setup is thoroughly thought through. As society becomes more affluent, the demand for health food increases and we are here to support those needs. We strongly believe that food can be a source of healing. As they saying goes, “Let food be thy medicine”. We at the Absolute Health Group firmly stands by this. 

O’ganic Concept 

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